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Part 10

Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger sat on either side of the still figure of Severus Snape-Dumbledore. His long jet-black hair stood out starkly against the crisp white sheets that the specially trained house elves from St Mungo's had very carefully changed by magic not an hour before.

The Headmaster had been sitting with Severus all night and needed to sleep. Remus had been sitting outside the infirmary as usual along with Draco Malfoy and two sixth year Slytherin girls that Remus did not recognized. For the five days that Severus had been entranced there were always at least two Slytherin outside the infirmary at all hours of the day and night.

They should not be there, but no professor had the heart to order them away.

Professor Black had asked Remus if he could stay by Severus for a few hours while he made sure that Dumbledore got some rest. Hermione had come in about an hour later when she heard that Remus was alone; always before Remus would end up with either Black or Harry keeping him company in his vigil. Hermione did not want to try and talk to him with them around.

The Potions Master was so frail. His cheeks were hollow, eyes sunken, which looked very odd beside his swollen breasts and belly. As bad as he looked he was at least stable. They did not have to have someone at his side round the clock. The mediwitches from St Mungo's came once every four hours to check him. And besides having the House Elves there to tend to his bedding, see that the IV bag was full and the needle firmly in place, they had set up a monitoring system.

But that did not reassure anyone. Even with the Monitoring Crystal on his chest it was the unspoken consensus of the inhabitants of Hogwarts that he was not to be left alone. Hagrid took many turns, just sitting beside Severus telling him how things were going in the school. How much he was missed. Sometimes the half giant would have to be almost dragged away from the stricken man's side.

Head bowed Remus blinked the tears from his eyes as his hand brushed Severus' pale cheek. To see him like this was heartbreaking. He wanted to hold Severus close. To gather the deathly pale man into his lap and protect him.

Protect him from anything, everything, nothing.

He did not want to believe Hermione's suspicion that Dumbledore was abusing Severus. These horrendous injuries must be an accident. They had to be. Dumbledore loved Severus. No one could hurt someone that badly if they loved him, certainly not someone who carried his child, could they?

"Now that the St. Mungo's elves are gone, I want to try something," Hermione finally broke the silence.

"Try what?" asked Remus nervously. Hermione had become even more convinced that Severus was being abused. Frankly, she was almost obsessive over the idea.


"What?" Remus gasped in disbelief. "You cannot be serious, Hermione. To look into someone's mind without their consent is a gross invasion of privacy. Not to mention illegal."

"Professor Snape is in a potion induced trance, he cannot give consent. It is the only way to find out. Victims of abuse are often too intimidated by their abuser to seek help. That is why some abuse can go on for years. Professor Snape may have been victimized from the first night all of you came to Hogwarts."

"You think that Dumbledore molested Severus that night? I remember hearing that he stayed in Dumbledore's room that first night but the Ministry put Severus under veritaserum because of Malfoy's accusations. Severus told them that he slept peacefully the entire night. The professors made sure that we all knew that." Remus shook his head, unable to believe what he heard. "Hermione, I cannot sanction forcing your way into someone's mind..." Remus gulped.

"I will not use force. I can scan his surface memories. We have to do this. It is all we have! Remus, if what happened to Professor Snape," she made a dramatic gesture over the prone man. "If this is a result of Dumbledore's abuse then we must know for sure. We must do something! Could you live with yourself if we just turn our backs on them and Snape or the baby ends up dead next time?!"

It was Remus who chewed his lip. The thought of delving into anyone's mind made him nervous; doing so without permission was completely abhorrent to him. But if it were true? If Dumbledore was abusing Severus, not knowing could cost both Severus and his unborn child their lives. And if he could have prevented them for being hurt and did nothing, it would be one thousand times worse then just looking the other way when Sirius tormented Severus when they were students.

"Are you sure you know how to do this?" he swallowed hard.

"I have practiced on everyone in the Gryffindor common room. With their permission," she added hastily at his frown.

"All right. But just surface memories; do not try to go in too deep. The last thing we would need is for his heart rate to start racing and set off the monitoring crystal. Then we would have to explain what we were doing to the Mediwitches who would come charging through the floo."

"OK." she nodded drawing her wand. "Watch the door and make sure that no one comes in. This should not take long," Remus took up his position beside the door. Hermione cleared her mind. "Legilimens!" she gasped as images began to assault her mind. She had almost hoped that she was wrong. That she would see her professor stumble and fall off the moving staircase.

The first thing she saw was Dumbledore wrestling with a very 'not' pregnant Snape on the couch in the Headmaster's office. Suddenly the younger man's clothes disappeared and he was thrown to the floor! Dumbledore was on top of Snape pinning him. The Headmaster used a spell to bind his hands, then opened his own robes. She gasped at the size of his cock. The man was huge!

