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Severus backed away from the other monster that haunted his nightmares.

Albus Dumbledore had recently taken first place in his more frightening dreams. Sirius Black was edging into second place, but Remus Lupin as a werewolf was still very high on the list.

The creature was taller then him, much taller then he remembered: though he really had not gotten that good look at him in the tunnel under the Whomping Willow that night.

Everything about the creature was somehow not right.

The body was massive, powerful covered with thick gray fur. Its arms were too long, the powerful hind legs bent in the wrong way, though it was still bipedal. It seemed like some strange insane melding of man and beast. The claws looked enormous as they clenched and unclenched around the remains of Lupin's shredded robes, casually discarding them.

The creature very slowly raised its head. Amber eyes quickly found him. The mouth curled to reveal long fangs as it drew back into the semblance of a truly frightening smile.

Before the terrified wizard could even scream, the werewolf lunged, but scant inches from the end of his nose though Severus had not seen it move.

A tremor of fear ran through his slender frame as the long pointed snout explored him. Hot breath puffing in and out against his cheek: it sniffed at his neck and moved the cold nose to worm into his robes between his breasts.

The back of one long talon delicately touched his cheek. Severus tried to remain calm, to keep still and not flinch and cause it to attack.

He wanted to run. He felt a suddenly urge to escape the too small room, run to find Dumbledore, and fall into his arms for protection.

Looking to Dumbledore for protection? How pathetic was that?

The razor sharp claws slipped down his throat then hooked his collar. The sound of velvet robes tearing barely registered, but he felt the cold dungeon air against his bared skin. Severus put up his hands to try and keep the thing at bay, but the creature brushed them aside without effort and buried its snout in his hair.

He expected to feel the massive, razor sharp teeth rip his throat out. But all he felt was a cold nose poking his ear?

The warm rough tongue ran delicately over the outer shell of his ear, then traced the line of his jaw. Huge clawed hands tore away more of his robes, bearing his shoulders, and breasts.

Severus had kept his eyes closed, waiting for the end. But he was coming to the confusing realization that the wolf creature was not intending to rip him to shreds, what it seemed to be doing was rather clumsily undressing him?

"L, L, Lupin?" he stuttered. Was the other man somehow still present, even without taking the wolfsbane potion? "Remus? Is that you?"

The creature bent and very tenderly ran the long tongue over the nipple of his left breast. He shivered. "Remus, you cannot be serious?" he rasped hoarsely.

It was cold and fear that made his nipples harden he told himself. I must be that same fear that caused the low moan to escape his lips. It was most definitely not the long, hot wet tongue that circled his nipples each in turn.

As if it understood, the amber eyes looked at him. The tongue brushed his lips, almost like a kiss. Severus started to speak, but the long tongue plunged in, tangling with his own tongue, exploring his mouth. He tried to fight, but without breaking the 'kiss' the wolf drew him into an awkward, but very tight embrace.

The Slytherin cringed, wanting to scream around the insistent tongue.

Gods! He was being sexually assaulted by a werewolf!

Why? Why was this always happening to him? Everyone from his parents on had always called him an ugly, greasy, disgusting git. If he really was so damned hideous then why did EVERYONE and his wolf want to fuck him?

Severus gasped, the tongue finally exited his mouth, it tasted odd, though fortunately not foul like dog breath.

Before Severus had the chance to think, he felt something hard push against him stomach. He looked down and with wide-eyed terror realized what it was. He put his hands against the furry chest and tried to push away. "Oh, Merlin, please Lupin, you cannot possible be thinking of trying to put that thing in me!"

The only answer he received was to have the rest of his clothes torn away, though in a bizarrely gentle manner.

It was all too much for him. Severus panicked! He somehow found the desperate strength to break away from the creature, and tried to run. But had not even gone two steps when the grasping clawed hand caught his long braided hair and used the plait to pull his him back within reach. It then pushed him down onto his stomach. The beast held him on the ground with a gentle yet firm pressure, on the small of his back. "Remus, don't..." he whimpered and struggled vainly.

