Magic Behind the Kunai

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(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double  & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:

After sealing the sleeping bag away and everything else even the box that came with Harry he picked up Harry and jumped into the trees …


An inn owner turned white as a cloaked masked figure dressed all in black save for the red trim of his cloak entered his inn. The masked person looked scary and considering the recent attacks from thugs and bandits this could be bad. At least, that’s what he first thought, but then the cloaked figure kneeled and let a nine year boy off his back. Suddenly, everything seemed less threatening.

“We’ll stay here for the night, Harry. What would you like to eat?” Naruto asked from behind his mask and cloak hood.

The inn owner smiled at what he thought was a father and son pair or even an older brother and little brother pair, “There’s a takoyaki stand around the corner.” He offered smiling at the nervous skinny child.

Green eyes looked up at the masked man, “Takoyaki?”

“They’re pretty good. Want to try?” The masked man asked the child.

Harry nodded happily to be trying anything, especially if Naruto thinks he’ll like it, “Yes, please!”

“Ok, then we’ll get a room and go eat. One room with two beds, please.” The masked man said and handed the inn owner some coins he unsealed from his scroll.

“Of course, here’s your key.” The inn keeper said and handed over a room key. He watched the pair go up the stairs to their room with a smile. Feeling happier he turned to the door when he heard someone enter with that same smile. “Hello, how-” The in keeper paled heavily at the sight of three axe wielding bandits smirking at him cruelly …


Without removing any of his attire Naruto unsealed a few things including the box that came with Harry, “The thugs I’m after are around here somewhere so don’t go far until I get rid of them. One of them could was at least an academy drop out so he has some knowledge of ninja skills.”

“But he’s not in that book?” Harry asked as he hesitantly moved closer to the box that held the key to a number of things he wanted to know.

“No, the bingo book is for people who were registered as ninjas, which means even, though they eventually left their, village they did pass the academy and became ninjas. Academy dropouts can be difficult though even if their village doesn’t care about marking them as full missing ninjas.” Naruto blinked curiously from behind his mask as Harry easily opened the box and slowly pulled out more than what should fit in the box of that size. “Cool! It’s like it has seals, but you don’t require a box for seals. I wonder what is being used here?”

“I’ll see if there’s anything in these books about that.” Harry said feeling less and less anxious about this knowing that Naruto knew similar things.

Naruto chuckled, “Don’t push yourself. Let’s get something to eat first- …” Naruto sighed, “I forgot to ask if there’s a bounty office near here and if there’s any recent sightings of our bandits.” He said as he unsealed the wanted posters.

“We can ask before going to eat… oh, does Kurama want something to eat too?” Harry asked as he followed Naruto out of the room.

With a quick check into his mind and only getting snoring as an answer Naruto shook his head, “It seems he’s going to sleep the day away again.” Naruto said clearly amused by the fox’s lazily nature, but any cheer faded as Naruto saw the inn owner laying on the floor in a puddle of blood. “Hey! Are you ok?!” Naruto yelled as he ran forward to check on the civilian and dropped the posters on the floor next to the inn owner. However, as he moved he noticed something. (Shit!) He thought just before dodging a chakra bomb.

In his haste he let his guard down and moved too far away from Harry. When he dodged the smoke bomb he lost sight of the green eyed boy, but his mild panic shot through the roof when the smoke cleared revealing three bandits. One of the bandits held a small vault, the other held an axe in his hand with two more strapped to his back and, to Naruto’s horror, the third bandit had Harry pinned down with one hand on his head.

“Give us your money and we’ll let the kid go.” The bandit holding the vault, which most likely belonged to the owner of the inn, said with a sick smirk.

Naruto, of course, didn’t believe him, but unsealed the money from his scroll as he thought of any safe way out of this mess. A thought came to his mind as he held the money bag up for the bandits to see. With subtle motions of just one finger from the hand holding the bag he traced a small seal before tossed the bag of money to the floor.

The bandit holding the safe picked it up with a smug smirk, “So you’re a ninja. You must have weapons and documents. Hand them over.” The bandit snorted as Naruto didn’t budge this time. Of course, what could Naruto do to complete that request? He wasn’t an official ninja, but he was more concerned about Harry seeing what he was going to do next than the bandit’s request. “My comrades here will just have fun with the kid until you change your mind.”

(Bastards!) Naruto glared at them as the one bandit pushed Harry’s face hard into the floor as the other one used the axe to swiftly cut off Harry’s pants. Naruto took a chance and pushed his chakra into his mind hoping he’d hit the link between him and Harry. (Harry, can you hear me?)

(Naruto?) Harry thought in confusion after hearing Naruto’s voice in his mind. He trembled in fear as he felt motion against his exposed skin.

(Close your eyes.) Naruto said through the mental link.

Harry wasn’t sure why and wanted to protest, (But-)

(Close them.) Naruto ordered sharply as the one bandit started removing his own pants.

Out of sheer habit Harry obeyed and snapped his eyes closed. However, once he heard a pop startling the bandits and the sound of coins going everywhere he realized he didn’t want miss what was going to happen. He felt he should see what Naruto sees if he was going to be of any help to the other boy. With that decided, in that split second he opened his eyes just in time to see Naruto slash the bandit who had no pants across the throat, while throwing a few kunai at the other two.

Harry felt the weight of the one bandit go away and sat up to see what happened. The ninja tools had hit the bandit holding Harry down right in the eyes, clearly killing him. Blood was everywhere and it left Harry stunned. It was sinking in what Naruto’s life was like and it was scary, but a jolt of something heavy on top of him brought him back to reality and he saw Naruto had pushed him down to the ground. Naruto was leaning over him and panting as if he was in pain. That’s when Harry noticed blood pouring out from a wound in Naruto’s side. The henge remained intact, but the blood was very real.

