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Sirius Black walked through the streets of Hogsmeade. He had decided that it was time that he should renew his acquaintance with Miss Hermione Granger. He hoped to catch her out with her friends, and then find a way to get her alone. It should not be too difficult, not with the potion that Albus had given him.

He would not use an aphrodisiac. He had learned his lesson. This time it was a simple potion to make her open to, suggestion. A few drops in her drink or on her skin and she would be a nice compliant little mouse. Then it would just be a matter of getting her alone.

It was a little after two thirty when he found almost everyone he was looking for leaving Zonko's. "Hi Harry, Ron, I was looking for you."

"Hi, Sirius. We were just about to go for a butter beer," Harry told him pocketing his purchase.

Sirius chuckled at his obvious nervousness. "Harry, as long as you two do not set whatever it is off in my class, I do not want to know." Harry smiled, with a glance at Ron.

"So, where is the third member of the trio?" Sirius asked casually.

"You know women," Ron shrugged. "Said that she had a headache and went back to the castle."

"Really?" Black frowned. He had just come from there. He knew that she was not at Hogwarts. And he had not met her along the way, so where did she go?

Sirius snapped his fingers. "Damn, I just remembered, Dumbledore asked me to pick up something for him. You two run along and I will meet you there in a bit."

"Sure. You go pick up his lemon drops, we will go on to Rosmerta's." Harry smiled. He and the much taller red head had their heads together about some practical joke or other as they left. Black stepped into the shadow of the old joke shop and transformed into his animagus form.

Padfoot trotted around the town trying to sniff out any hint of Hermione's trail. He ignored many a tempting scent, rabbits, squirrels, young women, searching for her sweet smell.

'Yes!' He sniffed at a patch of open ground. He caught her scent, used his sharp nose to track her around the outskirts of town, until he heard her voice. He recognized the Miller Bakery.

Or rather, what was left of it: when the Death Eaters had been repelled from Hogwarts several of them had ended up making a last stand in that building.

When the Aurors had gotten through with them, no one had come out alive. As a result, there was also very little of the building left standing.

That was where Padfoot found them. Hermione and Malfoy, snuggling together beneath a large shady oak tree.

Hermione was in Malfoy's lap and the pair were snogging as if this were the last time they would ever see one another. The ferret's hands were roving over her body, and she would arch into his touch like a cat.

He growled, low. Damn it! Had the skinny little git beaten him to her cherry?

When the pair finally came up for air, Hermione lay her head on his shoulder. "We had best cool it or someone might find us," she sighed, running her fingers through his long blond hair playfully, obviously not wanting to take here own advise. "It would be all over the castle by dinner."

"It is torture keeping this a secret. Not to be able to even speak to you in public. I want to tell everyone that Hermione Granger is beautiful, and smart, and mine." Draco nipped her ear.

Giggling, Hermione sighed, placing his hand on her belly. "Our daughter will be so beautiful. I..." she gasped, seeing the little charm hanging from a silver bracelet on her left wrist. It had turned red. "Black is close by!" she gasped searching the surrounding foliage for man or dog.

Padfoot bit back a barked curse and ducked low behind the shrubs as Malfoy helped her to stand. "I do not see him. Quick, I will go back to the castle, you find Potter and stick with him. Do not let Black touch you, or take anything he gives you," Draco warned. They kissed and ran in opposite directions.

But neither came close enough to Padfoot for him to make a grab. Damn.

When he was alone, Black returned to his true form, seething.

So, the little slut was already pregnant by Malfoy.

Well, he would go speak to Dumbledore. Sirius was furious, but he was sure that Albus could find a way to take care of it.


Severus sat at the staff table picking at his potatoes as most of the staff exited the room. There were only a few students left. The majority of students in third year and above were already running amuck in Hogsmeade. The rest were either trying to sneak into Hogsmeade, or out enjoying the rare beautiful sunny day down by the lake.

He glanced down at Godric, who slept peacefully in his carrier. He did not want to let his child out of his sight for even an instant. There were only a few days left until Dumbledore sent him away.

The bastard had made the most of his nights already. Every time he had Severus alone the old man nailed him.

