Magic Behind the Kunai

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In that moment the hidden clones knew Naruto successfully tricked Dumbledore …


Draco paled slightly, “My mother and Bonnet are awake.” He said feeling his fear increase despite the lovely sky filled with floating lanterns.

“They aren’t after you. They think you’re dead.” Harry whispered, happy that everyone around them were too busy watching the floating tributes to their late professor to notice them chatting off to the side. “The Black family elf, Kreacher, was very clever to stage that.” He said and heard a distant thunder clap. However, for a moment he thought he heard something else like thunder, but coming from the castle.

“I’ll thank him personally after that curse is removed.” Draco hissed under his breath as he absentmindedly touched the spot on his arm. It was the very spot where the tiny seal holding the talisman sat under the sleeve of his robes. “Is that Fawkes?” Draco asked and  sure enough the feathered creature was spotted flying among the lanterns.

Harry’s eyes narrowed, “It doesn’t look like it’s really flying.” Harry commented as he examined the bird’s wings. 

At first the Phoenix looked like it was soaring above the lanterns. However, if you looked closer you’d see that the mythical bird was flapping its wings at strange points. For example, it’d flap frantically suddenly, but the flight path wouldn’t change. The more you looked the more uncanny it seemed. It seemed like it was being dragged along an unseen path.

“If our chicken theory is right then that makes sense.” Draco said quietly, but raised an eyebrow when Harry’s arm instinctively reached up and caught something over his head. “That was really close … thanks.” A very relieved Draco said when he saw that Harry had caught a lantern that fell for some reason.

Harry shrugged and put the broken lantern down on the floor to inspect it, “It looks like something whacked it … it was probably this.” Harry mused as he picked up a stone that was wedged in the lantern base and frowned as a thought occurred to him. (Naruto, why didn’t your clones interfere?) He asked through his mental link.

(My clones are busy with the fuzzy asshole of a demon. I can’t make new ones during a meeting. Everything ok?) Naruto asked through their link.

(It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, but what’s Kurama getting into?) Harry frowned when his mental message didn’t get a response, but he did hear someone running over. He and Draco turned to see Neville, Dean, Blaise, Fred and George hurrying over to the. “Hey. You guys ok?”  He asked as the breathless twins made it to them first.

“We should be asking you two that!” Both breathless twins exclaimed in perfect sync while the others arrived and were panting. 

George recovered first, “We saw a blur of something and it-“

“-hit that lantern and were worried that it landed on you guys.” Fred said, completing the sentence.

Draco nodded as he pointed to the remains of the lantern on the ground, “It was a bloody close call, but we’re ok. We were so distracted that we didn't notice it until it was too late.” 

“Distracted? By what?” The twins asked curiously. After all, everyone was watching the lanterns so what was more interesting than that?”

Harry immediately realized what Draco was trying to do and played along, “We were talking about Fawkes. Does Fawkes’ flight pattern seem off to you?”

“Off? How so?” The twins asked while raising their eyebrows in perfect sync.

Draco nodded, “Look at the points where the wings flap. Harry and I thought they didn’t match.”

“Oh really?” The twins murmured and their eyes locked on the mythical bird. After a few minutes and everyone started bringing the lanterns down the twins’ eyes widened. “That’s bloody weird.” 

After a few laps Fawkes seemed to glide down over them. Out of curiosity the twins used their wands to fire some harmless lights up at the soaring Phoenix. The mythical bird’s eyes looked shocked and it tried to flap frantically. However, instead of changing course the bird went along over their heads.

Neville blinked, “Huh? That really was strange.”

Blaise raised an eyebrow, “It’s like Fawkes is being guided by something.” He commented as his amused gaze locked with Harry and his friend’s eyes.

Harry and Draco exchanged a look and smiled. Obviously, Blaise suspected that the two of them knew something else. There was a silent agreement to explain everything later. After all, the twins looked very intrigued and it wouldn’t be fair to take a puzzle away from them. Thankfully, Blaise seemed pleased with that.

Dean chuckled when he saw the Weasley twins' eyes follow the mythical bird all the way until it disappeared in the castle, “You guys are planning to figure it out, aren’t you?”

Mischievous grins spread across the twins lips, “Yes!”

Unfortunately, the distant rumble of thunder was now much closer. Everyone and the surviving lanterns were brought inside to avoid the storm …


Severus scowled as he went into his living quarters carrying a few bags of snacks, “Bloody brats. In what world would enchanting snack bags to fire chips straight into their mouths sound like a safe idea? They’re lucky I didn’t wait for them to start choking before intervening.” He grumbled, but just when he set the bags of snacks down on his desk he heard a frightening growl behind him.