He plunged in, causing Severus to scream in pain. The Headmaster started thrusting his hips, though his robes partially covered them it was obvious what was happening. The kindly old headmaster's face was a portrait of savage unadulterated lust.

It was terrifying.

She could not hear them, but she did not need to. Their actions were obvious. She felt sick watching as Severus with tears streaming down his face, begged Dumbledore to stop. The older wizard's answer was to bite the nipple of his very feminine breast till blood oozed down the side.

That horrific picture faded, and Snape in his now familiar rather feminine clothes was bent over a chair in a disused classroom, held down by a spell, Dumbledore had a long slender branch that he used to strike his bond mate's bare buttocks. Leaving red marks, and in some spots drawing blood. This continued until the Headmaster became bored and threw down the branch caught Snape by the hips and slammed into his arse.

The scene changed rapidly, beatings, rapes by Dumbledore were mixed with what must be older memories. Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew were forcing a very small, very young Snape over a desk in that same disused classroom Dumbledore had used, taking turns at him. Someone that she could not identify in a Slytherin student robe had him on his hands and knees.

Then her heart went cold as she saw Voldemort. This was the Dark Lord as he once was, imposing, regally handsome. This was obviously before his first encounter with Harry Potter. He was brutally raping Snape. The younger man was tied facedown on a stone altar like a sacrifice, being violated before a cheering crowd of Death Eaters.

She could hardly breathe. Then she saw a fresh memory of Dumbledore and Sirius Black both in him at the same time. She almost threw up watching the two men violate his pregnant body. Dumbledore held a hand over his mouth to muffle his screams of pain. Then when the pair had finished ravaging his frail body, she watched him slide limply to the floor...

The only counter to this horrendous abuse seemed to be a few stolen moments hiding behind one of the greenhouses, talking with Draco Malfoy.

She felt bile rise in her throat as she saw what had to have been the prelude his 'accident'.

Saw Dumbledore angrily yelling at the heavily pregnant Severus, almost strangling him. He tried to fight back, tumbled awkwardly away across a bed. Dumbledore raged, surrounded by wild magic, the bed went flying. More blows, Severus bleeding, on his knees begging for the life of his child...

She pulled herself free, stumbling away from the bed feeling sick. "Hermione, are you alright?" Remus caught her as she slumped against him.

"It is worse then I ever imagined!" she sobbed into his chest. Slowly as she tried to regain her composure she whispered, "Dumbledore almost constantly beats and rapes him - when he was a student, everyone did; Black, Potter, most of the Slytherins, my god, Remus, they were raping him while you were at school!"

"Merlin," he held her close, eyes on Severus' pale face. "Sirius and James r-raped Severus?" he stuttered over the word rape unable to reconcile it with the memories of his friends.

"Many times," Hermione sniffled. "It was monstrous! I wonder if he has ever had consensual sex in his life?"

"This is too much," Remus whispered. Sirius and James raped Severus? That could not be!

But he knew in his heart that was true. Suddenly some of the little jokes they played on Severus took on a whole new meaning. He recalled how he had thought it funny when the pair had hexed the sullen Slytherin's clothes to look like a harlot's low cut, bright red dress during the leaving feast of their forth year. And how hard he and everyone else, even Flitwick had laughed when they stripped him of his underwear in full view of the school in fifth year. The little Head of Ravenclaw house had tried to be stern when he gave ridiculously light detentions to them all.

Remus remembered Pettigrew with his beady eyes fixed on the inverse Slytherin. He had all but drooled at the sight. And he remembered when he had come back to the dorm early and heard James and Peter refer to Severus as anyone's bitch...

"We have to do something for him," Hermione stifled a sob.

"But what?" he gulped wrestling with his own disturbing revelations. "Should we call the authorities?"

"We cannot, at least not yet," Hermione swallowed, worked to pull herself together. "It would be my word against Dumbledore. If Snape has meekly taken this abuse for so long, I doubt he will admit anything. Besides I did do something illegal to find out what was happening. We need to talk to Draco Malfoy."

"Draco Malfoy?" Lupin asked. "Why?"

"Because one of the things I saw was the two of them talking together clandestinely. I think Snape confided in him," she answered. "We will need to get real evidence if we are going to help Professor Snape and the baby. Maybe Malfoy has information. If I can get him to talk to me."

