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Severus woke late. He was still blurry from sleep when Albus had shooed him on into the shower and told him to get ready for breakfast.

Yawning, hair still wet and rubbing at his sore red eyes Severus had just pulled on his dark green under robe as he stepped out of the bathroom and went to the nursery. His heart almost stopped as saw the empty crib.

At first Severus was only slightly apprehensive. He moved quickly through the bedroom to Dumbledore's study. But there was no one there.

Fear now gripped him.

He was a sight when he charged into the great hall. Still wearing just the under robe and with his long wet hair flying loose behind him, Severus could see immediately that neither Albus nor Godric were in the hall.

Though several other teachers were.

"Minerva, have you seen Albus?" He tried to hide the panic clawing at his heart.

What if Dumbledore had decided to send Godric away without letting him even say goodbye?

"I saw Albus and Hagrid out on the path in the gardens with the pram. They were taking Godric for some fresh air," noted the older witch with a smile. Severus turned and ran towards the door. "It is chilly out there Severus!" She called after him.

"Newlyweds." Sprout elbowed the other witch and chuckled knowingly. Though she was a little puzzle when she realized that Severus was not even wearing shoes.

Ignoring the pain as his feet bled over the sharp stones of the path Severus ran past the low wall that mostly surrounded Hagrid's hit. He spotted the pair as he rounded the corner. Albus walked along side talking animatedly as Hagrid carefully pushed the red pram.

Both men turned as Severus skidded to a halt just a short distance behind them. He let out a sigh when he saw the tiny sleeping figure of Godric snuggled safely beneath the warm blankets.

"I presume you did not see my note?" Albus said frowning as he looked over his panting mate from behind his half moon glasses.

"Sev'rus, ya alright? Ya look a sight!" Hagrid gasped. "Did ya think someone was kidnappin' Godric? Blimey, ya outran your shoes!"

"I..." He swallowed looking down at his bloody feet, knowing that he was going to pay for many things as soon as he and Dumbledore were alone. "I, came out of the shower and he was gone. I did not see a note."

"So, you panicked?" The Headmaster was still frowning. "You have no faith in me child." His bushy white brows furrowed, he pointed at each of Severus' feet in turn, soft green slippers appeared on them.

Hagrid smiled at this, though what the half giant could not see was that they had not been healed. Dumbledore would not ease his pain yet. "Hagrid, why don't you go on down to your hut? You have a class on the way soon. Severus and I need to have a little talk."

"Course Sir!" Hagrid smiled, his eyes lingered on the disheveled Severus, and his heaving bosom for a moment longer then strictly necessary. "I'll just leave ya to it then." He turned and strode on down the path.

Albus Dumbledore could scarcely contain his rage, he turned on Severus seething. "You wicked, ungrateful creature! How dare you embarrass me by appearing in public in such a disgraceful state! You have the audacity to come charging after me half dressed, no shoes and with your hair unbound! Did you think that I would simply hand Godric off without allowing you to say goodbye?"

"You said you were sending him away." Arms crossed over his chest tightly Severus felt the tears coming and could not stop them.

"Child, you wound me." Dumbledore glared at him with a sneer that was truly ugly on the 'kindly Headmaster'. He grabbed Severus by the arm, caught the pram with the other, pushing it before him and dragging his mate just into the forest, shoving them behind some trees and casting a simple concealment spell to make sure that no students could see them. "Beg my forgiveness Severus." It was an order.

Swallowing hard, Severus dropped to his knees. He leaned down and kissed Dumbledore's shoes. "Please forgive me Albus. When I saw that Godric was gone I, I panicked."

"You did believe that I would not allow you to say goodbye to him?" The old man did not backhand him. It was a humiliating openhanded hit. What he knew the students would refer to snidely as bitch slapping. "I should do it you know, I really should take him away now just to remind you who you belong to!"

Severus did as he was expected. He groveled abjectly at the man's feet. "I am sorry." He turned away from his angry spouse, pulled up his robes and spread his legs waiting for the blows to start.

Surprisingly they did not. A strong callused hand touched his backside, caressing it almost tenderly. "This is the result of my being too lenient with you Severus."

The older man smiled at the shudder of fear that ran through the thin frame.

"Please, punish me Albus. I have been very bad!" he gulped, spreading his legs wider to give Dumbledore a good view of both holes. "I need to be punished," he whimpered.

As insane as it sounded he was almost desperate to get the old man to hurt him. He knew that if Albus did not take out the rage now, then later after he had let it grow for several hours, things would be much, much worse.

One long finger slid deep into the female opening. Severus moaned and pushed against it shamelessly, partially with relief that he was becoming aroused at the touch. "Wonton slut!" Dumbledore hissed playing with his clitoris. Severus just whimpered and impaled himself as two more fingers joined the first.

