Magic Behind the Kunai

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The blonde in his bounty hunter henge nodded, “It’s not safe for you. Just wait.”


Dumbledore nodded as he reviewed his research, “I’m sure the diadem is still in the castle so I’ll focus on confirming that my guesses are correct. Harry will be my proof and I’ll make it sound like only I can find the others.” The tired headmaster muttered to himself as he prepared to leave.

First, he opened up a drawer that had a few vials of potions. One of the Pepper ups made their way into Dumbledore’s mouth and he instantly looked refreshed. Second, all the research was placed in the desk drawer so no one would see it. The crafty wizard even locked it with an actual locking spell that was strong, but that didn’t make it ninja proof. By the time Dumbledore turned around and flooed away to a random place that should be empty around this time, everything was done. 

As a matter of fact, when the wizard apparated to a broken down home the clones already made the research appear on the desk. It wasn’t difficult, after all. When Dumbledore looked away to drink the potion a clone put a seal in the back of the drawer. That simple seal made it easy to teleport the contents inside the drawer. Without touching the magically locked handle everything was removed and placed on the desk.

Not that the headmaster knew, of course. The old wizard was too busy searching the old Gaunt house. Every floorboard creaked dangerously as Dumbledore walked through the filthy old house. The place was so far gone that there was a real risk of him falling through the floor. However, Dumbledore kept walking as he scanned everything with his wand.

“One of them must be here.” The headmaster said and after a long time searching his wand signaled something to him. “Under the floor.” He exclaimed and immediately used a spell on the area of the floor that his wand indicated had something under it.

One by one the floorboards floated up into the air. None of the boards were damaged and soon a small box was revealed. Dumbledore stepped closer and realized that it had several powerful curses on it. That impressive security confirmed that it was a horcrux in his mind. He didn’t feel like taking the time to break all of those curses and check for a soul piece. It’d just take too long so he put everything back in its place and removed any trace that he was there. 

However, he really should’ve checked first. If Dumbledore had invested his time into it he would’ve found the Gaunt ring in the box, but no soul fragment. After all, the clones that beat him there just needed a scroll. That scroll touched the box and sucked the soul straight out without crossing any curses.

However, Dumbledore was too busy apparating to a ruined orphanage to care. Yet again, he began scanning the place with his wand. Sadly, it was getting too close to lunch to continue his quest. 

“I’ll go back so I don’t miss anything. I need to empty the third floor corridor anyway and find the diadem.” The headmaster said under his breath before apparating back to any place that he knew had a floo.

When he flooed back to his office he found everything exactly how he left it. Of course, Dumbledore took a moment to spell away any dust and dirt before flouncing out of his office. With class still in session the halls were empty so no one saw him as he went to one particular hallway.

“It is technically lost.” An amused Dumbledore said as he walked up and down the hallway.

A few laps later a door appeared in the previously empty wall. To most that’d be surprising. However, Dumbledore wasn’t fazed. In fact, he looked quite smug as he entered the room filled with towers of junk.

The old wizard’s eyes scanned the towers of things, “Where is it?” He mumbled as he pulled out his wand to help, but he didn’t need to. “There it is.” He said when he saw the diadem conveniently placed on a table right in arms reach.

The clones sneaking around the towers just smirked. As one of them left through the seal network with a scroll the other one kept watching. Those hidden eyes saw Dumbledore scan for a soul fragment only to pale slightly. It was obvious that the old wizard realized that the diadem had no soul. After all, the clones stole the soul fragment moments after Dumbledore opened the door, but they were nice about it. They even placed the diadem in an easily accessible spot for the old wizard to find. 

Unfortunately, Dumbledore did not seem to appreciate the helping hand. Without missing a beat the headmaster ran out of the room. As he rushed to the third floor corridor the unseen clone followed behind him. However, the clone didn’t like the first thing Dumbledore did as the door was unlocked. 

In one fell swoop the wand cast a spell that hid the wizard and Dumbledore actually threw a painful stunning hex inside as the door swung open. What followed next was a yelp of pain and a thud. It was that yelp that deeply worried the clone. While being careful around the living portraits the clone risked going into the room. Once the blonde got inside the door closed. 

A clueless Dumbledore was just moving through the trapdoor. He had no clue that a clone saw the three headed dog lying in a heap. The poor thing whimpered in pain and could barely move.

“That bastard.” The clone muttered under his breath as he patted the large furry paw to comfort the hound.

A horrified squawk finally tore the clone’s attention away from the hound. It vanished through the seal network and appeared in the shadows on the other side of the magical vines. Only a second later he caught up to Dumbledore in the room with the broken life sized chess board.

Panic was visibly building in Dumbledore’s eyes as he stepped around the broken chess pieces, “If this is actually …”

Immediately Dumbledore rushed to the next trap. When he saw that one of the potions for the riddle was missing and no one was burnt to death on the floor he raised his wand. One spell blasted the wall of fire and destroyed it. It allowed the headmaster to run up to the mirror.

The old wizard’s eyes became cold, but also furious, as they looked in the mirror only for nothing to be given to him, “Then Tom really is … I knew it … he must’ve taken the horcrux from the diadem too, but when did he do it?” He asked as his mind whirled. Still he refused to admit that luring the dark wizard into the school and letting him hide in a teacher was a mistake.

There was so much he had to do now. He needed to collect any horcruxes that Voldemort didn’t have. That had to be done fast, but he didn’t know where or what some were. The only one he knew was safe was Harry Potter. After all, the boy would be dead if the horcrux was removed. This mess could be saved with that one horcrux and if played right he will get the credit.

