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“Very well. Have a good night.” The Auror said and left the workers to their cleaning so he could get all the answers for the morning paper.


With his fancy vibrant robes blinding all lovers of fashion in the room Dumbledore sat at the staff table for breakfast, “Such a lovely day today. Even you seem cheerful, Severus.”

“Indeed.” Severus commented feeling eager to see the newspaper for once. “I was quite productive last night.” He commented and smirked subtly as he spotted the replacement rat with the clueless Weasley.

Time ticked by at an almost teasingly slow pace for those waiting for the paper. Harry was trying to not look like he was excited for the paper to arrive. Granted, much like last night he was failing tremendously at hiding his feelings. In fact, he definitely displayed an inhuman speed when he reached up and skillfully grabbed an issue before it even hit the table.

Hermione raised an eyebrow, “You seem excited for the paper today.”

“I’m … I was really hoping the weather would be much better today.” Harry said all while quickly unrolling the newspaper.

(Smooth, Harry. Real smooth.) Naruto muttered through the mental link. (By the way, I’m going to be generous this time and I’ll let you off the hook, but if you lose your temper again you officially lose the bet.)

(Temper? I did no such-) Harry paused and remembered that may have blabbed a few details to Severus. (Peter was responsible for my parents death and technically I only lost my temper after leaving school and Severus is an ally. I didn’t screw up!) He mentally muttered as he looked for the article he wanted. 

Naruto mentally rolled his eyes, (I know. Stay out of trouble while I get your godfather settled. When he calms down we’ll talk … page 3.)

“Page 3?” Harry muttered under his breath as he flipped to the page. The green eyes immediately locked onto the title ‘Pettigrew found, Black vindicated’ at the bottom of the page. “That’s interesting.” He muttered as he saw the small article for something so important. It made him wonder if this was an attempt to hide the information, which kind of made the Daily Prophet and the ministry look stupid. After all, it clearly states that no one really looked into the Black case.

Neville looked at the paper in Harry’s hands, “What is?” He asked and when Harry pointed at the article he read it. “So your-“

“Ahhhh!” Everyone, even Severus, was startled by the shrill shriek coming from the staff table and was stunned to see a very pale Dumbledore gaping at the newspaper in his hands. Those who were closest, or had ninja level hearing, heard the click when the old wizard finally closed his gaping mouth. The headmaster quickly recovered his bearings and cleared his throat in a stupid attempt to look dignified after his squawk. “It seems there is some wonderful news! Harry Potter’s godfather was proven innocent of certain crimes. No worries. I will personally help Sirius Black get the help he needs.”

Harry gave a halfhearted smile as everyone clapped, (Bastard is good at spinning things so he looks good. If he gets his hands on Sirius he’ll immediately know something is off and we can’t have that.) He thought as Dumbledore proudly strutted out of the Great Hall to go capture Sirius.

Little did the headmaster know someone had already escorted Sirius out of the ministry …


“I’m being released …” Sirius murmured in a daze as he was looked over by the ministry healers. One moment ago he was in his cell being drained by dementors and then he was suddenly on trial being asked questions he should’ve been asked years ago. It all happened so fast he was having a hard time processing it and on top of it he was told Peter’s body was found. They found the dark mark on Peter, which did explain why everything changed so quickly.

“You are.” A tall man in a black suit with dark brown hair and eyes said right before glaring at all the ministry workers, both healers and Aurors on guard. “Now.” He stated firmly and he raised his hand revealing a mark. “I’m Tom Hausoda and I’m trusted to act for the Black house. I’m taking Sirius.” He said and his mark glowed for a moment. It was apparently enough to convince the Aurors, but not the stubborn healers.

A healer huffed and stood without his chest puffed out, “We will do our duty and make sure he’s physically fit to leave.”

“A competent decision.” The healers smiled at the man’s words and were about to continue until Tom suddenly appeared between them and Sirius. “At least, that is what I’d like to say. However, the ministry has proven to immensely incompetent with Sirius thus far. I will not allow you to continue to screw up further especially considering the circumstances with his godson’s guardians. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but does he need a set of such heavy restraint?” He said, glancing at the heavy chunky bands and neck.

One of the Aurors guarding the room nodded, “He is unstable and potentially dangerous.“

Tom raised an eyebrow, “He was not given back his wand, he’s skin and bones from malnutrition and is so weak the restraints themselves are pulling him down, potentially causing more injuries … are you all that inept that you can’t handle him without causing more harm to him?” Tom said sharply, making them flinch.