He was close to climax when he felt the first blow. He yelped more at the noise then the pain. The initial pain pleasure mix felt good. The fingers rubbed harder, "Merlin!" he sobbed as the combination of intense expert masturbation and a second sharp blow, sent him over the edge.

He wanted to slide down onto the ground in a post coital haze. But before he had the chance Albus Dumbledore grabbed his hips and slipped his huge cock in. He took his time, sliding in and out of the tight wet heat, even chuckled as he continued to pump while listening to giggling children rushing to Hagrid's class.

When his seed finally spilled, Severus was allowed to slump onto the cold wet grass. Dumbledore smiled fondly as he lay sprawled on his stomach, robes still hiked up to his waist. The older man sighed seeing the pair of angry red welts on his tight little arse. "I could look at this all day. Unfortunately, I have some work to do. Take Godric back to our room and wait for me there."

"Yes Albus," he sighed, as he tried to sound content instead of apprehensive.

"And Severus. If you ever go out in public looking like this again, I will use the whip." He took out his wand this time and pointed to Severus. When the older wizard was finished he wore a long very heavy black outer robe, belted to accentuate his breasts. His hair was done up in Dumbledore's favorite style, one long thick plait. This time he wove many silver strands through it.

"Yes Albus."


Trying not to limp on his sore bleeding feet Severus walked slowly back into the castle, carefully pushing the carriage before him. He was trying not allow himself to fall into despair.


He turned to see Remus Lupin in the shadows. Severus wanted to leap into his arms and kiss him senseless! But he could not. Not now, perhaps not ever, but it was a beautiful thought.

He leaned closer as Remus who was looking into the pram at Godric. Severus shivered, feeling the warmth of his nearness. "They know Granger is pregnant, and by who. She is in danger," he whispered then walked on as if nothing had happened.

Though inside he felt bereft at the loss of Remus' warmth.

The werewolf stood stunned for a moment then he swallowed a growl, for in the wake of Severus' passing he smelled blood and semen. Damn it, not now! He sent this message as best he could to the wolf.

Yes, they both wanted to sooth and comfort Severus, and to rip Dumbledore's throat out. But there was something more immediate that had to be done.

He had to save Hermione. And he might just need some help.


Black felt a smug sense of satisfaction beneath the invisibility cloak as he followed Hermione Granger down the winding stairs. His hand caressed the little charm hanging from a silver chain round his neck, a small black onyx pentagram that Albus had given him.

He could be shoving his cock up her and the girl's own charm would remain clear, unable to sense his presence.

She was going down to the dungeons, probably to steal time with Malfoy.

Well, Sirius would not allow her to do that. If he had his way, she would never go near the little rodent again.

Perhaps now he would be allowed to remove the git from the equation permanently.

He was almost close enough to touch her when she stopped, glanced back over her shoulder, then down at the charm on her wrist. Calmed, Hermione turned and made her way down several more steps.

She still felt nervous, as if she were being followed. But she could see nothing, and the charm had no reaction, so she went on. Draco would meet her in the old potions classroom.

Gods she wanted to feel his body against hers again.

She walked passed the open door of one of the dark disused classrooms when something caught her from behind. A hand clamped over her mouth, another around her waist and Hermione was dragged bodily into the room.

The door slammed shut and a voice commanded, "Lumos!" At first she saw nothing but a lighted wand tip, then in a gesture that she knew well, a head and body appeared from beneath an invisibility cloak.

"Black!" She backed away.

"Now Hermione, do not be afraid. I will not hurt you," he spoke with comforting words, but the tone was mocking.

"Stay away from me!" She drew her wand.

"Accio wand!" he growled, he wand flew to his hand. "Naughty, naughty." He smiled. "You are such a naughty little whore."

"You are the one that gave me the aphrodisiac!"

"Yes, and you went off and spread your legs for Malfoy!" Sirius hissed, pushing her back against the wall.

She tried to fight, but was completely out matched, he caught her wrists with one hand and held them over her head. As Hermione glared in mute shock and horror he tore her blouse, exposing her breasts to view. "First I am going to nail you. Then I have a nice potion to get rid of your little, problem." His hand caressed her bare stomach.

"No, not my baby! Please, I will do whatever you want!" she gasped desperately.

"Yes, you will, even marry me, once I change your memories. But first, I want to take you while you knowing that I am going to kill your lover, and his nasty Slytherin spawn."

He would have continued to gloat, but before he could finish, the door was blown off its hinges! Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley burst into the room.

"Remus!" Hermione broke free of Sirius' suddenly lax grip and rushed to werewolf.

