Magic Behind the Kunai

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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double  & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Gemna / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:

 “I’m Naruto Uzumaki” Naruto smiled as he saw no fear in the green eyes. The crackling of the fire brought Naruto’s attention back to the fish and soon they both sat down to eat …


Harry bit into the cooked fish “it’s good” he said softly.

“that’s good. I’ll search for more things to eat after this, but eat as much as you want now … I have dry warm some clothes I can give you too and no, they aren’t orange” Naruto said jokingly as he munched on his own fish, but raised an eyebrow as Kurama started walking away “where are you going Kurama?”

“if half pint is going to stay here we’ll need more money for things we can’t find in the forest or dumpsters. That means we’ll have to risk taking more jobs” Kurama said seriously.

Naruto frowned “we can’t leave until school is out. If the job goes too long people will notice I’m gone”

“yeah, but that skinny brat will need a stash of vitamins, clothes and other things and we need to buy those. I’ll check the wanted posters in the next town and snatch a bingo book, but when I come back I’ll teach you a jutsu that will help us do both school and jobs. Have the house livable by the time I return” Kurama said as he jumped into the trees and disappeared.

The currently green haired blonde’s jaw dropped and he started twitching violently as he glanced at the shack “the prick wriggled his way out of work again!”

“I’m sorry for making trouble” Harry said sadly immediately catching Naruto’s attention.

“trust me you aren’t … we need to take jobs before winter anyway so this makes things easy. So if you want to stay with us it’s perfectly fine” Naruto said casually.

“I … I can stay?” Harry murmured hopefully.

“of course” Naruto said with a chuckle and they ate in silence, but Naruto noticed Harry seemed like he wanted to ask a question “you can ask anything” Naruto said as he handed Harry a second fish and tossed the fish bones so far on the ground to bury after the meal.

Harry took the next fish and nervously bit his lip before asking “what are these jobs and … the village who hates you … that’s the school you mentioned is, right? Then why can’t you just leave?”

Naruto sighed “yep I go to school in the village filled with closed minded jerks. Like I said Kurama is sealed in me and while that seems to be enough reason to see me as a demon it also means I make a great weapon if manipulated right, which is very useful for a ninja village” the green haired blonde couldn’t resist laughing at the stunned awestruck look on Harry’s face “yes ninjas. The school is a ninja academy. You go there to learn what it takes to start working and training as a ninja. In a couple years I graduate and as the deadlast I’ll be placed on the best students in the class”

Harry blinked in confusion “deadlast? … you mean bottom of the class?” he asked absolutely baffled. Naruto seemed very clever. Do unskilled ninjas show skills in treating wounds, cooking and moonlight as a bounty hunter? It didn’t make sense. Dudley was an idiot not Naruto so why was the currently green haired blonde the deadlast of the class?

“it pays to play it down … I see you get what I mean” Naruto said noticing the look of understanding in the green eyes.

“my aunt and uncle never liked it when I got better grades than Dudley” Harry said softly as he shivered in fear no doubt recalling some painful memories.

Naruto nodded as he finished his fish and took the bones once Harry was done to bury them “that little mind trick of yours probably came in handy when learning what to avoid”

“mind trick?” Harry asked confused as to what that meant.

The green haired blonde winced as he realized Harry didn’t know he was speaking Japanese “ok Harry I want you to look at my lip movements. Look carefully and tell me what is off- … can you see my lips?” Naruto deadpanned as the boy blushed. The bounty hunter crouched down right in front of the small and very nearsighted boy “now please don’t try and run because I assure I won’t be mad and I really need to teach you to swim first” Naruto chuckled jokingly and frowned as Harry paled “you see the issue”

“your lips aren’t matching up with the words … a-am I doing this?” Harry asked feeling fearful despite Naruto’s comforting hands holding his.

“Kurama felt you link up to my mind, It’s a cool skill actually! There’s a clan in the village that has a similar skill, but they have to throw their soul into their target to read the mind. Doing that leaves their body vulnerable. They’d love to be able to do it as easily as you” Naruto said casually letting Harry calm down a little “Harry why do you not like the word ‘magic’?”

“my aunt and uncle don’t … they say it’s evil and isn’t real” Harry said with a shiver that was more of fear, but also because of the cold breeze messing with his wet clothes.