“Most people can’t handle an unstable prisoner right out of Azkaban. We’re taking these measures for your safety too.” Another snapped a little rudely..

“For me? How thoughtful.” You muttered dryly before hooking his finger under each band and casually pinching them. Considering the man showed zero effort you’d think nothing happened at all. In a shocking twist the heavy bands were easily shattered. “I don’t require your level of assistance. If you have any objections or would like to return his things before I sue, take it up with Gringotts. Good day to you.”

In a swift motion Tom actually scooped the malnourished wizard up into his arms. For a split second it looked like the ministry workers wouldn’t move out of Tom’s way. However, despite that annoyance Tom blurred out of sight and somehow managed to get past all of them without being seen. Tom was at the door on the opposite side of the room and walked through without even glancing back at the dumbfounded ministry employees.

“How did he get out?” A healer gasped in shock. None of them expected anything even close to what they just saw. In fact, they were all certain that it was just a dream considering it was very early in the morning, but after a few moments they all realized that it did actually happen.

“Should we charge him for that?” A healer asked while pointing at the broken pieces of the magical restraining bands that were scattered on the floor.

“No.” The Aurors all yelled at once before looking a little embarrassed about their reaction.

One Auror with a funny button, which had a charmed moving picture of a dancing gnome, on his robes cleared his throat, “He said to contact him through Gringotts, which means if anything we’ll be dragged into a lawsuit. Chances are we’ll end up paying because of Sirius’ false imprisonment.”

“Exactly!” Another Auror piped up. “We could be falling into a trap so let’s just leave it.”

A healer deadpanned, “We all saw what happened … you could just admit that you don’t want to deal with a guy who can break anti magic bands.” He said, but the sheepish Aurors refused to admit they were scared of a man who didn’t even raise a wand at them.

With their job there being cut short they went straight to sending Sirius’ belongings to Gringotts before each of them returned to their usual duties. A couple hours passed and the incident was forgotten as they burned themselves in their busy work. It wasn’t until that someone everyone recognized entered the ministry that the Sirius issue came back to the forefront.

Dumbledore strode up to the desk of the Auror with the dancing gnome button and smiled, “Good morning. I just heard the good news! I felt I should immediately come and pick Sirius up so if you just bring him here we’ll leave. Don’t worry. I won’t keep him in the school. I have a property where he’ll be safe as he recovers.”

“Well you see …” The Auror trailed off nervously. The idea of telling the prestigious wizard that he was too late made him so anxious that even the gnome on his button stopped dancing and hid on the back of the button. “You see, the representative for the Black family ... He took Sirius a while ago, but he said you can go through Gringotts if you need to contact him.”

The headmaster blinked, “Is that so? … I’m glad everything was taken care of so quickly! Tell me, who is the Black Lord?”

“That I don’t know, but the representative’s name was Tom.” The Auror answered and was a bit surprised at the startled look on Dumbledore’s face. “Do you know Tom Hausoda?”

“Hausoda? No I don’t.”  Dumbledore said, sounding ever so slightly relieved. “Thank you.” He said and walked out of the room. When he got to the hall of fireplaces he zoned out just slightly as he reached for the jar of floo powder. “I thought Harry … no, he’s clueless, but still I thought Sirius would make him the Black heir … I guess I could get more finances another way, but first I see what this is about.” He murmured so far under his breath that no one should’ve heard, but a clone hidden in the room did.

In a flourish of green flames the headmaster of Hogwarts appeared in Gringotts. With an annoyed sigh he noticed it was quite busy. To prevent anyone from recognizing him he quickly waved his wand and cast a spell over himself so everyone except the goblins would not notice him. The last thing he needed was for any parents to see him and wonder what was more important than teaching their brats.

“And how can I help you, sir?” The calm goblin asked when Dumbledore came up to the counter after waiting an hour in line. After all, people unknowingly kept cutting in front of him since they didn’t know he was there thanks to the spell.

“I need to see Griphook.” Dumbledore grumbled as he did the usual bloody check in. 

The headmaster completely missed the amused smirk on the goblin’s face, “Right away. Follow me. You will have to drop the spell on yourself when you enter the room.” The goblin said before leading the wizard to an empty room. Once Dumbledore removed the spell that hid him the goblin left him alone..

After a moment Griphook walked into the room, “and what seems to be the problem?”

“You must’ve seen the paper. Do I still have control over the Potter vaults?” Dumbledore asked feeling rather frustrated.

