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TITLE: Subjugation - Revised
AUTHOR: Ravenkiss
PAIRING: SS/AD, Other non-consensual pairings mentioned
SPOILERS: Eventually OOP and GOF
WARNINGS: AU, Very Dark Fic Chapters may contain any of the following M/M Slash, M/F Slash, M/M Rape, Graphic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Incest, Bondage, Implied Bestiality, Cross Dressing, Foul Language, Mpreg.
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SUMMARY: Severus Snape accuses Albus Dumbledore of rape. Dumbledore claims that it is all a misunderstanding. Who is believed the Savior or the Turncoat?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story will be very explicit and delve into some very disturbing themes. Read at your own risk.
Beta: Margaret and The Goblet

This is your last warning - Severus is a hermaphrodite, Dumbledore is evil. If you cannot deal with it, read something else!

Part - 1

The Wizongamot was in an uproar.

So far they had managed to keep the entire sordid business hushed up and out of the press, but it was only a matter of time before some nosy reporter caught wind of a devastating scandal.

The three members who sat in judgment glared from on high in their severe black robes. Not a man among them was under ninety years old. Though bent and very frail looking, these were three of the most powerful men in the wizarding world.

The long bench that usually held twelve men was almost empty. This was not a meeting of the full council. Today there would be no audience in the gallery. There would be no witnesses.

They glared down at the problem before them with dread; glancing back and forth between the two men standing before them.

The first wizard was a member of their own august body. He was one of the most powerful, most respected wizards to hold the title of Grand Master in the last century: a venerable paragon of virtue, noble of family, and unimpeachable of character, a man who had fought for the side of Light for over one hundred years. Under other circumstances, it is he who would sit at the head of this council.

The other was a mere child of thirty-seven, of a poor, unimportant family. One who had freely admitted to once having been under the sway of the Dark Lord: though none could deny that the boy had returned to the Light, and paid a very heavy price.

"I call this meeting of the Wizongamot special council to order. I, Alginon Dupree shall be acting as Magistrate of the Council. Along with my fellow council members Phillip Walters and Reginald Travailian, we shall be sitting in judgment on this most sensitive matter," said the presiding member dryly for the benefit of the quill that was taking down every word of the proceedings. Though after this particular tribunal, the record would probably be destroyed.

"We are here today to pass judgment on the grave accusations made by Professor Severus Snape against Grand High Wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts School, Albus Dumbledore. Headmaster Dumbledore, you have been accused of the crime of rape against the person of Severus Snape. How do you plead?"

"Not guilty, of course, Algi." The older man wearing fine robes of red satin with gold trim around the cuffs and collar, with a matching hat tucked into his belt. He smiled genially at them from behind his half moon shaped glasses.

He was as always the perfect picture of kindness and benign wisdom.

The man leaned down and whispered to Dumbledore, "Albus, you must call me Magistrate. This is official business."

"Sorry about that, Old boy."

"Yes, now, we will hear Professor Snape's version of the alleged incident." The man in the middle of the gathering turned back to Professor Dumbledore. "In difference to your age and position, you may sit while the testimony is given Headmaster."

"Thank you, Algi." Dumbledore nodded and with a smile at Snape strolled over to a chair that a pair of Aurors had brought out for him. They were the only other people in the courtroom. The two rather large men in red robes moved back two steps to flank the older wizard like an honor guard. He looked like a king, reclining in the chair with his robes spilling majestically about him.

Both of the Aurors gave Snape contemptuous looks. No need to ask which of them these men believed.

The Magistrate sighed, but said nothing about the use if his given name as he turned his attention back to the matter at hand. "Professor Snape, please relate the facts of the alleged incident as you recall them."

Folding his arms over his chest, wrapping himself in his long black cloak, and standing a little straighter he turned towards the men. Trying unsuccessfully to hide his nervousness he flipped his long lank black hair from his eyes. Professor Snape looked over the three men who sat in judgment of them, of him. He was apprehensive, well aware that he was an outsider here.

One who was without a wand; it made him feel vulnerable, naked.

Severus Snape wanted to curl up in a ball and scream. This was insane! Voldemort was dead. His life should be perfect, or at the very least tolerable.

Finally after almost twenty years of what amounted to indentured servitude, he was supposed to be free, truly free, without obligations to spy or atone.

Why was he not at this moment in his dungeon giving detentions, doing research? He should not be standing before these men accusing Albus Dumbledore of rape.

When had the world gone mad?

Sadly it was not the fact that he had been raped that was so confusing. That particular crime had been done to him so many times that he could almost ignore it.

