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Just by chance Wizengamot was going to meet very soon. This would give them the perfect chance to flush out the lord of the Black family.


“Are you alright, Albus?” McGonagall asked when Dumbledore stopped mid step.

Dumbledore blinked as the smell of cheese once again disappeared, “I’ve been smelling something lately … no matter. I’ll be back soon. Take care of everyone, Minerva. Fawkes will help you keep an eye on things.” He said as he passed the Phoenix sitting on its perch before stepping into the fireplace and being whisked away by green flames. 

When Dumbledore emerged from the fireplace he was in the busy Ministry building. Almost immediately several people saw him and excitedly went to say hello or offer heartfelt condolences. Despite there being a strict appointment time Dumbledore seemed to think it was necessary to speak to every person who came up to him. Of course, this did make him late for the meeting, but it didn’t really matter to him. It’s not like they could start the meeting without him.

By the time Dumbledore strolled in, everyone was seated, “So sorry for being late. Many people were giving their heartfelt condolences and I didn’t have the  heart to brush them off.” He said as he went towards his spot at the head of the table.

“That’s quite alright, Albus. It is a hard time for everyone.” A member of the council named Amelia said. “We were just speaking to our new member. He’s representing the Black family.”

“Tom Hausoda. It’s a pleasure to meet you, headmaster.” The smooth, almost familiar, voice of the wizard who introduced himself was heard.

“Ah yes. I heard-“ Dumbledore looked up just as he was sitting to see who he was talking to. 

The sight of the person in the Black family seat startled him so much that he missed the seat and fell. Dumbledore snapped back to his senses the second he hit the floor. However, over all the worried startled gasps he heard only one voice. Of course, part of it was because the voice was of the person who startled him in the first place, but it didn’t help his nerves when the voice was now coming from right next to him.

“Let me help you there, headmaster.” Dumbledore was in a daze as he looked at the face of the man helping him up. It was the face and voice of Tom Riddle, who was the very wizard that became Voldemort. “Doesn’t look like you were hurt.” Tom said with the very corner of his lips twitching into a smirk that only Dumbledore saw. When those eyes locked with his Tom squeezed his arm just a bit too hard. “How terrible would it be if you were hurt, headmaster?” Tom commented with a glint in his eyes as he helped Dumbledore into his seat.

One of the older Wizengamot members named Doge went to look Dumbledore over, “Thank you, Tom. Oh. You don’t have to call Albus headmaster. There’s no need to be so formal as to say headmaster especially when you weren’t a student at Hogwarts.” The old wizard said pleasantly.

Tom smiled at the wizard named Doge, “Of course.” He said with a subtle sharp glance at Dumbledore that lasted only a brief second, but Dumbledore definitely saw it.

Doge smiled as Tom took his seat next to Lucius, “Are you ok, Albus?”

“Yes … I’m fine.” Dumbledore murmured before forcing himself to calm down and appeared much less flustered than he really was. “Now why don’t we discuss why we’re all here?”

“Don’t worry about that, Albus. Tom suggested we start looking into things before you get here. He thought this would all be a bit much for you and he might be right. You do seem tired.” Doge explained as he went back to his seat.

Dumbledore glanced at Tom, “I see.” He muttered just as an Auror entered the room. “Whose pensieve memories do these belong to?” He asked the second the Auror placed everything he collected on the table.

Amelia pointed to the files from St. Mungo’s, “These accounts state that Poppy, Severus and Hagrid were the main witnesses to the entire troll incident so we got memories from them and the healers who tended to him in his last moments.”

Doge smiled sadly, “The entire issue should be cleared up soon and then we can help you find a new professor.” He said to Dumbledore who was an old friend of Dumbledore’s.

“This should be revealing.” Tom commented casually as the large pensieve bowl was emerging from the center of the table.

Dumbledore saw the slight smirk on Tom’s face, but he tried to ignore it. The more he thought about it none of his fears made sense. Just because Tom looked so much like Tom Riddle it didn’t mean that the two were the same. In fact, it would be impossible unless Tom was possessed like Quirrell, but if that were the case he should’ve been noticed by the runes in this room.

To add to the issues there’s no way Voldemort could have gotten a body without getting the Philosopher’s stone. Not only did none of his security measures go off, but he was positive that the dark lord was too weak. The last time he checked the dark lord was forcing Quirrell to kill unicorns for him to eat. Someone that weak shouldn’t be capable of remaking a body. 

With those perfectly logical thoughts calming him down, Dumbledore brushed off everything as just his imagination. He figured he was a bit stressed. After all, he had to kill his professor at the most inconvenient time of the year, Voldemort is out of his sights and Sirius got out of his clutches. All of that and learning that he didn’t have access to the Black vaults must be adding to his stress. That’s why he assumed Tom Hausoda was Voldemort. It was just stress.