Very slowly the potion master turned around. There in his living quarters was the demon fox and this time it looked borderline rabid with madness. With slow and careful steps he moved behind his desk so he had something between him and Kurama.

In a flash the demon lunged forward and someone grabbed Severus. The second the potion master noticed that he was suddenly on the other side of the room he knew what happened. However, before he could talk to the clones that saved him they tackled the fox demon, who destroyed the desk to get to only one of the bags of snacks.

“Kurama, you have to stop!” One clone snapped as he grabbed the demon by the scruff.

“You nearly killed a kid you fucking fuzz ball.” Another clone said as he and five others tried to keep the demon from getting away.

Severus’ eyes widened, “What? Exactly what did he do?” He asked, feeling protective of the students. However, his concern shifted to the clones who were roughly thrown off so hard that they cracked the stone walls on impact. Out of pure reflex he shot a body bind spell at the snarling demon, but it did little to help. “To think he was so unimpressive before.” He commented as the demon grew larger and roared.

“Don’t you dare!” The clone yelled when they reassembled and saw a small energy ball the size of a marble form in the large fox’s mouth.

Even more clones arrived and proceeded to pin the demon down, but the tiny energy marble was fired before the clones could fully shut the demon’s jaw. Thankfully, the clones managed to force the demon’s head to turn just in time. Instead of blasting a hole in the wall that would’ve allowed the water from the lake to flood the dungeon it destroyed the wall with the door. The resulting sound resembled thunder and echoed through the castle. After using up that marble sized energy ball Kurama shrank a little. It wasn’t enough so he was back to his usual small size, but it was enough for the clones to get him restrained.

Despite the power oozing off the fox and snapping teeth Severus suddenly felt less worried, “He seems quite different than before.” 

“That’s an understatement.” One clone said as he helped keep Kurama’s jaws shut. “He’s been getting stranger since coming to the magical world.” He said and managed to say it before Kurama violently shook his body. This time the clones were ready and they held Kurama firmly in place. “The boss will be here soon and the student I mentioned that Kurama nearly killed is fine. He never saw the demon stalking him and you took the bag before anything happened.”

“I see.” Severus said, not entirely sure what Naruto could do to the demon when the dozens of clones could barely hold him down. “I’m assuming the meeting is what’s keeping your boss.” The potion master said as he aimed his wand at the demolished wall. 

With a few carefully applied spells the wall was slowly repaired. Just as Severus started putting the door back Kurama nearly got free and snapped at something. After fixing the damage the potion master casually picked up the item the furious demon wanted so desperately.

The clones saw the item, “Chips … what about these could possibly be driving you mad? You’ve had all sorts of snacks before and nothing has made you this insane before.” The clone pondered out loud. “Oh … by the way, Remus and a hidden Auror will be the new DADA professor.”

Severus huffed, “Good to know, but not the main concern at the moment.”

Barely a second later Lucius randomly appeared. The handsome man by the Malfoy’s side immediately stepped towards the demon. When the man touched the thrashing fox’s head a seal on the man’s stomach glowed. Kurama was immediately absorbed into the seal and vanished. In an instant everything was different.

The man suddenly fell to his knees startling the two wizards who knew he was Naruto with a henge, “Don’t come close. Asshole is fighting the seal.” Naruto, under his Tom henge, growled with his eyes glowing an inhuman red color. Once the red color disappeared, Naruto threw up a lot of blood and a dark fluid. “Shit … bastard did some damage going back in.” Naruto said as he dropped his henge.

“Stop.” Severus ordered when the clones almost immediately went to clean up. When the clones froze and stood aside to help their boss, Severus went to look at the vomit. “This dark fluid … it’s potion residue. Did this come from the fox or you?” The potion master asked the real Naruto, who was easy to identify with all the clones disguised as the taller bounty hunter.

Naruto nodded shakily, but stood up pretty easily, “Yeah. The blood is mine, but … it felt like Kurama couldn’t process something and that’s what that was. It’s possible that potions affect demons differently.” Naruto theorized.

Lucius frowned, “Where could he have eaten a potion?”

Severus scowled, “You mean besides any possible meal that goes to the Gryffindor table.” He muttered in annoyance. 