Then, the wolf caught sight of what it wanted! With extreme care, the creature used its teeth to pull off his soft blue slippers. Its breath caught as it again cast its amber eyes on those long slender, beautiful feet.

It hungrily licked those delicate ankles. They tasted just as delicious as it had dreamed. The wolf wrapped its tongue around each of his wriggling toes in turn. This tickled Severus, causing him to make a noise between a laugh and a sob.

The wolf wanted to continue to explore the contours and curves of those exquisite feet, but the smell of blood and semen was too strong.

The wolf felt anger as it saw the marks on the back of the legs of its mate. The smell of blood caused a growl to escape its teeth. 'Mine!' it shouted in its mind. It felt its mate tremble, the wolf smelled fear.

'He is terrified!' Remus' voice echoed in its mind. The wolf sighed; it was 'him' again. 'Please, let me come out. You can smell his fear. He does not understand. Severus thinks you mean to harm him.'

'Mine!' the wolf answered, then it tried to ignore him.

'Fine, then, do not listen to me. He will hate us!' Remus wanted to hit something, but he could not use his body. He was a spectator in his own mind!

Its mate was injured, in pain. It smelled of the bad white haired one. Growling the wolf decided on what it had to do.

Severus was hyperventilating as the wolf's cold nose explored his body. He jumped as he felt the rough tongue gently run over one of the welts on his thigh. 'Of course it is attracted to blood,' he thought grimly waiting for it to bite him, for the teeth to rip his flesh.

But the drooling creature only continued to lick his wounds. Severus felt his body begin to relax after a few minutes of the almost tender caresses. The thing actually felt good, especially when it began to explore his cleft. The long tongue slid in deep, causing a yelp of surprise to escape his throat.

"Please stop!" he gasped trying unsuccessfully to keep from pushing back on the probing tongue. This was sick. He should not be enjoying this!

The smell of the bad white haired one was becoming less as the wolf cleaned its mate. It felt a bit of smug satisfaction as the pale skin began to color. It felt its other self's shock as their mate's scent began to change now almost equal parts fear and arousal.

The tongue shifted to tease the other opening, the wet one that emanated the smell of a female. Severus moaned and arched against the tongue. He whimpered in confusion and fear. The creature did not have Dumbledore's technique in the giving of oral pleasure, but what it lacked in finesse it made up for in enthusiasm. That and length, it was enormous! It reached deep inside driving him to distraction.

The wolf withdrew its tongue and careful of the claws, encouraged Severus to turn over. It settled between his legs. The wolf was ecstatic, about to finally claim its mate. But its mate lay limp beneath it, flushed face turned away, eyes tightly closed and leaking wet tears.

Why was its mate still afraid? It licked at the tears, but his mate still looked frightened?

'You are about to rape him,' Remus informed it. He tried to send pictures: to make the wolf understand that Severus had not consented. That he would feel that same about this as he had the assaults that had brought the wolf out in the first place.

'Please, let me out. I can show you how humans touch. Let me show you how to make love to him. Please!'

His legs had been forced painfully wide apart to accommodate the creature's bulk. Severus had given up fighting and simply waited for the creature to enter him. Why bother resisting.

Everyone else raped him, why not this beast?

Besides, he had been dreading something like this for months. Severus had no doubt that Black would eventually suggest doing it 'doggie style' literally, wanting to ravage him in his animal form.

Dumbledore had already ordered him to submit to anything that Sirius Black wanted. The old pervert would no doubt want to watch.

To be honest, Severus was only surprised that Black had not done it already.

Yes, he might as well get used to it. Albus had already informed him that he would be expected to participate in acts of incest with their children, why should bestiality bother him?

Severus Snape-Dumbledore felt the tears escape his tightly closed eyes. Now he was truly anyone's whore.

He felt a touch on his lips. Felt a brush of something soft, warm, the ghost of a kiss, from very human lips. His eyes snapped open.

The eyes that looked back into his were still mostly amber, but the face that smiled at him was that of Remus Lupin.

Remus bent his head and kissed him again. He licked and kissed his lips, jaw line, collar bone, sucked on his nipples. When he moved back up and claimed his lips again Severus answered the kiss, writhed as gentle human hands touched his cheek, throat, swollen breasts. He moaned and arched into the touch.

