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"Ah Sirius my son, we need to talk." Dumbledore put an arm around the DADA Professor's broad shoulders and steered him towards the faculty lounge.

"There has been a most disturbing development." Albus began once they made sure that there was no one inside.

"Oh? You need some help with Severus?" he asked hopefully.

"No, my boy, I intend to take care of all of my dear wife's needs personally, at least for the first few days. The problem is Miss Granger."

"Yes, our dear Hermione is looking for trouble. I was meaning to mention to you that I saw her and that Malfoy git. They were making eyes at each other. It was sickening." Black sneered.

"When?" asked Dumbledore.

"Yesterday morning during the impromptu feast; they were being really cozy just outside the Great Hall, until she noticed me. Suddenly they were supposed to be snipping at each other."

"Oh dear, Sirius, this is most distressing. I myself caught the pair of them snogging near the Whomping Willow just before Severus went into labor." Albus frowned, his eyes flashed with anger. "I thought that I had made it plain to Miss Granger that consorting with Malfoy was not acceptable. Something must be done about this immediately."

"Let me take care of the ferret. We can have a nice little talk out near the Forest tonight." Black rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

"No my son, even Malfoy having a well deserved meeting with some denizen of the Forbidden Forest would cause too many questions. I have a different solution in mind." He leaned back in his comfortable lounge chair. "What do you think of Miss Granger?"

"What do I think of her? What so you mean?"

"Well, I know that she and young Mr. Weasley did not work out. I was wondering, if you might be interested?"

"You are the one that told me the students were hands off, so I had not really done a lot of comparing. She definitely talks too much, and her hair could use help. On the plus side her face is pretty, very nice hips, and first class breasts. Almost as nice as Severus," he said with a smirk.

"True. Well, some very satisfying relationships have been built on less," Dumbledore chuckled. "We can work on her flaws once you have the girl on her back. All you really need to do is get her to say yes. There are several potions that can make sure she conceives the first time. And several that I can get to make her more amiable if she is reluctant to surrender her virtue. Once you get her pregnant, then she will really have little choice but to marry you. "

"True," he laughed, "though you will have to loan me your switch often, she is a strong willed girl."

The Headmaster nodded. "I will get you one of your own. But remember Severus was very strong willed also. It takes a firm hand, but I believe the girl will be just as compliant as my Pretty Pet soon enough."

"I could get used to the idea. From a couple of things said, I think she is a virgin. It has been a while since I had a virgin. I think the old Black charm should be enough to pry open her thighs." Sirius leaned over and kissed Albus on the lips. "I would like that, having someone to keep my bed warm. Maybe we could do a foursome some time."

"You read my mind."

"Speaking of which, do you want to?" His eyes moved down to as he noted Dumbledore's rising erection.

"No, no my boy. Severus will be back in my bed where he belongs tonight and I intend to give him my undivided attention."


Hermione found a tired looking Remus Lupin going into the guest quarters near the infirmary. "I cannot stay, Black saw me talking with Malfoy. I think he suspects something." Hermione handed him the vial. "This is a pensive. Watch it." With that she turned and disappeared down the corridor.

Remus stepped into his quarters and locked the door. He was more apprehensive then he had ever been in his life. Even on the day before the night of a full moon.

He did not want to see it.

Intellectually he knew what was happening.

Intellectually he knew what had happened during school, but could he stand to actually see it happening?

He felt like a coward.

He was a coward.

No, he was a damned coward.

Remus did not want to see his friends behaving like animals. All he had left of James Potter, of the Marauders was his memories.

But the werewolf could no longer live in denial. His memories were not as important as saving Severus and his child.

It was time to gut up and face the truth.

He carefully uncorked the vial and, to keep it from falling, set it down in a champagne flute he had found in the cabinet. Taking a deep breath Remus touched the tip of his wand to the silvery substance.

Instantly, he was shown Dumbledore's initial brutal rape of Severus, when he was impregnated. Then one after another, more rapes and beating, just as Hermione had said.

He was wishing that he would go numb. Watching so much violence and sex twisted together made him physically ill. A dozen times he had almost pulled out of the nightmarish memories, almost run away, but somehow Remus hardened himself. He was only observing, Severus was living this hell every day of his life.

Remus was trying to recover from witnessing Severus endure a particularly horrendous beating at Dumbledore's hands, when suddenly the image changed and he was in a darkened corridor somewhere in Hogwarts. He looked around unsure of where he was. He jumped as a small black clad figure ran by, diving into a shadowy alcove. A sharp nose and long black hair were all that he could make out at first.