Griphook nodded, “Sirius lost his godfather rights when he was arrested. Just because he was proven to be innocent that doesn’t change. His mind was damaged from years in prison and that’s why he can’t have guardian rights. Do you wish to have reports on his wellbeing-“

“Merlin, no. I don’t care about that idiot. Now I assumed Harry Potter was the heir of Black family. I just left the ministry. Apparently, someone by the name of Tom Hausoda is the Black representative and took Sirius. Have you ever heard of this man?”Dumbledore asked.

The goblin shook his head, “I’m afraid I can’t talk about other clients.”

“So he’s not connected to the Potter vaults.” Dumbledore immediately concluded and sighed. “No matter. It would’ve been years before I could get that money anyway. I’d like to take some money from the Potter vaults and make an investment while I’m here.”

“How much and which business?” The goblin asked and made the transition that was requested. He never saw the smirk on the goblin’s face as he left the bank. After dealing with Dumbledore he walked out of the room. “I saw nothing.” Griphook commented as he pulled out a small, very muggle looking device that was in his breast pocket and tossed it up in the air. It went up, but didn’t come back down.

A Naruto clone, who was in his older henge, dropped down from the ceiling, “The boss was wondering if you knew since your bank provides the only information on ninjas. Good to know.” 

Griphook smirked, “We strive to protect our clients. Do wish Harry a good school year.”


“How’s Harry? Can I see him? I want to see him.” Sirius mumbled, but quickly realized they were in a different place and was looking around the cute cottage-like house. “If you’re the Black family representative picked by Harry then why are we not in-“

“We have something festering in Grimmauld at the moment so you’ll be staying here for the time being.” Tom commented and his eyes narrowed as he watched the wizard walk around as if he was far stronger and more alert than he was just a moment ago. “I read your file. You have a thing for pranking people … exactly how imprisoned were you?”

Sirius grinned, “Well you’re working for Harry so I’ll tell you. I’m an animagus. I could’ve turned into-“

“A grim dog.” Tom said bluntly and shrugged at the look of shock on Sirius’ face. “Peter blabbed a few things.” He said stiffly as if he was holding back his temper. Not that Sirius noticed.

The wizard raised an eyebrow, “I thought he was found dead.”

Tom nodded and pointed to the living room, “His body was found right over there. I had a chat with him before leaving him there.”

“So you killed that traitor? That’s bloody awesome! Harry must be so happy! So when can I see him?” Sirius asked not realizing that Tom was slowly getting more and more irritated with him.

For a moment Tom closed his eyes as if he was thinking, but really he was having a mental talk with someone, “Harry doesn’t want to see you-“

Sirius laughed, “Very funny. Why wouldn’t he want to see his loving godfather?”

“Loving? An odd word choice.” Tom said casually and stood tall. “You just admitted that you could’ve been at his side at any moment. But instead of escaping you let him suffer.” The second Sirius opened his mouth to say something Tom held his mouth closed with some impressive strength that made it impossible for Sirius to get away or talk. “The people you and Dumbledore abandoned Harry with loved to torture him. Can you blame him for not wanting to see the man who left to hunt Peter only to leave him to an abysmal fate?”

Sirius when he was suddenly let go, “I know I screwed up, but Dumbledore isn’t an enemy here.” He said a little shakily, but he refused to fear the man who had such unusual strength.

“Want to make a bet? If Dumbledore comes to Gringotts and asks about Harry’s money instead of your wellbeing then you behave and recover. If he proves to be loyal then I’ll take you to Harry even if it will probably end badly for you.” Tom asked and Sirius seemed to consider it. 

Finally, the wizard smirked in agreement, “You got it! I’m sure Harry will forgive me once I ask Dumbledore to fix this.”

It was a little sad in a way. Sirius really believed everything would go as he expected, but Tom, or Naruto with a henge, knew better. The disguised ninja pulled out a little listening device. Soon enough, after a good meal, shower and change of clothes, Sirius heard the exact conversation Griphook had with Dumbledore in Gringotts through that little device.

“There’s even more, but you should rest. I’ll explain another time.” Tom said and Naruto left the stunned wizard on the couch to go to another room. He swapped out with a clone determined to continue investigating, but to also not leave Sirius alone.


Once Dumbledore left the school a couple clones took a closer look at the enchanted map, “There’s a few secret passages.” One clone said as it glanced at Ron who was being much nicer to his pet rat. Thankfully, he never noticed the change.

The two clones went off to check the points where someone could get out without them knowing. Almost immediately they found the correct passage. It wasn’t hard to miss with the droplets of green unicorn blood on the floor of the secret passage …


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