“Naruto …” Harry whispered in fear as he watched the blood from his friend roll down the fabric of the black cloak before looking behind Naruto and seeing the third bandit pointing an object that looked like a gun attached to his forearm at them. The device must’ve been hidden under his sleeve until it was needed and it was used to hurt Naruto who dove over Harry who was the actual target.

The bandit smirked and kicked the bodies of his comrades aside and pointed the weapon right against Naruto’s bloody back, “Time to die.”

Harry felt his anger well. All he wanted at that second was to help the one person he cared for, “NO!” He yelled and reached passed Naruto’s shoulder. His small hand was reaching out for the bandit, who was close enough that the boy could smell the foul breath, and tried to do something to help. What he expected to happen he wasn’t sure, but it certainly wasn’t a green ball of light to shoot out of his hand and hit the bandit in the chest. There was no blood or even a rip in the clothing, but still the bandit’s eyes dulled and he collapsed to the ground in a lifeless heap.

Naruto heard the thud and moved to check the body despite the pain, “He’s dead.” He confirmed, slipping slightly because of his wound and his hood fell back revealing the green hair. Without even a second glance at the corpses he kneeled next to Harry.

It was clear to Harry what will happen if he joins Naruto on this path. They’ll both have to face danger and risk a lot. Injuries, rape, torture and death were highly possible in this career. The question: is it worth it?

(I’m staying.) Harry thought through the link and made sure Naruto knew he was sincere.

Both kids jumped as they heard a yawn in their minds and then heard Kurama’s voice, “So, what’d I miss?”

The dazed inn owner cracked his eye open and saw the he was saved by the green haired bounty hunter. He never saw the two again or so he believed. Two months later word started going around about a pair of very skilled bounty hunters supposedly in their teens making their way the bingo book. Little did anyone know the duo was only two boys now 11 and 12 years old …


Sasuke went into the classroom and sat next to his friend Shino and sighed as he saw the insect user glance at a certain blonde in class, “You really should tell him.”

“He doesn’t need to know yet. Besides, he failed the exam twice. Telling him now will only distract him when he takes the last exam tomorrow.” Shino said still staring at the blonde.

“He’ll have to know soon.” Sasuke twitched nervously as the insect user shot him a look and quickly changed topics by pulling out a copy of the bingo book. “The Mages went up a rank. They’re considered low B compared to ninjas.”

“Really?” Shino said looking at the book that Sasuke opened to the page where the Mages were mentioned. The picture showed two teens with long brown trench coats, brown gloves, brown boots, dark brown pants, skin tight long sleeved black shirts, black gas masks hiding their faces and brown pointed hats on their heads. The hats had nothing to do with the name they were given though. In fact, the hats came after they were given the nickname as if to say they approved.

The reason for their name was because of a few traits. First, was their flawless teamwork, which lead those they fought against to believe hat they either were one person using a unique clone to make it look like two people or that their minds were linked. Second, and silliest, was their hair, which was constantly changing colors every few seconds. Third, was the fact that they were able to appear and disappear in locations that were weeks apart in only a second, but the best reason was their ability to interrogate with such skill it’s believed that one of them, or both, could read minds.

Which one had which skill was impossible to determine to the point that they weren’t even given separate nicknames. Both teens were the same in many ways. Same gender, height, lean muscled body type, used weapons with both hands skillfully, short messy hair cuts and, of course, the exact same outfits so telling who was who wasn’t possible. A quality that made the theory that they were one person more believable even though there have been accounts that showed one teen had more of a temper or more skilled in close range combat, but those skills could be faked with good acting. In the end, no one knew for sure who these boys, or person, were or even if they were related, but their skills were admired …

“Itachi came home yesterday laughing because Ibiki, his friend in T&I, spent over an hour trying to figure out how these bounty hunters can just pull information from people without any words or harm to the body. Ibiki’s solution was to sit there making faces at his captive. It didn’t work, of course, so he’s been sulking, but my brother won’t stop teasing him.” Sasuke snickered.

“The Mages are flustering everyone. My father said the Yamanaka clan wants to track them down and offer a marriage contract to them to boost their clan’s bloodline by breeding in the skill they’re using.” Shino stiffened and shot Sasuke, who was smirking, a glare. “Don’t start.”

“Fine, fine. Class is starting anyway.” Sasuke said dismissively as Iruka and Mizuki came in the room, but he stiffened when Sakura and Ino came barreling into the room and tried to hug him to death. Shino’s insects scared the fangirls off saving Sasuke from nearly being ripped apart by the overly excited fans.

After class, Shino sent Naruto a look before leaving. No one noticed the blonde slip into the forest so fast that he nearly vanished only to come to a neat little shack. Naruto entered the shack to reveal the spacious two bedroom interior that should not exist inside the small shack. There he found Harry at the dining room table with an owl on the back his chair just staring at a letter.

“Did you decide? Are you going to Hogwarts?” Naruto asked as he sat at the table across from Harry.

“If you become a Konoha ninja you can’t come with me and do dangerous missions even with clones. They could be dispelled at the worst times in a place we know little to nothing about.” Harry said bluntly and looked up Naruto.

“I know. We only know what Lily said in those diaries and papers, but we still don’t know enough to assume my clones won’t just pop around each corner and I bet I can’t just get back into magical without help. I can’t just leave a clone with a Konoha team because that could be spotted by a skilled ninja or just destroyed on a mission depending on what happens … I did want to become the hokage and earn respect …” Naruto said and Harry trembled as if something was spoken through their minds.

“Is that how it will be?” Harry asked sadly only getting a nod from the blonde …

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