“come on  I have some clothes you can wear” Naruto said and lead Harry back into the shack where he grabbed the scroll “I’m glad I keep plenty of clothes besides my uniform” he muttered and unsealed two pairs of black anbu pants and a pair of shirts one being blue and the other being green camo “which shirt do you want?” he asked. He would’ve done this earlier, but the kid clearly needed a meal first.

“I- errr…. Bloody hell” Harry squeaked in shock. Those clothes simply appeared out of paper! It was amazing albeit a touch frightening to the boy who was beaten for far less. However knowing this and seeing it made Harry feel so much safer. There was clearly no reason to be afraid here!

Naruto blinked and finally chuckled “this is ninja magic” he said as if it was no big deal, but that didn’t help make it any less amazing to the smaller boy “I’ll show you some more tricks if you want, but change first … the camo is warmer so you should wear it. I’m sorry about them being so big. I don’t have any smaller clothes, but when Kurama gets back and teaches me this technique he mentioned then we can go to the nearby outpost towns get some proper clothes” he said as he changed quickly into the dry pants and blue shirt.

Harry blinked as he slowly realized Naruto really was going to take care of him and he found himself wanting to be of some help “can I learn?” he asked too softly for a normal person to hear, but Naruto could. Harry wanted to stay and if he was going to he had to be useful …

The young bounty hunter looked at the green hair dangling in front of his eyes before looking Harry who needed a little help changing because of the broken finger “what you used to turn my hair green wasn’t chakra. At least I didn’t sense any and I’m usually pretty good at sensing chakra, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have it” he said as he helped Harry dress in some dry warm clothes “Kurama taught me everything I needed to know so I can show you how to start” Naruto said and motioned for Harry to sit on the sleeping bag with him “now close your eyes and focus on your stomach”

“like this?” Harry asked as he crossed his legs like Naruto and shut his eyes.

“perfect, now the main core and coils for chakra are in the stomach so imagine a light in your stomach. When you feel something just imagine yourself pulling that light up through your arms and into your hands” Naruto instructed and waited to feeling any chakra motion. It was obvious that Harry had access to a power, but did he have chakra too? Well after a few minutes it became clear that he did since Naruto could feel little flickers of actual chakra bubbling in the boy “you have chakra. It will take some time to fully release it, but we know it’s there!”

Harry smiled and looked up at Naruto, but the second he spotted the green hair his good mood faded “you said you can sense chakra then what turned your hair green? You … you said you didn’t sense anything”

“not sure-but!” Naruto exclaimed quickly the second he saw the panic fill up those green eyes. He had a good idea what the boy was thinking. Harry was thinking he was a freak “but I don’t know much about what’s beyond japan. If there’s ninjas there can be many groups of different people. You know chakra is made of two energies. You just have the ability to use another that’s all. Kurama mentioned your mind trick reminded him of something so maybe he knows people who uses your energy and your aunt and uncle simply mistook it for what can be considered magical. They’d probably think I used magic if they saw a tiny amount of what I could do” Naruto chuckled at the thought and Harry soon started laughing with him “speaking of magic how did you get here with those things?” Naruto asked as he pointed to the box and bunny in the corner of the shack.

“I’m not …” Harry’s eyes widened recalled everything that was inside the box “the bunny … it was a thing that takes people to a certain place called a portkey. My aunt wanted me to burn that box … now I see why” Harry mumbled softly realizing everything written by Lily was true. Magic was real and it’s possible his aunt knew the truth. If so were there other things she knew, but never told him or even lied about?

Naruto smiled despite the sad air around the boy “this is good! You have answers that could help-Harry?” the green haired blonde blinked as Harry raced off and grabbed the bunny. Naruto ran after the boy who then decided to run outside with the bunny in hand. Before the ninja could say anything Harry tossed the bunny in the fire “Harry?”

A odd silence followed where only the crackling of the fire could be heard “it brought me here … it could take me away” Harry said softly. He knew it was silly since the bunny needed the password to work, but Harry just didn’t want to take the chance …

“I understand” Naruto said and waited until the bunny turned completely to ash before starting the chores for the day.

