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Albus Dumbledore blinked in surprise at the exquisite creature, head bowed submissively on his knees before him. His heart was pounding in his chest like a troll's footsteps as he heard the words that he had been longing to hear for over twenty years.

"You win Albus. I surrender."

"Win? Why, what do I win my Pet?" His smile feigned ignorance. On the inside he was all but trembling with anticipation. "I did not know there was any sort of contest going on?"

"That is because there was none," Severus lifted his head slightly. His bright tears clung to his lashes. "There was not a contest at all, only a rout," The younger man felt the words coming from deep within him. "From the day you claimed me, I tried to fight. I tried to find a way to deceive you, to control you."

Dumbledore listened silently, his blue eyes unreadable.

"I used all my cunning to attempt to trick you, used sex to manipulate you, but nothing worked. You effortlessly defeated me at every turn. I have no choice but to concede. You have proven that you are stronger, more powerful, and more cunning then I could ever hope to be. I cannot fight you any longer Albus. A Slytherin knows when to bow to the inevitable: I surrender."

"So, my Love, what has brought about this epiphany?" Albus was of course suspicious. Severus had pretended to submit before, only to be even more willful then ever.

"Because, by fighting you, I do not hurt you, do not just hurt myself. I endanger Godric. If I had submitted to you when you shared me with Black..." The tears flowed freely. "I was afraid. I fought you both. If I had done as you wanted, let the two of you pleasure me there would have been no damage. Our son could have died because of me! It was all my fault! Mine!"

Severus threw himself at Dumbledore's feet sobbing! "Please Albus, please, forgive me."

Albus Dumbledore kept his face neutral, but his mind raced. If this was true, it was better then anything he could have hoped for. If Severus did blame himself and not Albus or Sirius for the near miscarriage his guilt could be used to control him. "So Little one, what now? Are you, throwing yourself on my tender mercy?"

"Yes," he whispered hoarsely kneeling up and laying his tearstained cheek against the Headmaster's thigh.

"Severus," the black haired wizard looked up at him. "Legilimens!" Severus instinctively tried to fight at first, but he was already too weak, his meager defenses crumbled before Dumbledore's brutal assault.

The Headmaster pushed through Severus' mind as one would swim through a pool. Dumbledore sighed sinking deeper into the warmth.

He felt a tremor run through his body as he lingered, the better to savor the feel of his prize's utter desolation. He reached out snatching at the many thoughts and emotions that flowed past, washing over him. The most powerful of the feelings were fear, and soul crushing guilt.

Dumbledore could find no deceit.

And yet, he found something that was closed off. Some memory that Severus did not want him to see. He tore away his pitiful attempts at defense and was standing beside himself that first morning after the bonding. Dumbledore saw himself cradling Severus in his arms. Heard his voice say. "Let me take care of you Severus. Let me touch you, love you as you have never been loved. As you deserve to be loved."

He could feel the desperation, the need. Severus had wanted to believe those words.


He drew himself out of his bond mate's mind. Severus was still on his knees, he whimpered, cringing away as if expecting blows. Very gently Albus Dumbledore stroked Severus' hair.

"Do not cry. It is all right my darling. I forgive you."

"You do?" Severus answered breathlessly.

"I know that you did not intend to hurt Godric, and he is safe now. It is true that your stubbornness caused some harm," Severus flinched at the words. "You must never defy me again. For your own sake as well as Godric and that of his future siblings, you must never be so willful again."

"No Albus. I will obey you." He rubbed his cheek against Dumbledore's thigh like a cat.

"You have made me so happy. You are finally what I wished you to be."

"Yes, Albus," he kissed the hand that had stroked his hair. "I am yours, completely."

Dumbledore looked down at his bowed head. He swallowed, his emotions running wild.

He wanted to do a happy dance!

"You," the cowering man whispered. "You will always take care of us Albus? Godric and me?"

Dumbledore looked at him, puzzled. "Why, of course I will child."

"Even when you grow tired of me, you will still take care of us?"

Albus could not suppress the smile, as he savored Severus' complete surrender. Now the poor thing was afraid of rejection! Of not being attractive to Dumbledore! This was more then he could ever have hoped for. "I swear to you on my life my Little One I shall never tire of you. And I will always take care of you, and all of the children we have together. And I intend to have many."