Every time he forced his way into the female opening, not really caring if Severus was ready. He wanted to be sure that his dear bond mate was good and pregnant as quickly as possible.

The effective date for the contraceptive potion Pomfrey had given him had ended days ago. So, knowing the old lecher's legendary virility, Severus had probably been knocked up the first time Dumbledore ejaculated!

Touching a chubby little cheek, Severus felt despair taking up residence in his heart. That was it then. It was over. He would be Dumbledore's slave forever.

Then a thought struck him. Did he really have no choice but to continue to live like this?

If he really surrendered, one day he would be forced to watch as his 'lord and master' initiated their children into his world of perversion.

Would he and his son, and the child that was probably even now growing in his belly not all be better off dead?

He had been forced to promise not to use magic against Dumbledore, not to use any spells or potions to harm him.

But he realized that Dumbledore had never extracted any promise not to commit suicide. Probably certain in the knowledge that while he carried another life inside, he would never think of self-harm.

Yes, he could kill himself. He could end this torment. But even with the fate that he was sure must await them, could he kill his own children?

"Severus?" He turned to see Remus Lupin standing just a few feet away.

His heart leapt at the sight of the gentle brown haired man, though Severus quickly glanced around to be sure that neither Dumbledore nor Black were anywhere near.

"It is done. I am now executor." Remus said, sitting down beside him. He leaned over and admired the baby. Or so it would seem to anyone that might see them from afar.

"You changed the Will?" Severus said softly, not sure if he could believe that something, anything had gone right.

"Yes." As he touched Godric's cheek, he let a small packet fall from his sleeve. He carefully tucked it into the blankets. "And I got exactly what you asked for. Though I still do not know what you will do with it." His eyes had changed to the amber color meaning that the wolf was at the surface.

For some reason, Severus wanted to kiss him, to kiss them both. "Good luck," Remus whispered then standing again and said louder. "See you later Severus." He turned and walked away.

Trembling, Severus leaned down and made as if to straighten the blankets. And to get down where no one could see him. He took the packet and slipped it into a pocket in his robes.

Thoughts of suicide were momentarily banished as he touched Godric's hair. Maybe now he had a chance. A slim one, but still a chance.

As he lifted the carrier to take his son outside for a walk, but he stopped short as he bumped into Dumbledore's chest. Those blue eyes glared at him.

Had he heard or seen what had passed between them?

"Severus. What did Remus say to you?" asked Dumbledore, Severus almost fainted with relief. He did not know where he had came from, but the old man obviously had not heard or seen anything more incriminating then proximity, else Severus would be either dead or badly injured instead of just cringing.

"Nothing, Albus, Lupin he just wanted to see Godric. He loves babies," he gulped, eyes down, being as submissive as possible.

"Were you flirting with Remus again my pet?" A wrinkled, yet deceptively strong hand made as if to stroke his hair. He gripped it tight.

"No, I was not flirting, I swear it!" he whispered, eyes wide with terror. "I would never do anything so foolish."

"Hmm. My little one, I think you and I need to have more private time. Must be sure that we get Godric's sibling on the way. I hope it is a girl." He spoke calmly, but Severus was terrified. He knew that the Headmaster was anything but calm.

Or forgiving.


Sirius Black carefully opened the door to Albus' office. Not seeing anyone in the room, he strode quickly to the door of the bedroom. "Hot bitch," he said. This password allowed him to open the door, even though he was sure that his father was quite probably at that moment nailing Severus.

He was not disappointed.

Severus was on his back, legs wrapped around Dumbledore's waist, hanging on for dear life. He was whimpering, almost sobbing with each brutal thrust. The old man had been much more forceful these last few days. He was never gentle, almost angry when taking Severus.

Albus held himself up over his spouse, his victim, hands on either side of Severus' head. He had his head thrown back and was slamming into him.

The little bitch would not be falling asleep on him this time!

When the old man finally made his last quick thrusts and collapsed on top of his sobbing bond mate, Sirius felt a stab of jealousy.

He felt like he was being offered the second tier prize in Hermione. Especially if Draco Malfoy had already deflowered and knocked her up.