Their hands explored one another as lips and tongues tasted. Both men trembled with need and desire. "We love you," Remus hissed into his ear, "we want you." The amber eyes burned with need.

Severus looked deeply into those not quite human eyes. He understood what Remus meant. They were in a strange way, having a threesome. And the thought did not frighten him. It should, but it did not.

The wolf was more gentle then his husband!

Severus felt a thrill and he trembled at the thought of letting Remus, and his wolf take him. Of defying Dumbledore, and making love with someone who wanted to make love to him, not degrade, abuse or hurt him. "I want you inside me," he growled. "I need you. Both of you."

A small cry escaped Severus' lips as he felt the hard organ slide into his body. He wrapped his legs around Lupin's narrow hips to force him deeper. They moved together, hungrily, desperately, moaning, gasping. "Yes!"

As seed filled the one beneath it, the wolf wanted to howl at the perfection of their mating. It had ceded control to the other, but stayed just below the surface. Feeling every touch, savoring every whimper and moan of desire.

They had both made love to Severus.

Remus Lupin and the wolf had both claimed their mate.


Almost one hour later Remus pointed his wand at the last of their clothes. "Vestments repairo!" he commanded. The shredded fabric came together easily, returning to its former threadbare state. "I am going to have to break down and buy some new clothes."

They dressed in silence. Until Severus leaned over and kissed Remus with a passion that took his breath away. But then he pushed away and looked into the eyes of the startled Remus. "Obliviate me," he said softly.

"What?" Remus gasped.

"You must oblivate me, Remus. Dumbledore, he sometimes takes my memories while I sleep. I never know when he will do it." He turned away. "When this is over, if I live, we can make a new memory. For now it could mean both our lives if were to Dumbledore see what we have done."

Remus nodded sadly. "We will keep this memory safe for you."

"You have truly found peace with the wolf?"

"We are together now Severus. Know this, the wolf will never harm you. It, we both love you," he said, pointing his wand at Severus. "We will find a way to save you."

Severus held up his hand to stop Remus. "Wait. Before anything else can be done we must change Dumbledore's will. If he died now I would be given to Black and after him the Wizongamot. They are nothing but a bunch of perverts who would use me just as Dumbledore does. You must have Draco contact a somewhat less then reputable law firm in Knockturn Alley, called Fannon and Broom. Draco knows them through Lucius. You will not need any money, just tell them that Severus Snape will consider this as payment in full for services rendered. They will fall over themselves to accommodate you."

"The ministry magically checks signatures on such documents," noted Remus. "We cannot forge it."

"Give me the suggestion after you obliviate me, to leave a letter with Albus' signature below the statue of the Hump backed witch. You can use a potion to erase the rest of the letter," Severus sighed. "I will also need you to get something else for me..."


Several days later Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore lay in bed on either side of a badly bruised, battered Severus. The pale wizard was unconscious.

Albus ran a hand along his back, feeling the welts from his riding crop. The slender form flinched as the Headmaster touched these visible signs of their, 'lovemaking'. "I do not think I will allow him go back to teaching. It would be too much of a strain," he sighed. "My Pretty Pet should only have to think about satisfying my needs."

"Oh, speaking of needs, how long do you think I should wait to go after Hermione again?" Sirius asked laying back and running a hand over Severus' tight arse.

"I have watched her closely. Also spoken with Minerva. Miss Granger has not told anyone of you attentions. Most likely she is ashamed, believes that she led you on. But she does watch you. I have observed her in the great hall. And she is always in the company of several Gryffindors. Wait a little longer until she is less weary. Then we shall see."

"Oh, Albus, I did not get the chance to tell you earlier. I do not think that we need to worry about Malfoy interfering anymore. This morning I saw him arguing with Hermione in the hall just after their Advanced Potions class. She hexed the little prick." Sirius laughed as he replayed it in his mind. The young Slytherin had of course pulled himself together when he realized that Sirius was watching him, but the look on Malfoy's face had been priceless!

"It was hilarious. She turned that platinum blond hair of his bright neon blue. You should have seen it."


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