However, there was no time for this. Dumbledore knew he had to appear at lunch before he could finish his quest. With that in mind he left without even giving the whimpering three headed hound a second glance. That heartlessness was hidden by a kind smile as slipped out and made his way towards the Great Hall. Despite shutting the door he didn’t even bother locking it.

Like always he stood in front of the room filled with hungry students. Granted, this time he was far more stressed than normal. However, he hid his inner turmoil like the master he was. No one knew he was close to a breakdown as he started to announce the meal.

“Everyone eat up.” Dumbledore said, trying to sound genuinely warm and kind. Just as the food appeared, however, that act was getting hard to keep up. “What’s so funny?” He grumbled under his breath as the students all started laughing. Suddenly, a chicken ran out from behind the headmaster. 

Fred and George were turning it back and forth from the chicken to fawkes, “Fawkes is a chicken!” The twins yelled cheerfully as they kept switching the bird’s form.

It was at that moment Dumbledore thought a secret of his actually got out and he snapped. The old wizard raised his wand and a blinding light stunned everyone. With everyone in a frozen state a scowl settled on the headmaster’s face. A second spell was cast from the wand and flew at the chicken.

Dumbledore looked completely indifferent as the spell hit the bird and made it explode, “Just a transfigured desk chair.” He hissed more than a little annoyed with this particular prank.

After glaring at the frozen Weasley twins, the wizard’s cold eyes looked at the Remus at the staff table. He knew from years of being involved in Wizengamot that an Auror could resist the spell he used to freeze everyone. That’s why his eyes lingered on Remus. Any sign of movement would reveal the Auror and Dumbledore will need to remove him.

Thankfully, after a few seconds of no reaction Dumbledore breathed a sigh of relief, “I’ve had enough today.” He said and his wand high in the air. “Obliviate.” The headmaster cast the forgetfulness spell, but he didn’t see the Remus behind him blink just in time to avoid the light. 

It took time, but it was worth using the spell to carefully remove the last few seconds of everyone’s memory, including students and staff. After making sure the memory editing was so smooth that even Severus wouldn’t notice he stood in the exact spot he was before. He took comfort in the fact that the Auror wasn’t there and couldn’t prove anything. Once he was sure no one even remembered the stupid prank, let alone could figure out that’s it implied a real secret, he unfroze everyone.


“He what?” A horrified Remus gasped quietly as he looked up at the Great Hall windows.

Despite the werewolf being under the invisibility cloak Naruto was able grab the hidden arm and keep Remus from running into danger, “Don’t even try.”

“But if their minds were messed with-“ Remus was cut off again when a hand covered his mouth. Before he could get mad he saw Naruto placing a finger to his lips to remind him to be quiet. “We have to tell someone.” He whispered, but then blinked in confusion. “How can you see me?” Remus asked, more than a bit worried that he wasn’t completely covered by the cloak.

“I can sense where you are. Also I know how tall you are and that you’re trying to go to the Great Hall … I guessed where your mouth was.” Naruto muttered cheekily before scooping up Remus in a bridal style hold. “Stay calm.” 

Remus squeaked at the unexpected action, “Why?!” He gasped right before Naruto made the most amazing leap into the air. Really it was a miracle that he remembered to not scream and buried his face in Naruto’s neck. He didn’t open his eyes and pull away until he felt them moving slower, but something definitely felt off about how the gravity was pulling him. “Naruto … are you walking up the wall?” An awestruck werewolf gasped in shock when he looked down.

“Yep-… you don’t need to cling so hard. I won’t drop you.” Naruto said, trying not to laugh as the werewolf whimpered and clung to him very tightly.

Remus gulped and hid his face back in the henged bounty hunter’s neck, “Just please hurry up and put me down-eep!” Remus squeaked as his weight shifted as Naruto suddenly stood upright. The sound of a window opening made him risk opening his eyes. “My living quarters?” He asked curiously as he was easily set on the floor.

“It was too dangerous to walk past the Great Hall. Mark will be in danger if Dumbledore learns of the switch.” Naruto explained as he casually sat on the window sill. “If I’m right Mark will quickly return so you might want to be ready to teach.”

Remus shrugged, “That’s fine with me, but what about everyone else? Is Harry going to be ok?” He asked, hating the fact that Dumbledore actually wiped a memory from any child, especially Harry.

Naruto nodded, “He will be. I’ll make sure of it.” Naruto said as he jumped off the sill effectively making Remus yelp in panic. He immediately stuck his feet to the stone and raced upwards. Remus had stuck his head out the window just in time to see Naruto casually waving while running towards the roof. “Hey, Kurama. Not eating anything tainted, right?”

The fox demon growled sulkily, “Brat, you had better get that old bastard. He ruined cheese snacks for me.”

“After what just happened that shouldn’t be a problem. Now I have to go talk to Lucius and arrange some things.” The blonde said with a mischievous smirk before he disappeared into his seal network.


Harry looked at his lunch in a daze, “I feel like I forgot something.”

Neville smiled, “I feel like that a lot.” He joked, but there was an odd feeling hanging around them.

Most people ignored the feeling and just ate, but Harry couldn’t, (Naruto, did something happen? I can’t shake the feeling I missed something.) Harry asked through their mental link.

(You have no idea, but I can’t fix it right now. Get ready though. The shit might hit the fan not long after the Remus you see leaves.) Naruto responded through the link before going quiet.

Moments later, after breakfast finished, Harry saw Remus leave the Great Hall …

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