“True … but this is what he has been after.” Naruto said as he took the bag of chips Severus set down to look at the potion residue. 

A rather concerned Lucius frowned, “Should you be moving around?” He asked when he saw Naruto flinch in pain.

“I’m fine. Kurama is just throwing a hissy fit.” Naruto said all too casually not realizing that both wizards were more concerned because of the copious amounts of blood he threw up barely a minute ago. “This brand … it’s from the same company Dumbledore sponsors using Harry’s money.” He said and instantly all his clones went back to guarding the castle.

“What?” Severus gasped as he spelled away the blood and residue. “If he’s willing to put potions in the students’ meals then he might be doing something to the company’s products. Lucius, what will happen to Harry  if Dumbledore is connected to whatever this is?”

The Malfoy lord smirked, “If he can be connected then his status as magical guardian will be made public and suspended until everything can be investigated. During that time the guardianship will be given back to the Black family meaning the representative.” He said pointing to Naruto.

Naruto henged back into Tom, “So I’ll be his guardian. I better make sure to drive Dumbledore completely mad and lead the resident Auror in the right direction.”

Severus scoffed, “With that illusion you should have a good chance.” The potion master muttered not missing the disturbing resemblance the henge had to the young dark lord. “How did the meeting go besides making me put up with a certain werewolf?”

Tom chuckled sheepishly, “Remus will stay away from you. He has his own mission to handle and he’ll need all his focus to get all the secrets to the Auror.”

A smirk appeared on Lucius’ lips, “As for the meeting … it’s truly amazing how effective making a memory can be. It was simpler than I expected.”

“Making a memory? Exactly how did that work?” Severus asked curiously.

“An illusion that looks like St. Mungo’s, a few clones, a house elf to handle the effects and me walking through it under a healer henge. At the end Lucius pulled the memory out and my clone gave it to the Auror who came to get them.”

Naruto explained casually as he changed his henge so he was in his bounty hunter form. “It was enough and Dumbledore couldn’t say anything. I also managed to arrange for a non-biased Auror to be paired up with Remus. Plus, Narcissa and Bonnet were stalking us too so that helped sell it to Dumbledore.”

Severus smirked, “Indeed. Now the real fun can begin, but first you should have a blood restoring potion.” 

“Me? Why?” A puzzled Naruto asked.

The two wizards exchanged dumbfounded looks before looking at the ninja, “You lost a lot of blood.” Lucius said blankly. 

Naruto shrugged, “It wasn’t that much. Besides, I heal quickly, but I’ll take it slow. I'll fortify the Shrieking Shack for Remus full moon nights and guard the cauldron.” He said right before disappearing with Lucius to first get the Malfoy home.

Severus scoffed, “That’s not taking it easy.” He muttered with an eye roll.


Dumbledore led the werewolf and the Auror to Quirrell’s old living quarters, “I’ll tell the elves to remove Quirrell’s things later and I’ll leave you both to it. If you have any issues please tell me.” The headmaster said while glancing from Remus to Mark. A part of him hoped that the Auror would have some anti-werewolf feelings. Anything to provide an excuse to mess with the case.

Mark grinned, “No worries, sir. We’ll get along great and catch the killer.” He exclaimed cheerfully, but raised an eyebrow when Dumbledore just nodded stiffly and left. “Huh? I get that we aren’t here for a pleasant reason, but it feels … never mind.”

Remus sighed, “He doesn’t seem to want us here. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes, actually.” Mark said seriously. “You realize everyone is a suspect then?” He asked, making it clear that Dumbledore was not to be shown favor for any reason.

The werewolf nodded, “I am well aware.” 

“Thank you.” Mark said, sounding genuinely relieved. “I was worried you’d want to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“There was a time I would have, but lately … everything with Sirius just made me rethink some things.” Remus admitted sadly. If not for Tom, or Naruto, he would’ve never known how horrible his former headmaster really was and the ninja didn’t leave out a single detail.

Mark looked curious, “We can chat about that later if you like, but first let’s consider our plan. What do you think about switching places more often than just during the full moon?”

“Really?” Remus asked, a little surprised by the suggestion.

The Auror nodded, “I think it’ll help us work together. One day you teach while I look around and we switch the next. Remember I need to be ready to teach and … I’m not sure I can only jump in once a month and not screw up the illusion.”

Remus chuckled, “I understand. We need to pass as one person, after all. Let’s do that.” He agreed was ready to expose anything Dumbledore had hidden away …

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