Magic Behind the Kunai

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A few moments of tense silence ticked by. Many people there wanted the headmaster to say any vow to save himself, but the once revered old wizard just pointed his wand at them …


Amelia, just like her fellow frightened council members, backed as far away from Dumbledore as they could, “Albus! What are you doing? This isn’t necessary.” She remarked, trying to sound calm. 

Many there let out panicked screams and ducked as the headmaster cast a large and deadly cutting spell. Mark blasted the heavy table onto its side and used it to block the spell. Despite the spell being so powerful it didn’t move the table at all. However, that probably had something to do with Tom, who was calmly leaning on the table.

“I’ve done so much for all of you!” Dumbledore boomed as he backed his way towards the exit. The tip of the wand glowed an ominous green color making it very clear that the old wizard was willing to kill if he had to.

“No one doubted that you have done great things.” Tom said calmly, allowing Mark a chance to get the council members even farther back| and tap a set of runes to signal someone as Dumbledore focused on him. “However, you seem to think that you’ve earned some right to do as you please.” He said so calmly and that’s what infuriated Dumbledore. It was as if Tom didn’t see him as a threat!

“Move!” Dumbledore snapped and waved his wand threateningly at Remus and Harry.

The werewolf growled lowly, but immediately moved away from the door while keeping Harry safely behind him, “We’re going. Just don’t bring Harry into this.”

With the exit cleared Dumbledore leveled Remus with a glare, “So much for the loyal dog.” He said, enjoying the look of hurt on Remus’ face despite quickly looking back at the others in the room. He didn’t want anyone sneaking up on him.

“Wait, Albus.” Doge called out just before Dumbledore opened the door to escape. “There’s two ways to destroy horcruxes. One is with a powerful fire spell and the other is basilisk venom … the giant snake food … are you raising a basilisk on Hogwarts grounds?” He asked, never seeing the look pass between Lucius and Naruto. They finally knew how to destroy the fragments of Voldemort that were collected.

“Someone had to.” Dumbledore before backing his way out of the room and right into the Aurors waiting outside. “What?!”

Tom sighed, “I asked everyone to prepare just in case the worst happens … I hoped it wasn’t necessary.” He commented as Dumbledore was tackled and dragged down by the Aurors including Mark. “It seems we’ll need to find you a new magical guardian.” Tom said to Harry even though the struggle to put the magical restraints on Dumbledore continued.

“Magical guardian? You don’t mean my Aunt Petunia, right? She … my relatives don’t like magic.” Harry said softly and every council member looked deeply concerned by that statement especially after hearing the earlier comment that implied that he had multiple scars.

Lucius frowned, “That’s not the same. Did Dumbledore never tell you he was your guardian?” He asked and, despite knowing part of this was an act, Lucius couldn’t help being furious when Harry nodded.

“You mentioned other scars. Does that have to do with your relatives?” Amelia asked and again Harry just nodded sadly. “Harry, you’re never going back there. If I remember right, your godfather, Sirius Black, doesn’t have the right to take you, but someone from the Black family can become your guardian.” She said and glanced hopefully at Tom Hausoda.

Tom smiled, “I’d be happy to take Harry under my care.” He commented barely acknowledging that Dumbledore was restrained and dragged away screaming in the background.

“That’s less to worry about and you can get to know each over the next few days.” Doge said cheerfully though he flinched when he heard some of the nasty things Dumbledore screamed. It was too much for any of them so Mark came back in the room and made sure the doors were closed again.

Harry raised an eyebrow, “but I have classes, right?”

Amelia sighed, “Not likely … the headmaster being arrested issue aside we need to arrange for something to be removed.” She commented while looking at the other council members. Everyone was definitely worried about the basilisk, but didn’t want to worry Harry about it or think about the memory manipulation. “To prevent any other setbacks I think Remus and Mark should continue with their previous jobs. We’ll figure everything else out later and with Gringotts’ help.” She said carefully so she didn’t reveal how Mark and Remus worked together thus far.

With that decided Remus and Mark took Harry back to Hogwarts. After being walked to his dorm he settled down into his bed for some much needed rest …


Severus heard someone appear behind him as he tended to the potion on the top of the tower, “Everything went as planned, I presume?” He asked and saw ‘Tom’ and Lucius when he turned around.

“Brilliantly. I’ll give you a memory so you can fully appreciate it.” Lucius said with a smirk as Tom handed him a vial that appeared from a seal. “More importantly, how is the potion going?” He asked after filling the vial with a silvery memory.

Severus scoffed, “Perfectly. I am the one brewing it, after all.” He said confidently as he took the vial filled with the memory. “About a month and a half left and Draco’s curse will be gone.”

The Malfoy lord breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Tom, “Are you sure you have every piece of him?”

“Of course, but we can know for sure.” Tom said as he unsealed the very scroll he’s been putting all the fragments of Voldemort’s soul in. “Dumbledore will never know it, but his research was very accurate. Hey, Kurama! Do we for sure have every piece?”

The tiny red fox surprised both wizards by appearing on Naruto’s shoulder and sniffing the scroll, “Yeah … that’s definitely an entire soul and it smells a bit rotten, but that’s to be expected with it being so broken.” He muttered, sounding a little bored, but glanced at Naruto expectantly.

“Fine. Here.” Naruto said with a sigh and unsealed a wheel of cheese. “Potion free. Enjoy.” He said and they watched the giddy demon disappear with the cheese.

“Put it down. This ends now.” Lucius said and Naruto placed a seal on the ground with the scroll in the center.

Severus stepped away from the cauldron, “Which spell?” He said and gestured for Naruto to protect the cauldron.