He wanted Severus.

Black had wanted Severus Snape, ever since they were teenagers. He had truly never felt so fulfilled during any sexual encounter, hell, never felt so alive period as he did when he was buried deep within Snape's tight, unwilling body.

Even he knew it was unhealthy, this raw overpowering need to defile Severus, but he really did not care.

And now he could only have him when Albus was finished with him, sloppy seconds! And even then only when the older man felt like sharing. He could not even use the more, interesting, of the toys from Albus' special room as he so longed to do.

Worse yet, he had been forbidden by Albus from taking Severus while in his animagus form. He had not done so in school because he could not have been sure of an obliviate spell, and the Slytherin could have given them away.

It was becoming a bit of an obsession. Sirius wanted to look into those horrified, black inhuman eyes while Padfoot claimed his body.

And now he could not even dip into his tight little cunt as a human. Albus refused to let him really fuck Severus until he was sure of a pregnancy.

It was not fair!

Panting, Albus sat up, he noticed that Sirius was watching them. "I thought that you were going to find Miss Granger?"

"Too late. Not only did I find her and that little shit Malfoy snogging under a tree in Hogsmeade. She proudly talked about their daughter."

"Damn." Albus sat back, one hand stroking his beard, a sure sign of deep thoughts. His other hand was exploring Severus' breasts. The Slytherin lay still as death, but his black eyes slowly turning towards him.

The prone man's eyes locked on Sirius. He finally moved, so that he was able to cower against Dumbledore at the sight of him. Sirius could not help but smile at the fear in those lovely black eyes.

He smiled cruelly at Severus, thinking of what he would look like beneath him, he then turned back to Albus. "Not only is Miss Granger shagging Malfoy, she had a charm to detect my presence. She will bolt if I come near. How am I supposed to get her?"

Severus looked at him with unreadable eyes. "Yes my Love. Miss Granger will soon be a part of our family." Now he saw horror reflected in those exquisite eyes. "Do not fear Severus. You will always be my first priority. Though I admit that I would very much like to feel just how tight our Hermione is."

Dumbledore reached for his robes. "Come Sirius my boy. I think I have a charm that will help you get close. And I have a few potions about the place that will take care of her other little, problem." Placing an arm around Sirius' shoulders the pair left.

Sudden finding himself alone, Severus pulled on his blue inner robe and, still obviously sore, moved quickly to the nursery. He found Godric awake, flailing his tiny hands at an unbreakable mirror that had been placed on the side of the crib. He was fascinated by his reflection.

"Hello," he said softly, smiling. Godric's eyes, which were now almost as black as his own found him and, he flashed a toothless smile, then squealed waving his white pajama clad arms and legs about excitedly.

Severus lifted him gently and rubbed noses. "I wish that I could remember what it was like to be innocent."

"Were you ever innocent Severus?" Dumbledore asked, watching him from the doorway. "From the first day I saw you, even as a child, there was something, very sexual, almost wanton about you." He walked up and as Severus cringed, ran a hand over Godric's cheek. "There are so many things that I wanted to do to you even then. You wanted them too, you know. You could never admit it, but I saw you watching me all those years ago."

Severus looked away so that the older man would not see his disgust. Like most pedophiles and rapist it seemed that Dumbledore did project his desires onto his victims. He was convinced that somewhere deep inside, Severus did want everything that was done to him. That he really was just, playing hard to get.

He said no more, but Severus could guess the rest. That the things that Dumbledore had not been able to do to him, the desires that had been thwarted with him as a child so long ago, he intended to satisfy with their son.

"Albus. You know that I will do anything you want. You can use polyjuice on me to make me look like a child, but do not..."

Severus felt the hand tighten on the back of his neck. "Do not anger me Severus. Especially not when holding my son."

"Yes Albus." He bowed his head. Thinking of what he had secreted in the pocket of his robes. Tomorrow night was the waning moon. It would really be his only chance.

He had no choice.

Either he or Albus would die.

And to Severus, cringing beneath Dumbledore's cruel hand on his the back of his neck, it really did not matter which.


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