It would be awhile before Kurama returned so they had plenty of time to do some things. Harry continued trying to unlock his chakra completely and watched as Naruto used a wind jutsu to cut up a tree to get wood to fix the roof. It was amazing to see the ninja walk right up the damn wall to remove the tent and use seals to make the boards stick in place! Being there to witness that made Harry even more determined to be of use and tried to unlock his chakra …

Naruto felt a surge of chakra as he inspected the finished roof and jumped off the cabin “I felt that Harry! You did it!” Naruto yelled as he raced into the shack only to chuckle as he found Harry laying across the sleeping bag looking exhausted “maybe you should rest now. We can do more tomorrow. I need to look for something to eat for a late lunch”

“I can help and I know how to cook and clean-” Harry fell back on the sleeping bag more exhausted than he thought he’d be.

“you don’t have to do anything. Just rest” Naruto said before leaving to look for everything he needed to make a hardy lunch for the two of them. By the time he returned Harry looked a bit better and was moving on his own.

“thank you … I’ll help out more” Harry said sternly as he took the bowl of rabbit stew. He felt useless. Naruto did everything from catching to scavenging to skinning and cooking. Granted he felt a little sick at first knowing Naruto killed an animal, but the more he thought about it wasn’t too strange here. This place was filled with ninjas so survival is important so Harry pushed aside his sick feeling and watched Naruto do everything even skin the poor rabbit so he’d know how to do it too.

“I’m not going to make you do anything to stay. If you want to stay then that’s fine. If you want to train that’s fine. We can train together. It’s thanks to you I know I need a lot more training” Naruto said calmly as he scooped up a tender chunk of meat into his mouth.

“I did that?” Harry asked not sure what that meant.

“it’s because of your mind trick. If there are other people who can do that then I need to protect my mind for when Kurama is gone so I’m safe” Naruto commented and deadpanned as Kurama stumbled from the trees “speak of the lazy ass”

Kurama twitched and tried to speak but the book in his mouth made it tricky. He snapped his head while opening his mouth effectively tossing the bingo book at Naruto who caught it easily “I was very busy I have you know. I found six targets that are lowly bandits. They should be easy money and there are a couple ninjas we could hunt down too”

“you told me to avoid ninjas so I can stay under the radar and avoid being discovered as a demon vessel … at least until I was stronger” Naruto said as he he set his bowl of stew down to read the wanted flyers wedged in the book like bookmarks. Harry peaked over his shoulder curiously to see these ‘targets’ and paled as he saw the tough looking bandits.

“true, but you have only two years until you graduate and become a Leaf ninja and you’ll need to have a lot of experience before that. After all I doubt you’ll have it easy … now that technique I mentioned” Kurama said as he moved towards the stream and actually walked across the surface.

“hmmm … yeah right” Naruto said as he went over and stood on the water too. Out of the corner of his eye he could see an awestruck Harry watching them and it made him wonder. Did he really want to become a Leaf ninja? Harry is too old to go into the academy though if he did someone would find out either about Harry’s skill or that they’re friends and they would be separated. Harry wasn’t the type of person who’d handle that well and it could end up with Harry being hurt. If it was possible to not have anything to do with Konoha and manage to make it so they can’t find him then maybe he should consider it …

“there’s only one hand sign for this jutsu, but it’s not easy to control. When you focus your chakra be careful” Kurama said sounding like he knew what he was doing and sent Naruto a mental picture of the hand sign. After a couple tries Naruto became lots of Narutos! “yay! You made a solid shadow clone. Slap a seal on one so it doesn’t pop and we’re good. Did my job for the day!”

Naruto twitched as Kurama leapt at his chest and went back in the seal to sleep “lazy ass” he muttered as he went to order his clones to keep the shack clean while he was gone, but he noticed a problem … the clones had green hair like him. He did the jutsu over again, but made sure they came out with blonde hair and applied seals “I’ll be gone for a little bit Harry” he said as he grabbed his scroll and unsealed a black cloak with red trim and a black mask. Naruto first henged into a taller person and sealed the henge in place before putting on the cloak and mask. Then he unsealed a pair of black gloves and boots.

Harry was awestruck at the display of chakra techniques, but shook his head to regain his senses and ran to Naruto “can I come?” he asked wanting to help and see what Naruto has to go through “I’ll stay out of the way” he pleaded weakly as Naruto sealed the tent and extra food into the scroll.

“fine … we need to get you some things anyway” Naruto relented not fond of the idea of bringing Harry when he will be hunting, but it didn’t feel right saying no either. of course Kurama’s only advice consisted of snores so he wasn’t very helpful.

After sealing the sleeping bag away and everything else even the box that came with Harry he picked up Harry and jumped into the trees …

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