The realization that he was scarcely affected by being raped frightened him by itself.

He had been brutalized more times then he could remember, used by Malfoy, Voldemort, and the Death Eaters. While still fairly innocent in school, he had been trapped in the Prefect's bathroom and gang raped by Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew.

Severus had tried to tell the Hogwarts staff about that assault, but no one had ever let him finish. He had been summarily dismissed, and told never to repeat those 'vile lies' again or he would be expelled.

It was made painfully obvious to Severus Snape that he was unimportant. That the so-called honor of the school, and that of the `Golden Gryffindors' held precedence over his petty concerns. And so when Lucius Malfoy had cornered him in the Slytherin common room told him to strip and get on his hands and knees, he had felt that he had no choice but to submit.

By shear force of will he had managed to find a way to cope. He refused to allow his enemies to destroy him. Sometimes in the night, he woke up screaming and shaking, but thanks to some silencing spells, no one had ever witnessed those displays of weakness.

No one knew.

He was a Slytherin, and a true Slytherin would never show weakness, would not allow his enemies to see his pain.

But it was different this time. Of all of the pain, all the humiliation, that had been heaped upon him his entire life, it was Albus Dumbledore's betrayal that had nearly broken him. This time he had been violated by the only person in the world he truly trusted.

And then, as he reeled from the insanity of being assaulted by the man he had thought of as his only real friend, things became worse.

As soon as the Ministry realized whom the accusation was against, they had informed him that the matter would be turned over to the Wizongamot!

He suspected that everyone he had spoken to at the Ministry had been obliviated.

By order of the Wizongamot he had immediately been taken by portkey and placed in an isolation cell. For his protection, of course, they had insisted. He had not been allowed to contact anyone, had not even known exactly where he was.

He could not help but wondered if they would even give him a hearing seeing as Dumbledore was head of the bloody council!

It was probably only because he had begun having morning sickness causing the discovery of the pregnancy that they were forced to address the issue and not just leave him to rot.

Children were all too rare in the Wizarding world, especially one by such a powerful man as Albus Dumbledore. The first words out of the mediwitch's mouth after she had done the paternity test had been, 'You do understand that abortion is not an option under these circumstances?'

His rights had already been curtailed, but that did not matter. Severus did not want to terminate the pregnancy. As strange as many would think it, he wanted the child. Already felt protective over the tiny new life growing within him. What he was fighting for was his freedom.

How backwards was this? Severus was the victim, yet it was he who had to grovel and beg to be released!

His deep black eyes were unreadable as he focused his mind on what was before him. Slowly he began to speak his voice clear, low and what many would dreamily call silky. "On the 31st of August of this year, I had been called to the Headmaster's office on the pretense of discussing some arrangements for the Welcoming Feast. I had been there for perhaps twenty minutes when," he swallowed. "When Headmaster Dumbledore stood up from behind his desk and came to the couch. He sat beside me, his leg touching mine. I am uncomfortable being touched in such a familiar manner, so I tried to move away, but he followed, soon he trapped me against the arm of the couch. He placed his hand on my right thigh and told me that he thought that I was a, he used the term 'hottie'. He suggested that since I would not have to spy anymore that we could, deepen our relationship," Snape closed his eyes and shuddered. "I told him that while I was flattered that he found me attractive, I was not interested."

"You are saying that Headmaster Dumbledore did not respect your wishes?" said the Magistrate.

"He raped me," Snape reminded him angrily.

"Had you given the Headmaster any reason to believe that you would be amiable to his advances?" asked the Magistrate.

"No, none," Snape said flatly. "How could I? He has never even hinted that he had this, desire before he attacked me."

"Are you quite sure that you did not inadvertently give him some sign that you were interested? According to our sources your sexual preference does lean more towards other men."

"As it happens, sir, being homosexual does not necessitate promiscuity. I do not spread my legs for everyone I meet with a 'Y' chromosome." 'Not willingly,' he thought bitterly. "Besides, I have always thought of Headmaster Dumbledore as a father figure." Snape glanced in the old man's direction, but could not meet the eyes of the man he had once revered. "I never considered him as a perspective sexual partner."

"Yet, he seemed to believe that you might be interested," the Magistrate insisted.