A burst of wild fire sprang from the two wands. The scroll was immediately swallowed up by the flames. As the scroll exploded a series of ghoulish howls came from the fire. However, the seal kept anything from escaping its demise. Soon the screams stopped and the fire calmed down.

Naruto sighed and changed his henge from Tom to his bounty hunter henge, “With Dumbledore and Voldemort handled I need to focus on a very annoying witch.”

Lucius scowled, “Please don’t say Narcissa.” He said not really in the mood to hear about his ex causing more trouble than she already made. This should be a day to celebrate, not put up with her attitude.

“Interestingly enough, no.” Naruto said and unsealed a few pictures. “The witch I’m talking about is Hermione Granger.”

Severus’ eyes narrowed, “Did you find something on her?”

The ninja nodded, “In fact, I found her … at home with her parents.” He said as he gave Severus the photos of the mushy haired witch walking through a park with her parents. “That was taken only a few hours ago and considering what my clones have heard she has no clue that she’s a witch. It sounds like she never got her letter.”

“If she’s with her parents …” Severus trailed off as he looked to the steps leading down into the castle. “Who the bloody hell is in the castle?”

Naruto frowned, “I don’t know … yet. What I do know is that she’s smart, is most likely not a muggle-born since she isn’t well versed in the muggle world compared to the magical world, is a bit older, has had a very bad experience with Death Eaters and has a massive grudge against you specifically.” He said while pointing at Lucius. “That hate has affected her view on all Slytherins, especially Draco.”

“I thought she was far too smart even for an annoying book obsessed student. It’s one thing to know a spell, but she has been casting them too easily. Almost like she’s done it before.” Severus hissed, wondering who the witch really was.

Lucius rubbed his temples in frustration, “Somehow joining Voldemort all those years ago seemed smart, but it’s only putting Draco in danger.” Lucius mumbled with his voice sounding strained. Both Severus and Naruto knew he was quite stressed at this news and possibly close to tears.

“Harry and I are keeping an eye on Draco. Thankfully, we still have an Auror at our disposal so with a little trap she could be found out.” Naruto commented right before sending Severus and mischievous smirk. “Have any interest in helping to prove that there’s an imposter among us?”

The potion master smirked, “Of course. This is proving to be the most exciting year for teaching.“

“Exciting enough to not retire now that Dumbledore isn’t forcing you to stay?” Lucius asked with a smug smirk and actually chuckled at the disgusted expression that appeared on Severus’ face.

Severus scowled, “Once this year is done I’m retiring.” He muttered in annoyance.

“That’s understandable.” An amused Naruto chuckled. “I’ll get you back home.” He said to Lucius before disappearing.

Despite the appearance of being alone, Severus knew he was watched by a clone. It started to be a comforting feeling and he quickly settled back into overseeing the potion. Once he got to the perfect place to stop he went to his living quarters to go to bed. However, he decided to look at the memory Lucius gave him. After that the only way he could settle down and sleep was with a dreamless sleep potion since he had trouble stopping his laughter.

To add to the amazing things that happened today Severus noticed another change after he got into his night clothes. As the dreamless sleep potion pulled him into a deep sleep he saw his left arm. What was once marred by a dark wizard’s dark mark was now completely clear. If it hasn’t sunk in yet then that is what truly convinced him that Voldemort was gone for good.


Ron woke up with a couple pokes from his rat and saw Harry getting out of bed, “Hey, Harry? Why did Professor Lupin take you out of the dorm after curfew? Is everything ok?”

“I was told to keep quiet on some things.” Harry commented as he got out of bed. By this point a few other boys were curiously listening in. “The professor took me to a Wizengamot meeting … my magical guardian, who I never knew existed, was arrested and they wanted to look at my scar.”

“What?!” Neville gasped, clearly confused and deeply concerned. “You never knew about magical guardians?  That must mean your muggle guardians didn’t tell you … why was your guardian arrested? Did your other guardians help? I thought you were taken to some place safe so why didn’t they know? What did they want with your scar?”

Harry shrugged, “At first I was a bit confused on which scar they meant, but they scanned my forehead. It was clean and my guardian was arrested for taking money.” Harry said and gave a slightly bitter chuckle. “I didn’t even know I had money to steal.”

Ron gaped, “You had no clue your family was rich?”

“Kind of hard to know that when my magic hating relatives made me live in the pantry.” Harry commented bluntly making Ron wince,

As Dean and Neville hugged Harry, Ron looked a little guilty. The red haired, like many others, just assumed Harry lived a lavish life. After all, everyone thought he was being spoiled by everyone and rolling in money. Now Ron realized why he came off as so rude even from the first meet up on the train.

Fred and George smiled, “Everything will get better today then! We should hurry up and check to see what’s in the newspaper.” They exclaimed in perfect sync. Everyone excitedly agreed and started getting ready for breakfast. “Something wrong, Ronny?” They whispered in Ron’s ear as they draped their arms around his shoulders. 

The younger Weasley knew he couldn’t hide anything from them, “I was a bit of a prat, wasn’t I?”

‘We don’t even know what specific thing you’re thinking of, but yes.” The twins said without any hesitation. 

Fred smiled, “But don’t worry about that.”

“You haven’t done anything that can’t be forgiven.” George said before giving their brother an encouraging nudge.

“If you say so.” Ron said softly and with a squeak from the rat on his bed he hurried to get ready for breakfast. When he finished and carried his pet rat with him he followed after Harry, who was going through to the common room. “I’m … I'm really sorry about how I acted on the train.”

Harry blinked and smiled, “Don’t worry about it. Come on. The things I couldn’t bring up are going to be pretty surprising for everyone.”

“What do you mean bring up?” Harry and Ron turned to see Hermione coming into the common room. “Did something happen?”

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