"Yes Albus."

"Come to me my love." Dumbledore held out his hand invitingly. Severus did not hesitate as he accepted the hand. He was pulled close, "My Sweet Child." He was pulled against Albus Dumbledore's chest his entire form trembled. As his chin was tilted up to look into the deep twinkling blue eyes, Dumbledore looked pleased. "You truly understand now Severus."

"Yes, Albus, you own me, body and soul. I exist solely for your pleasure." A tear fell down his cheek as he laid his head on the Headmaster's chest. Dumbledore felt as if his heart would burst. This is what he had wanted from the first! Severus subjugated to his will. He wanted his bond mate to be submissive, compliant, and desperate to please him.

"Yes Little One. You are mine." He began to kiss and caress his bond mate.

"You said that you loved me?" Dumbledore could feel the desperation in his voice.

"And I do Severus. All I have ever wanted was for you to be mine." He lay Severus gently on their bed, then sat down beside him, his hand stroking the long soft hair. "You have given me a gift beyond price. Freely, unconditionally my dearest love, you have given yourself to me. Oh, my sweet, there are so many things that I will show you. Together we will explore sensations undreamed of. I will teach you the exquisite delights of pleasure and pain. You and I, and my son."

Severus gasped, "your son? But, he is..."

"No my love, not Godric, he is much too young yet. I meant Sirius."

"Sirius Black? He is your son?" For Severus many things quite suddenly fell into place. The Slytherin now understood among other things why that particular Gryffindor was always favored over him in school.

"Yes. Not acknowledged of course, but he is my son, and Godric's half brother. I suppose it could be said that makes you his step-mother."

"So he is a mother-fucker," said Severus without thinking, but his hands flew to his mouth as he realized that he spoke out loud. He expected punishment for such insolence.

"Yes, I suppose he is," Dumbledore chuckled, a hand brushing his frightened mate's cheek, then moving the hands down so that he could kiss his lips. "We shall be a very happy family. You and I shall have many more children, and very soon, Sirius will be giving us grandchildren!"

Severus looked at the older wizard blankly. "Yes, Sirius is going to be marrying soon," said Dumbledore happily.

"Who is he marrying?" This surprised him, as far as Severus knew, the only one Black had been screwing besides Severus himself, was Dumbledore.

"We will speak of that later." Dumbledore pushed Severus down on the bed and taking hold of the hem of his robes and drew them up exposing what he wanted to view. His hand ghosted up those creamy thighs. Severus' cock was hard, and the older man could smell his arousal.

The Headmaster was pleased looking at the still slightly rounded belly. He kissed it lovingly. Thanks to the magical surgery there were no scars, and even better, Severus would not be bleeding for the next several weeks, nor would he his vagina be too sore to take a cock.

"Did Poppy give you the contraceptive potion?" He did not want Severus to get pregnant again just yet.

"Yes Albus. It will be effective for thirty days."

"Good. Now open those sweet thighs for the Headmaster." Severus obeyed, spread his long legs, his black eyes smoldering with need. "Yes, that is right my love." Dumbledore threw open his robes and moved to take his place, sliding into the tight heat feeling as if this were the first time. "My Severus, mine. Yes, now you are truly mine."

Severus whimpered, clutching desperately at his husband as he was impaled. He seemed the essence of submission.

Though his deepest thoughts were not of the man pounding into his body. It was a musing on the fact that so few people truly understood the subtle art of Occlumency.

Not even the great Albus Dumbledore.

You do not create a fortress to hide your innermost thoughts. Walls were nothing more then a target for a stronger mage to destroy. You created a maze of shadow and light to hide your secrets. Then give your opponent a glimpse of what you want him to see. Just a glimpse, as if you were trying to hide it. He will hunt it down and attack it like a hound on a fox.

He had taken the emotions from deep within, his guilt and fears. And used them to surround and contain the Headmaster. He had given the man what he most desired. It never occurred to Dumbledore that he was only seeing a very tiny part of his sweet 'wife's' mind.