“First memory! This is from Severus Snape.” Amelia announced and she poured the wispy memory into the large bowl on the table.

Once the memory settled everyone put their faces into the memory. As a result everyone saw what transpired. However, seeing the shattered painting and the battered body of the professor did strike Dumbledore as a serious situation. Still it wasn’t that bad and he didn’t want people looking into things so he prepared to sweep it under the rug.

After Poppy and Hagrid’s memories Dumbledore sighed sadly, “It’s quite possible that some students tried to capture some trolls and it went badly. As far as I can see it doesn’t look like an intentional attack.”

“Does Hogwarts have Albanian trolls in its forests?” Tom asked curiously as he drew out a perfect sketch of the trolls they just saw in the memories. Naruto didn’t even worry about sealing or unsealing things. Items appearing out of nowhere is kind of normal especially if they think you’re a wizard too. “My apologies. I thought Hogwarts was in Scotland, which wouldn’t make sense.”

Lucius’ eyes narrowed, “No, you’re correct, but that would mean someone had to bring them in and that’s very serious.”

Dumbledore clenched his jaw, “I’m sure it’s not that bad. Who would attack Hogwarts?”

Tom hummed, “For the sake of being thorough perhaps we should view the other pensieve memories?”

Doge nodded, but looked at Dumbledore in concern, “Do you want to see this?” He asked even though there was plenty of blood in the previous memories. However, his main worry was not blood, but how Dumbledore would handle seeing the death of a colleague.

The headmaster took an unnecessarily deep and dramatic breath, “I think I can handle it.” He said, trying to draw out all the sympathy he could. It bothered him that Tom was as indifferent as Lucius.

“Very well.” Amelia said as she picked one of the last three memory filled vials. “This one is from when the healers first stabilized Quirinus Quirrell.” She explained before pouring the memory into the bowl. 

Once the moment was viewed by everyone they moved on, but they did take a moment of silence between memories. The sight of Quirrell going through that was too much for some and they decided to let everyone recover before continuing. However , there wasn’t too much new in the next one, which was the same as the last memory except it showed that Quirrell was stable when they left. Like the memory before it, it was put back it’s it’s proper vial. Finally, the last vial was brought out and Dumbledore was confident that nothing new would be revealed in this one either.

“Ok …this last one is from the healer who saw the moments right before Quirrell died.” Amelia announced, but this time Dumbledore was surprised by the news. Not that he showed it, of course.

As the final memory was added to the pensieve the manipulative old wizard thought back. There was no way someone saw what happened. He went in under the invisibility cloak and on top of that he made sure no one was around when he cast the curse. No matter how he looked at it there shouldn’t be any witnesses to those last moments. However, the subtle smirk that flickered across Tom’s lips did set Dumbledore on edge.

Just like the times before everyone put their faces into silvery wisps floating in the large bowl in front of them. They felt the odd sensation of their minds being pulled down into the memory. When they settled they found themselves standing near a young healer, who was just walking down the halls of St. Mungo’s. She just happened to be walking towards the room where Quirrell was allowed to rest after being stabilized.

The young healer saw the door of the room randomly open on its own. That wasn’t unusual for a magical hospital, but normally people spell the doors to open if they’re wheeling patients in and out of a room or other things. However, when no one was seen going in or out the healer looked concerned. After all, it looked like someone could be invisible and that’s not allowed so she quickly went to check on the patient inside.

Just when she pushed the door open a small crack she saw the glow of a spell and heard someone whisper’shit’, which startled her. The door slipped closed, but only a moment before it closed she heard footsteps. Fearing for her safety she hid in the doorway of the room next door. She heard the door open and an unseen person walk through the empty hallway.

Once she thought it was safe she called for help and rushed into the room to investigate. A quick spell lit up the room and the healer went to check the patient. Nothing seemed off until she saw Quirrell begin choking. Just before a few other healers rushed in she noticed the imprint of fingers on his throat and he started turning blue. Moments later the professor died.

Dumbledore very nearly fell over with how fast he yanked his head out of there, “Damn.” He hissed under his breath. He knew that didn’t happen, but he definitely couldn’t say why.

“Something wrong?” Dumbledore flinched, he assumed no one else was out of memory yet, but apparently Tom and Lucius were. “Too much, headmaster?” Tom asked with a smirk on his lips, which vanished once everyone else came up from the pensieve.

In an instant Dumbledore realized that Tom was behind the fake memory, but why? Did the Black family or Hausoda family have anything to gain from this? All this would do was cause an investigation.

“That was quite revealing.” Lucius said and looked around at the other faces at the table. “As concerning as this is I propose we keep any action hidden. I don’t want the students at Hogwarts to panic.”