"I told him an unequivocal 'no'," Severus countered. "He looked angry, at least I though it was anger. But he grabbed my arms and pulled me into a kiss. He was stronger then I would have thought possible. I tried to push him away, to reach for my wand, but he took it from my sleeve and tossed it across the room. We struggled. He told me to stop fighting, said that he knew that I wanted him, that I was just playing hard to get. When I continued to protest, he used a spell to remove my clothes and pushed me onto the floor. He, I was under him, with my legs forced apart. He spoke a spell and bound my hands over my head, and then he opened his robes." Snape had to stop, he had to compose himself, stop trembling at the memory of Dumbledore's face, blue eyes blazing with lust, and the sight of that massive engorged cock about to penetrate him.

"I could not move. Headmaster Dumbledore grabbed my hips and he, forced himself into, my, my....vagina," the last word was little more then a whisper as his pale face flushed red with shame.

"Vagina?" One of the judges, a pinch-faced man with only a few wispy white hairs and a myriad of liver spots, looked completely puzzled at that.

"The Dark Lord," he still could not bring himself to call Voldemort by name. "Found out that I had betrayed him. He had sought to punish me. When I was held captive before he was destroyed by Potter, he turned me into a hermaphrodite." Feeling nauseated, angry and disgusted Snape was trying not to burst into tears at having to admit to such a humiliating punishment. Worse yet, there was no way to reverse the condition.

Voldemort had sentenced him to spend the rest of his life as a she-male freak!

"You did not read the report, Phillip," the Magistrate noted to the slightly befuddled councilman. The other man looked at the folder full of papers before him. His eyes widened, a slight smile played on his lips, which he tried to hide behind his hand. He wanted to convey shock. "Oh my word..."

Snape's face was hot; he felt the blush deepen knowing that the mediwitch had taken pictures of his injuries.

"I know this must be very difficult for you. But you must continue, Professor Snape," the Magistrate told him coldly, without the compassion that the words would have implied.

"Dumbledore held me down, he, started thrusting, I told him that he was hurting me, I," he did not want to admit what happened next. "I begged him to stop. He laughed and he, bit me, bit my breast." His arms pulled tighter against his chest. "I do not know how long it took but I, felt him ejaculate inside me."

"And what happened after this?" the oldest member prompted him to continue as
Severus swallowed and tried to bring his emotions back under control. "He sat back and gave me a pat on the leg, he said, I was the best lay he had had in years. That after he had rested a little, he would, make use of the other hole."

"And you took this to mean?"

"He was intending to forcibly insert his member into my anterior excretory cavity."

"Pardon?" Phillip asked looking confused again.

"He was going to fuck me up the arse," Snape sneered at the feigned shock on the men's faces.

"Please watch your language, Professor," warned the Magistrate. "And how did you escape?"

"I told him that I would submit to his desires if he would not hurt me again. He thought me cowed, so he released the binding spell. He told me to get on my hands and knees so that he could take me that way. I acted as though I intended to comply, but when he got behind me, I kicked back, knocked him over. I ran to the fireplace, grabbed some floo powder and used it to get too my rooms. Then I warded the fireplace, put on some clothes and took the secret passage from my rooms to the Forest. From there I apparated to the Ministry."

"And have since discovered that you are with child," said the Magistrate.

"Yes." He could not look them in the eye.

"And you are sure that Headmaster Dumbledore is the father of the child that you carry? By your own admission you had been forcefully taken by a number of Death Eaters just a few weeks prior," Phillip said insistently.

'Now he reads the bloody report!' Snape thought bitterly. "They used contraception spells. Lucius Malfoy was intending to impregnate me on Halloween night, to use a ritual to create a powerful heir to replace his son Draco since the boy had rejected the Dark Lord. Malfoy made it clear that while the others could use me, he would have castrated anyone who forgot to use the spell and impregnated me before he had his chance. Besides, your own Mediwitch did the paternity test. It is in the report."

"Yes, I see," noted Phillip reading the appropriate line. "Father - Albus Dumbledore."

"It's a boy," the Headmaster smiled proudly up at his peers.

The wizard to the left of the Magistrate, Reginald, looked down at Snape. "You do realize that Headmaster Dumbledore is almost One hundred and sixty years old?" The implication obvious, that the poor, feeble, saintly old man could not (read would not) have forced him.

"You do realize that Professor Dumbledore personally killed sixteen Death Eaters when they attacked Hogwarts? Not to mention having knocked me up!" countered Snape.

"Yes. Well," the magistrate said softly. "Ah, Headmaster." They all turned to the old man who sat and smiled at them as if he were taking tea. "Could you tell us what happened?" Dumbledore stood; Severus felt his heart sink as they looked on expectantly. They did not ask Dumbledore for his version of the alleged incident; they already assumed that whatever he said was the truth.