Until the small figure moved out, tried to run to the next alcove unseen.

"Petrificus Totalis!" The figure stiffened and fell like a log. Three new figures stepped into the light, laughing. He recognized them at once: the pudgy short Peter Pettigrew, smirking, tousle-haired James Potter, and tall, handsome Sirius Black. "I told you I saw Snape go this way!" Pettigrew boasted.

"So, Sirius, what should we do with dear Snivellus now that we have him?" asked James, adjusting his glasses.

"Let's do everyone a favor. The Prefect's bathroom is right down the hall. Let's wash his hair!" Sirius laughed and pointed to the still figure. "Mobilus Corpus." Snape's reed thin form rose like a puppet on a string. The three boys giggled and smirked as they made their helpless captive sway and bump the wall as they made their way to the bathroom. "Midnight Cowboy," said Sirius. The others looked at him, obviously puzzled, he shrugged. "One of those Muggle movies I think."

Sirius waved his wand sending Severus over the huge swimming pool like tub. James and Peter quickly had all the faucets going full blast. "Looks deep enough," said James after a few minutes.

Sirius released both spells, dropping Severus into the foaming water. He came up spitting water and bubbles. He pulled his wand, but Sirius was ready. "Accio wand!" It was snatched from his hand before he could speak a coherent spell.

"Bastard!" Snape growled and swam to the opposite side of the pool from where his foes laughed. Black ran, jumped over the tub and grabbed him by the hair before he could get away. He dumped the entire contents of a bottle of cleansing potion on Snape's hair, then with a sneer held his head under the water.

After a brief struggle, hands flailing, water splashing, the air from his lungs escaped with frightening speed, to Remus' horror Severus went limp. Yet Black continued to hold him under, a sadistic smile on his usually handsome face. Peter was giggling like a maniac. James just watched at first, as if in a trance.

Remus Lupin wanted to grab Sirius, slap him, strangle him, slam him into the wall! He was drowning Severus!

It was James who finally came to his senses. "Let him up Sirius, you'll drown him."

Sirius just continued to smirk, and continued holding him under the water. James pushed him back, grabbed Severus and pulled him out onto the side of the tub. He pulled his wand and pointed it at the other boy's chest. "Envenerate!" he yelled.

Snape coughed, water poured from his lips and nose. He hissed and drew away from James on his hands and knees looking like a scared, wet cat. "Bastards!"

"What's wrong Snivellus?" Black asked innocently. "Never been in water before?"

Severus tried to rush him and retrieve his wand. But he was not fast enough, Peter actually managed to hex him with a Full Body Bind spell. Severus fell on his face, arms and legs held together. He thrashed about, looking oddly like an enraged seal.

"Since we washed your hair, we need to do the rest of you, since you are filthy and smelly," James laughed. "Come on." They tore at his clothes. Soon they had totally destroyed his already threadbare robes.

Severus squirmed; unfortunately the jerking movements of his slender pale body seemed to fascinate the three Marauders. It was Peter who first turned the touches from intrusive and hurtful to sexual. "Hey, Severus really is a boy!" He grabbed at the prone boy's genitals. "I wondered with that hair of his."

"Come on Peter, Snivellus cannot be a girl. No girl could be that ugly," Sirius laughed, though he and James were both watching Peter, and what he was doing between the Slytherin's long legs. "Hey, I have an idea!" Black grabbed his helpless foe by the shoulders and dragged him to a low stone bench.

Sirius threw him over it, knocked the breath from him. Snape could only whimper, unable to even speak because of the spell. "Nice arse Snape. It is your best feature! Nice and round, just like a girl."

Peter was now rubbing himself lewdly. "Bet he would like to take it up the arse. Snape's got to be a faggot!"

Sirius and James were staring, not at Peter's disgusting performance, but at Severus, or more specifically, his backside, which was moving as he fought to free himself. Unfortunately, his struggles only seemed to inflame his tormentors. "You want it!" Sirius opened his fly. "You should be grateful Snivellus, no one else will ever want to touch you!"

Remus Lupin was no longer numb.

He no longer felt reticent, or unsure.

He no longer felt like a coward.

All he felt were the long dormant wolf instincts that he fought so hard to suppress for so many years rising within him.