Amelia nodded seriously, “Yes, I agree. A new professor should be appointed immediately and we should look into this behind the scenes.”

“May I make a suggestion.” Tom said calmly. “This person managed to seek up to the castle, possibly inside as well, with three trolls. Attacked a professor without any portraits sounding any alarms. At least, I believe that is the case since nothing was done until the banging was investigated and by then it was too late for Professor Quirrell.” He said solemnly. “Then this someone proceeded to kill the man. If the professor was the real target then he could’ve been killed during the summer. No. This man involved children and considering the danger I recommend using a former student of Albus’ named Remus Lupin who can use his advanced sense of smell to help find the culprit.”

Doge looked at Dumbledore curiously, “You had a student with that kind of ability?” He asked and Dumbledore managed to nod before being interrupted again.

“A werewolf to be exact.” Tom said bluntly. “I only know because Sirius Black, who is in my care, was his friend in Hogwarts. He talked a lot about how Albus let him go to school despite being a werewolf. You would trust him, right? He was your student.”

Dumbledore gaped slightly in shock, “Well, yes.” He said, knowing he couldn’t deny it if Tom already knew of Remus and was in contact with him.

“But a werewolf in school?” Amelia asked though it helped that Dumbledore knew this person. “Lucius, what do you think?” She asked the father of one of Hogwarts’ current students.

For a moment Dumbledore actually allowed himself to hope. After all, there was no way Lucius would allow this. The Malfoy has always been against dangerous creatures and Dumbledore so he will definitely reject a Dumbledore friendly werewolf.

Lucius sighed, “Normally I would be against this. However, if I have to choose between a creature that is only truly dangerous for one night every month and a homicidal maniac that has no time restraints then I would go with the creature.” The Malfoy lord argued logically much to Dumbledore’s annoyance.

“Addressing that one concern.” Tom said, making Dumbledore’s jaw tense. The headmaster just wanted him to shut up already. “What if we paired up Remus with an Auror? During that full moon Remus can lock himself away for safety and the Auror can pretend to be him. No one will suspect a werewolf was teaching because he’ll supposedly never leave around that time and it’ll give the Auror a chance to look around quietly. As an added precaution we can have both of them make a vow in front of us.”

Again Dumbledore lit up at the opportunity to make this work for him. Remus was already under his thumb, but if both vowed their loyalties to him that would solve everything. All he had to do was suggest that and he tried. His mouth was moving, but there was no sound. 

“What vow should they make?” Doge asked while he, like everyone else, looked at Tom and effectively missed Dumbledore’s soundless issue.

Tom smiled, “A vow, not to people or an individual, but to protect the children and do everything possible to find the one who murdered Quirrell. I’d also recommend we all vow to not tell anyone that Remus is a werewolf. We can’t risk scaring the culprit, not with kids in range.”

Another Wizengamot member nodded, “I don’t see any problem with that.”

Doge grinned, “And if Remus is a friend of Albus’ then I approve. Who else?”

Everyone raised their hands except Dumbledore. When the stunned headmaster realized everyone was waiting on his vote. It’d look very suspicious if he backed out now so he reluctantly agreed. Once he did, an Auror was picked and Remus was contacted. 

“Thank you for this opportunity, headmaster!” Remus said with a smile once he arrived.

Dumbledore smiled, “Of course.” He said and watched all the vows being made. After reluctantly giving his own vows he left the room with Remus and the Auror. “I’ll tell the rest of the staff that you’ll be teaching. We can start classes tomorrow so you both have a bit of time to figure things out.” He muttered as they walked towards the floo.

The Auror, whose name was Mark, nodded, “No worries, Mr. Dumbledore. Remus and I will be careful and thorough.” He reassured the headmaster, not knowing that the headmaster was worried about exactly that.

“I do hope you are ok, headmaster.” Dumbledore bit back an annoyed sigh as he turned to see Tom and Lucius coming towards them. “For a moment there you seemed … to lose your words.”

Dumbledore saw that knowing smirk and he couldn’t deny it, “I’m quite alright, Tom. Are you doing well? We didn’t have much of a chance to get acquainted … though I feel like I’ve known you for decades.” The headmaster joked calmly despite believing the dark lord was already back in a body.

“We should find some time to talk. I’m pulling myself together from a rather … soul shattering incident years ago, but yes. I’m doing well.” Tom said all but admitting that knew of the horcruxes. “Good day to you all.” Tom said and Dumbledore watched Lucius submissively follow Tom into a floo where the two left. Right after that the headmaster caught a glimpse of Narcissa and a familiar man. 

In that moment the hidden clones knew Naruto successfully tricked Dumbledore …


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