Now that Dumbledore was convinced that he was truly broken, the Headmaster would surely loosen the metaphorical (at least most of the time) leash he kept on his bond mate. Severus only hoped that if he could garner enough rope instead of hanging himself, he could hang Albus Dumbledore.


Hermione finished labeling the blue tinted jar of frog's eyes, set it high on the shelf of the supply closet. Finally she had finished organizing the shipment for Professor Praetorius. When he asked she had been happy to volunteer. This was something soothingly familiar that she could do to keep her mind off of other things.

It had been three days since Snape had been handed over to Dumbledore's tender mercies. Neither had been seen since the Headmaster had ushered his bond mate into their rooms with the baby.

There was nothing that she could do and it was frustrating!

She checked her watch and found that it was past midnight. Oh, well, she was a Prefect so it was not like she would be in trouble. But she would be tired for Arithmancy in the morning. She stretched her sore back and sighed.

Definitely time for bed.

"You are up late," she almost jumped out of her skin at the words! And even more when she realized who had said them. She had not heard the door open, had not heard Sirius Black come into the classroom. "Actually, I am beginning to think that you have been avoiding me."

Part of her wanted to run into the safety shower, lock and ward the door against him. She now knew Black for the monster that he was. It was hard not to flee. To act as if he were still just Harry's godfather, someone she had considered a friend.

"Hello Professor Black," she said lamely. "I was just finishing something for Professor Praetorius before I go to bed."

"Do you need any help?" he asked moving to stand very close to her. His much too close proximity terrified her.

"No, actually I had just finished," she forced herself to smile. It felt more like a grimace. "I am very tired and really need to get to bed," she said trying to edge past him.

Hermione almost screamed when his hand came down on her shoulder. "Please, do not g,." his voice was low, but not threatening. He used the hand to turn her towards him. "There are some things that I want to say to you Hermione."

"Yes, Professor Black?" She used his title, hoping to put him off.

"Please, we are friends, you can call me Sirius when not in class." He moved a little closer. Hermione took a step back, bumping into Professor Snape's desk. Her mind flashed back to Snape being forced into the same position: forced to submit to Black's very unwanted attentions.

"Sir, it would be disrespectful," she protested.

"Nonsense. I was your friend long before I was your teacher." He moved closer. Why was she so nervous? "We are friends Hermione. Very good friends."

"I, uh, really should get back to my dorm..."

Black smiled as he realized what it must be. She was nervous because she was attracted to him! She had though of him as just a friend, now she was mature enough to notice the males of the species, she was reacting to his presence. The presence of a real man as opposed to a mere boy!

She obviously noticed the difference between him and that skinny effete git Malfoy. He bet if he were patient and gentle, he could eventually entice her to his bed and make love to her.

But since he wanted her to spread her legs like a whore on the desk she was trapped against, he decided to hurry things along. He slipped a hand into the pocket of his robes and broke the small ampoule that Albus had given him.

"I have not been able to see much of you lately Hermione. You always seem to disappear when I am around. I have begun to believe that you are avoiding me."

"I really should be going," she was saying nervously. He felt the warmth spreading along his skin. It was a combination of aphrodisiac and fertility potion. If he had not been aroused already he certainly would be now. "Is there something wrong Hermione?" He reached out and took her relatively small hands in his. He saw her eyes widen and face flush at the touch of the potion on her soft skin.

Hermione's knees went weak, as a very pleasant heat spread through her body. She shivered and a slightly lopsided smile spread over her face. Why had she never noticed how very tall, strong, handsome, and down right sexy Sirius was?

'No, bad thought!' she tried to tell herself, but her objections to being touched by him were already becoming fuzzy.

Black smiled as she began to lick her lips and look at him like a cat sighting a bowl of grade A cream. He placed a hand on her shoulder then experimentally he let that hand gently stroke her neck. She purred, and as he leant down to claim her lips. She whimpered as their tongues tangled. Hermione was hard pressed to remember her own name, let alone why she should NOT be kissing Sirius Black.

As Black ran a hand up her bare leg, he panted, his cock straining against his jeans. He was very glad Hermione had worn a skirt tonight. She was already leaning back against the desk, legs opening to accommodate him.

All he need do is remove her very damp panties, then open his fly and he would be buried to the hilt!


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