By the end of the day he had no doubt they would be congratulating the Headmaster for his virility!

"I would first like to apologize for putting everyone through this unpleasantness. I especially wish to beg Severus' forgiveness, for much of this my fault." Snape looked like he had been struck by a spell. He just gapped at the older wizard's words. He never expected Dumbledore to admit any guilt. "You see, some of what Severus said is true. I did make a pass at him. As anyone with eyes can see, Severus is a rather striking young man, and I have been attracted to him for some time. Though I did not call him to my office for that reason as he suggests, I did act without thinking and caused the boy some discomfort."

"On that day, as I spoke of the feast he was looking very withdrawn, and quiet. I did go over to the couch and sit beside him. And I did touch him: simply a pat on the leg, meant in a completely platonic context. I was surprised when he leaned against me. I put my arms around him thinking he needed to be comforted. While I held him I did tell him of my attraction and that I wished to deepen our relationship, and then we were kissing."

"That's a lie!" Snape gasped.

"Professor, you have had your say, do not interrupt again unless you wish to be silenced and removed from the proceedings!" Severus ground his teeth, but said nothing more.

"I am sorry Severus, but the truth must come out." Dumbledore turned back to his fellows on the bench, "To be honest, I was rather shocked at his behavior. Severus was quite wonton. He crawled into my lap, spread his legs wide and rubbed himself against me. I admit that I should have had better control, but I just could not stop thinking about the fact that he was offering me a go at a complete set of both male and female genitalia, even a pair of rather large hooters," he said with an impish grin. "Which, I might add, he had already bared for my inspection. It is a pity he is hiding them now, they are quite stunning I assure you."

There was chuckling from behind covered mouths. Severus glared at them, hugging his chest tightly. "I fear my resistance to such exquisite temptation was nil. It was not long before we were on the floor shagging like bunnies."

"NO!" Snape yelped, he obviously wanted to protest, but was stared down by the members of the council allowing Dumbledore to continue his testimony. "Sadly it was not until after I had reached completion that I realized what I had done. It is embarrassing for one of my advanced years to say that he acted like a randy schoolboy, not even thinking to use a simple contraceptive spell. But much worse, in my passion induced haze I did not think about what the boy had been through. He had been held by the Death Eaters for weeks, changed into a hermaphrodite and raped on a daily basis. I realized later that he had kissed me, not with passion as I thought, but what he perceived as self-preservation. His body and mind reacted to my unintended advance as aggression, as he had been conditioned to do in his captivity. If he submitted to his attackers acted as if eager for them, they would take their pleasure and leave him otherwise unhurt. If he resisted, they beat and used unforgivables on him. Severus' confused mind placed me in the role of attacker."

"So you are saying that the intercourse was consensual?" the Magistrate asked, with obvious relief.

"I believed it to be. But Severus, when he realized what he had done, that he had initiated sexual contact between us, he panicked. Since he could not face up to his actions, he convinced himself that I must have forced him. He became hysterical, ran for the floo without even picking up his clothes or wand. The rest is as he told you."

"None of that is true!" Snape hissed. "He is lying! I never..."

"Severus, please, I wished to spare you this, but if you continue to insist on repeating these falsehoods against me, then I will be forced to bring Remus Lupin to testify."

Snape choked - his black eyes wide with abject terror.

"What does Mr. Lupin have to do with this situation?" asked the Magistrate looking confused. "I was under the impression that he was not at Hogwarts this year."

"Remus is in Romania at the moment. But he was present when Professor Snape was rescued from the dungeons of Malfoy Manor. It was Remus that opened the cell door and told Severus that he was free. In response to this news, Severus..."

"Headmaster!" Severus gasped cutting him off. "I did not recognize him! You know that I was delirious at the time!" His eyes begged Dumbledore not to make him relive that humiliation.

"Yes, Severus," the old man said gently, ignoring his silent plea. "You were quite delirious when you crawled over to him on your hands and knees and tried to perform oral sex on him."

"Is this true, Professor Snape?" the Magistrate leapt in, anxious to believe whatever Dumbledore said.

"I had been raped not ten minutes before; they said another Death Eater was on his way to use me, and that he demanded to be greeted in that manner unless I wanted to feel the cruciatus curse again," his usually deep voice almost broke. "I did not see Remus Lupin, only another Death Eater."

"Then it is true," the smugness in the Magistrate's voice was sickening. They had him.

"Yes, but, but," he protested weakly, knowing already that it was futile.