The instinct to protect the young: to protect this helpless child that was being brutalized before him. First by Black, then James took his turn without hesitation. Peter was last as always.

Had this not been a memory, there would have been blood all over the walls.

When the three were done each just stood and stared at the blood dripping down the thighs of the boy they had degraded. They laughed, with no sign of remorse. Even James smiled, his face still twisted with desire.

Remus pulled himself out of the pensive. He did not need to see anything more. A growl rose in his throat as his eyes turned yellow. The wolf was now just below the surface; he could almost feel the fur itching beneath his skin. The wolf stretched, smelling the world around it.

The wolf wanted to howl. It wanted to rip Dumbledore and Black to shreds. The part of him that was Remus Lupin did also, but he exerted his will to muzzle the beast within. There would be no killing, at least not yet.

In a way it frightened him that he knew he would kill these men without hesitation.

The pensive had triggered something that lurked within him. Something that he did not know was inside him. For the first time, it was the wolf that was forced to bow slightly, to retreat, to show throat.

It was so strange to share his waking form so completely with the wolf. He could almost feel the breath of it on his neck. Part of him wondered why he had feared it for so long.

Yes, the wolf would obey Remus. It would stay back, not kill, but only as long as Remus kept his unspoken promise: as long as he did what they both wanted.

Remus Lupin would find a way to save Severus.

To save the one that they both wanted as their mate.


Severus tried to stand tall in his dark blue, very feminine robes. Now belted since he had a waist again, the somewhat low cut garment showed off his enormous milk swollen breasts to everyone. He was sure that he looked even more like a woman then ever, with his long black hair pulled back by one of the silver and diamond clips that Albus had gotten him for Yule.

Dumbledore wanted to show him and the baby off.

He walked slowly behind Albus down the long hallway back to their rooms. He had to work not to fall behind, not to bow his head. He had to fight not to curl up on the floor in a heap and sob. He was on his way to the very last place on Earth he wanted to go.

He might as well have been walking to his own execution.

The anticipation of what awaited him as soon as he was alone with Dumbledore weighed heavily on his heart. This anxiety was made worse by having to stop every ten feet or so to show his precious bundle to the students and staff who just happened to be along the way. They met half of Slytherin house along one long stretch of hallway.

This did not bother the Headmaster in the least. Albus was absolutely bursting with pride showing off the fruit of his loins to anyone and everyone they met.

When Severus had been released to his husband's charge it was decided that they were not going to use the floo to go to their chambers for fear of injuring Godric. That mode of travel was just too rough.

Since the birth, Dumbledore had been the perfect new father. He hovered over the child making sure that the St. Mungo's house elf, Nappy, did everything from formula to talcum powder to his exacting standards.

But every time his eyes caught Severus', the young wizard became even paler. As yet he had not been truly alone with Dumbledore. Someone had always been close by. But the old man's smile, his lustful looks promised that the Headmaster intended to make up for lost time just as soon as he had the chance.

When at last they arrived Severus tried not to cringe as Dumbledore opened the door and bowed him into their chambers.

The first thing that hit him was that the bedroom smelled faintly of sex. Though the smell was not too fresh.

The Headmaster had obviously not been celibate while he had been indisposed. Perhaps that would make things easier. He did not want to think what this night would be like if the Headmaster had not had any sort of outlet for his passions. The Slytherin might not have survived that.

Albus watched him with a guarded expression. Severus tried not to tremble as he took the sleeping infant to his cradle in the nursery that was now adjacent to the bedroom. He kissed the pink cheek, arranged his son on his back with a small teddy bear at the opposite end of the bed. A hand lingered on the soft tuft of jet black hair. "For you Godric." He swallowed hard and fought back the tears. "For you."

Schooling his features into a neutral mask and readying his mind for what was to come, Severus turned and exited the room. Dumbledore waited impatiently. His hand was rubbing his crotch suggestively.

The Headmaster wanted him, now.

Before the other man could say anything, Severus dropped gracefully to his knees and very delicately kissed each of his husband's soft slippers in turn. Then the Slytherin waited, head bowed submissively.

After a moment of stunned silence, the older wizard blinked, his curiosity peaked. "Severus my child, do you have something that you want to say?"

He tried to speak, but could not force the words through his lips.

"I cannot hear you," Dumbledore said testily folding his arms.

Finally, his low voice barely above a whisper Severus spoke. "You win Albus." The pale face tipped up to look into the bright blue eyes. "I surrender."


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