"Harry, this is not what it looks like!"

"Shut up! I did not want to believe what Remus said," Harry growled, his green eyes damp with bitter tears of betrayal. "When he said that you wanted to hurt Hermione, I thought he was crazy! You are my godfather Sirius. You were supposed to be my family! You, you bastard!" Before Remus or Ron could do anything to prevent it, Harry drew his wand and screamed "Avada Kadavra!"

He missed by a millimeter as Padfoot ran for the dusty old teacher's desk. He leapt up onto it and used it as a platform to make a lunge for a high window, which he crashed through in a shower of glass!

The wolf hit the window less then a second behind, but its bulk took a moment to extract from the relatively small frame. The black dog was just disappearing into the dark woods as the werewolf lopped swiftly after with murder in its shinning yellow eyes.

Back in the disused room, a crowd was gathering, including most of Slytherin House, and a number of Ravenclaws. Ron quickly took off his robe and placed it gently over Hermione's shoulders. "Come on Harry, we need to get her to the infirmary."

Harry nodded and was about to walk to the door when Draco Malfoy stormed in. "Why are you Gryffs making trouble in our dungeon?" Before either Gryffindor could explode at him, Draco got a good look at the trio and realized what must have happened. "Hermione?" he gasped.

To the shock of the large crowd, Hermione Granger stumbled out of Ron's protective embrace and ran to Draco's arms as she sagged. He drew her close, stroking her hair gently as they sank to their knees on the floor. "Hermione. My poor Hermione, was it Black? Are you hurt?"

Ron and Harry both stared at them with absolute shock. Harry blinked then walked over to the pair. "Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?"

Draco looked at Harry, then at the crowd. Helping Hermione to stand, Draco gently guided her to the door. "Ask me later Potter."


At the same time elsewhere in the castle...

It was getting dark as Dumbledore walked into his bedroom. Severus slowly stood, showing off his exquisite form in a dark green corset. The old man smiled, drinking in the sight of that long lean body with the pert nipples peeking out over white ruffles. Long, shapely legs in fishnet hose perched confidently on two-inch heels.

Just like a high priced whore.

"You are so lovely Severus." He smiled. "Now, be a good child and fetch my potion. I want to be sure that I can pleasure you all night."

Without comment Severus walked over to the wall. Dumbledore said, "Potency," and a panel in the wall opened. Severus reached into the exposed alcove and took out one of the deep blue curved decanters that resided inside.

This was Dumbledore's newest torment. He would make Severus pour his potency potion. Before, this would have depressed him, the thought that he was giving Dumbledore the means to rape him at will for another month. But this time, he was grateful.

He turned slightly to the side, so that Albus could not see the small packet in his hand. Severus carefully spilled the powder into a large goblet as he poured the potion. He watched the steaming goblet foam slightly, and then, to his relief, returned to its former dark red color.

His plan might not work, this he knew. The dragon's blood potion was extremely powerful and might very well cancel out the powder.

If that happened, Severus knew that everything was lost.

Eyes down submissively, Severus strolled across the room, allowing his hips to roll seductively. He then knelt gracefully before his master. Breasts thrust forward provocatively. He made sure that his thighs were spread, allowing the older man an unobstructed view of his cock.

He held up the golden goblet to Dumbledore, watching the older man from beneath his thick lashes.

The Headmaster smiled as he accepted the cup and downed it in one gulp. Eyes closed he savored the feel of the dragon's blood coursing like liquid fire through his veins. He felt his erection swell with a vengeance.

Oh, this was a good batch!

"Come here." The older man lifted Severus, crushed him against his chest and kissed his parted lips. His cock was so hard it hurt to rub it against his bond mate.
"Oh, Merlin I need to fuck you!"

Dumbledore threw him face down on the bed, and dove on top of the struggling man. He parted his robes, caught his wriggling hips and slammed to the hilt into his tight, unprepared hole. "Oh gods!" he shouted, ramming in harder, it felt so good, he had to go deeper!

He could feel Severus prone on the bed, hear him sob in pain at his thrusts. Dumbledore wanted to go even deeper, to split him in two!

Seed shot deep into the tight channel, but his erection refused to subside! Panting, Albus renewed his violent thrusts! Yes, must push deeper, rip him, possess him!

Albus would make Severus scream!

Heart pounding in his chest, Albus Dumbledore had to keep pushing. 'YES!' He stiffened as his semen flooded the body beneath him again. He kept pumping, feeling light headed, dizzy. He was still vaguely of Severus struggling beneath him as he felt a sudden tiredness spread over his limbs.

He just needed to rest for a few minutes then he would fuck Severus again.

"My own sweet hot bitch," he whispered as the blackness claimed him.

To be concluded...

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