Severus had felt the intrusion into his mind. He had almost pushed the intruder out on instinct. He was powerful enough in Occlumency for him to eject someone so unskilled even in his weakened state. But when he realized who it was, and more importantly, what the Granger girl was trying to find, he let her see. Even deliberately gave her images of his rapes by the Slytherin and the Marauders. He had to make sure that someone knew. Even if it were only so that someone would try to help Godric in the very likely event that he did not survive his attempt to kill Dumbledore.

It would take all of his cunning to succeed, to free him from the insane man. He knew full well that he would only have one chance. If he failed, and Dumbledore could trace the attempt to him, Severus would be lucky if he died quickly.

He sighed, his ears registering the conversation like some distant echo. 'Yes Granger, talk to Draco. He knows...' he thought as his mind started to drift off again.

Draco wondered for the hundredth time why he stayed sitting outside of Professor Snape's room. Dumbledore would never allow him to see Severus. He often expected to be told to leave the hallway. He could almost feel the contempt from the Headmaster when he walked by, but he never said a word. Hardly ever even acknowledged his existence.

The young man's head drooped against his chest. His mind still asking questions that he had no way to answer. What had happened? The last time they had been able to speak, Severus seemed sure that he had finally found the old pervert's weakness. He had been almost happy.

Then suddenly, Severus was fearful again. Malfoy could see that much in those deep obsidian eyes when they glanced his way.

Just before the 'accident' he was constantly watched, unable to come near Draco, always hounded by both Dumbledore and Professor Black. Even Hagrid had attached himself to Severus if he dared to step outside, effectively cutting the Potions Master off from his one source of solace.

Had Dumbledore suspected that they were meeting behind his back? Did Dumbledore beat Severus; almost murder his own child because his bond mate dared speak to the younger Slytherin?

He was startled out of his morose musings by the sound of the huge oak door to the infirmary opening. He turned, but when he saw it was only Potter's gal pal Granger he ignored her and went back to his thoughts.

"Malfoy," he startled at the sound of his own name. Especially since it was spoken in a neutral tone. Not the usual derisive one that he had come to expect from any Gryffindor. The tone that made his once proud name sound like something foul that was scrapped for the bottom of one's boots.

"What do you want, Granger?" he hissed. Draco did not even think the insult 'Mudblood'. He knew better then to say that word, or anything that might make her angry. Not unless he wanted to be hexed into next week in some darkened corridor by her earnest protectors. Which he was fairly certain meant Sirius Black as well as Potter, Weasley and the rest of House Gryffindor.

"I need to speak to you, Malfoy," Granger insisted. Frowning, Draco stood and followed the tall somewhat bushy haired girl down the corridor.

"So what do you want?" he said when she finally stopped a good distance from the Slytherin girls who waited outside the infirmary for some word of their Head of House.

None of the Slytherin considered the oddball Praetorius as anything more then a very temporary substitute teacher. He was not even a real Slytherin.

"I need to talk to you about Professor Snape."

"What about him?" Malfoy shrugged. "Since you are allowed to see him and I am not, you know more of his condition then I do," Hh whispered bitterly, fists balled tight at that thought.

"Do you know how he ended up like that?" she asked softly.

"Dumbledore said he fell," he answered curtly.

"Do you think he fell?" he looked her in the eye at that statement. He could see no deceit, sense only deep concern. What did she know? Was she trying to trap him? Or, could the Gryffindor really want to know the truth?

"Why would our esteemed Gryffindor Headmaster lie?" he inquired not trusting her.

Hermione understood why he was suspicious. Malfoy was now the school whipping boy. Pretty much anything could safely be blamed on him and many of the Professors would happily go along with it and give him very stiff punishments at the drop of a hat. Which to Hermione seemed a poor reward for having resisted Voldemort.

Hermione leaned closer, on the opposite side of his face then the scar. She knew that he was self-conscious about it. "I know that this was not an accident," her voice was so low even Malfoy barely heard it.

He swallowed and looked at the young woman in a new light. Did she really want to know? Was she trying to trick him? Trying to somehow get him expelled for spreading malicious rumors?

Or did she really want to help Professor Snape? Could he take the chance?

Considering what had happened to Severus, could he afford not to try?

"Shrieking shack," he whispered back making up his mind. He could do nothing to help Snape on his own, but perhaps with a Gryffindor on his side? "Midnight," then he turned on his heals and walked back to where the other Slytherins were waiting and watching intently. "Bloody Gryffindors," he said allowed sounding thoroughly disgusted. "Cannot wipe their own noses," the girls giggled, then summarily ignored her.

Hermione blinked then turned and walked slowly towards the Gryffindor dorms. She would have to see if she could borrow Harry's invisibility cloak tonight.

It would seem that she had a 'date'.


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