"You were confused, distraught, frightened: just as you had been when you enticed me into having sex with you Severus," Dumbledore informed him, the older man's body language simply radiated sympathy.

"NO! It is a damned lie!" Snape gasped backing away from his former friend. The two large Aurors came up and grabbed his arms. "Release me!"

"Silencio!" The spell struck Snape as he tried to protest. No sound came from his mouth. He shook his head, and still attempted to speak, he seemed to be pleading with the men.

"Professor Snape's female orifice did have some bruising, Albus. There were teeth marks on his, well, breasts also," noted the magistrate uncomfortably looking at the report. His conscience was a rather tired old thing, which had been ignored for the 'greater good' many times, but it was still there.

"It had been some time since I had been with anyone, Alginon. Duties to the school and the war, you see. I guess I was a bit rough on the poor child."

"Well, yes, once the blood starts running downhill, many a great wizard has lost his self control; quite understandable under the circumstances," the Magistrate said with a smile, he wanted, no he needed to accept Albus Dumbledore's version of that night. He glanced thoughtfully at Snape struggling between his captors; he looked on the verge of tears. "Severus is quite agitated, Albus. Perhaps it would be best to send the boy to St. Mungo's."

Yes, that would be best, out of sight, out of mind.

"No, Alginon," Dumbledore walked over to stand before his fellows. "Severus cannot really be blamed for what occurred. He has been through so much these last few months. The child does need help, and I intend to see to it that he gets it, at Hogwarts. This is at least partly my fault, so I feel that I must try to make it right. Severus will need someone to be responsible for his well being, and of course there is the child we have unintentionally produced to consider. If you gentlemen will be my witnesses, I will take Severus as my bond mate. The child he carries will be my legitimate heir, and Severus placed under my care and guardianship at Hogwarts. It has been his home for most of his life, to take him from it would be most distressing to him."

"But is it safe for him to be around the children?" asked the Magistrate watching the younger man attempting to fight his captors.

"Perfectly. He is only confused, not dangerous. It will be best for him to go back to something familiar." Albus Dumbledore looked every inch the gentle Headmaster as he walked over to his struggling potions master.

"Severus. Look at me, child. These men may hurt you if you continue to resist. Look at me," the voice was gentle, but commanding. Snape ceased his struggles and faced the older wizard. "Child, listen to me very carefully. I hold no animosity over these false accusations, and you shall not be punished. Everyone here understands that your mental state is fragile," Still silenced, Snape could only glare at him mutely. "But for me to help you, you must help yourself. Admit to yourself that you are deluded, or you will spend the rest of your life in St. Mungo's incurable ward. Do you want your child born in that place? I am an old man, Severus; I cannot raise our child alone. Will you have him taken from you and raised by strangers? Is that what you want, Severus?"

Severus let the words wash over him. Then he looked up at the members of the Wizongamot, who awaited his answer. 'They do not want justice, only for this scandal to disappear,' he trembled violently at the sickening realization. 'If I continue to fight them, I will disappear. Dumbledore has given them a plausible explanation, enough to the truth for them to accept without question. Now they believe that I am unstable and he is just an innocent victim of my delusion! Gods, they will lock me away and take my baby...' It scared him how much that thought tore his heart in two. Even under the circumstances that the child had been conceived, he could not stand the thought of having his baby stolen.

"Will you consent to the bonding, Severus?" Albus asked more forcefully. "Will you admit to yourself, and this assembly that I did not rape you?" He touched Severus gently on the throat, breaking the silencing spell. "This council needs your answer, Severus."

He wanted to fight, but in the end the Slytherin in him won. The Slytherin knew what he had to do. The same as he had done for Voldemort, for the Death Eaters, submit, act compliant for now and live to fight another day.

Severus nodded his head slightly.

"We need you to speak aloud, young man," said the magistrate.

"I," his heart clenched at the words. "I will consent to the bonding."

"You will withdraw your charges?" the magistrate asked. "Admit that you were not of sound mind when you made them?"

"I have no choice," Severus whispered bitterly, head bowed.

Dumbledore lifted his chin. "Answer him, Severus."


"Yes what?" Dumbledore insisted.

"Yes, I was deluded when I made the charge," he felt a tear run slowly down his cheek. "Albus Dumbledore would never force anyone to do anything against their will," Severus said in a monotone looking straight into those damned twinkling blue eyes.

"Splendid!" Dumbledore smiled, casually brushing the tear away. "Let us go fill out the paperwork, Severus, you and I can be bonded and back at Hogwarts in time for tea."


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