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Albus Dumbledore fought his way through the darkness. In one last desperate effort he clawed out of the black pit that sought to hold him and woke with a cry.

Angry, confused, he looked around the bedroom. He felt as if something were wrong, but saw nothing out of place.

The last thing he remembered was having an erection that just would not go down and using said erection to fuck Severus' hot little arse into the mattress. Then he must have passed out?

The only sound in the room was that of the shower running. Feeling a little dizzy, he stood gingerly then when he got his balance walked towards the bathroom. A strange sense of foreboding welled up in his heart as moved closer to the doorway.

The first thing he saw through the steamy haze was the semi-transparent curtain around the shower. Behind it, he clearly saw the long lean silhouette of Severus rinsing his hair. He blinked with disbelief then growled angrily. Even through the curtain he could see that his bond mate's beautiful hair had been cut short!

Instead of flowing past his hips it was cropped right up to his shoulders? How dare the bitch do anything so radical to his appearance without permission!

Angrily he stormed over leaned into the tub and grabbed at Severus.

His hand passed through the pale flesh.

"I thought I felt a chill," Severus said as he turned and smiled at him slyly. "How nice to see you again, Albus. I was beginning to think you had gone on to your eternal reward. No such luck, eh?" Severus said brightly. "I should have known better, almost seventy years in this place as teacher and Headmaster, of course you would be drawn back." He turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and took up a large dark green towel to dry off.

Dumbledore looked down at himself. He was silver, and somewhat transparent. "I'm a..."

"Ghost, specter, apparition, call it what you will. You are a stiff, bereft of life you rest in peace, hm, well, I guess you are not resting in peace. But, as you can see you have passed on, are pushing up the daisies, and joined the choir invisible. As of Thursday last, you Albus Dumbledore are an ex wizard. Pity you missed the funeral, it was quite an affair, lots of somber statesmen and weeping women. You would have loved it. So, how was your death? Everything you expected it to be? I suppose the details are a little fuzzy?"

"You fucking bitch! You killed me!" the ghost shrieked.

"Temper, temper Albus, it is not good for someone in your condition to become too emotional," the young wizard tutted as he slipped on a Slytherin green bathrobe. "After all, I just gave you what you wanted. Did you not say just a few weeks ago that this was how you wanted to die? I believe your exact words were, 'Balls deep in some hot bitch?'"

"In fact, you actually specified me as the hot bitch, and you were most definitely balls deep in my arse when you shuffled off this mortal coil. If it makes you feel any better, that will be giving me nightmares for many years to come. The mortician never could get the smile off your face. Probably for the best that I had your body cremated." He smiled innocently at his late husband's shocked expression.

"C-c-c-cremated?" Dumbledore choked.

"Yes Albus, you may be dead but I know that you are a vindictive bastard, and I would not put necromancy past you. That you might be able to animate your corpse just so that you could fuck me one last time, I thought it best if I left nothing for you to work with. Potter scattered your ashes over the Quidditch Pitch," he added almost as an afterthought.

"You filthy Slytherin whore! I will tell everyone that you murdered me!"

"Murder is such an ugly word Albus. Besides, all I really did was give you more of a good thing. When you asked me to get your dragon's blood potion, I added a little something to it. A mixture of twelve muggle anti-impotency pills," Dumbledore gaped at him.

"You killed me, and I will see you in Azkaban for it!" the ghost howled.

"Oh, I think not. Right now you are revered and loved through out our world. They believe that you are a hero and one of the greatest wizards of all time, right up there with Merlin. People are naming their children after you. Do you really want to get into a messy public trial? I convinced the ministry that you had a heart attack, which was true. Thanks to so many stimulants, magical and muggle, your old heart just could not stand the strain. But be reasonable Albus, do you want the entire Wizarding World to know what kind of sick perverted bastard you really were? Do you want me put under Veritaserum? I would be happy to spill the beans, all of them. I could start with your having raped me. Or should I start with you watching me being raped and abused at school while you jerked off? Then I could give a detailed account of how you blackmailed and beat me into being your sex slave. Even better, I could tell them the fate you intended for your own children. Or I could just show them your pensive collection? I have the ones you took from me, and others you made yourself to relive 'the moment.'"

Severus walked calmly past Dumbledore's shade and started to dress. He stepped very slowly into a pair of silk boxers smiling at Dumbledore over his shoulder and very much enjoying the feel of them against his skin. He then made a quite a production out of slipping into a beautifully tailored pair of black slacks. "Oh, it is true that your friends at the Wizongamot have a lot of power. They would probably be able to fix a trial. And they would wish to protect your good name. However, what you need to understand is that above all else I am a Slytherin. I will not allow you to destroy my life from beyond the grave! So I have the most vile, disgusting of those pensives ready to appear on the desks of a number of appropriate news organizations and Ministry officials if I were to suddenly die or be sent to Azkaban."

"I do not have to kill you bitch! Do you think you are free?" the old man demanded. "You are still considered mentally unstable. In the event of my death, my Will transfers your guardianship to Sirius Black. He will be much harder on you then I ever was."

Severus was unfazed by this revelation. "I had some help in your demise Albus," the younger man pulled on a starched white shirt as he spoke, also pulling on his knee-length black frock coat, complete with the myriad of tiny buttons. This hid his breasts well. "My co-conspirators used your hair and polyjuice potion to file a change to your Will. In that revision you made your dear trusted friend Remus Lupin, the Executor of your estate and guardian to your poor mentally ill spouse. Remus will see to the running of the estate, my welfare and that of your children."

"Children? Did you say, children?" the ghostly figure gasped.

"Oh," he snapped his fingers. "I did not have the chance to tell you before you died, your reputation as a virile stud will be preserved. You knock me up again. Pomfrey already checked. It is a girl."

"You are not leaving Severus! You are mine!" The ghostly figure expanded, huffing with fury.

"Sorry, old man, I guess you did not read the fine print of our bonding agreement. It reads, 'Till death do us part.' And, well Albus, you died." Severus smiled brightly.

"Sirius will not allow this to happen!"

"Sirius Black is no longer a threat to me Albus. He is on the run from the Aurors for the attempted rape of Hermione Granger. The Wizongamot have put out the story that you had your heart attack when you found out what he had done. And to preserve your legacy, the Wizongamot have sworn that they will see to it that he is not taken alive. Sirius Black will never come near me or my children again."

"I will kill you!" Ghostly hands snatched at the younger man's throat, affecting nothing.

"You are a ghost, remember? You are incorporeal. You cannot beat me, kill me. Hell, you cannot even fuck me, ever again," he smirked. "Speaking of which do you still have a hard on? According to the other ghosts they are exactly the same physically as the instant when they died. And, well, when you expired you were still stiff as a board."

Dumbledore looked down before he realized it. His robes fell open revealing a massive erection.

"Good thing you are dead or that would really be painful. Oh well, maybe the Gray Lady or Peeves will give you a pity fuck. I suppose it is for the best that you did not bother to completely undress to nail me that last time or you would have a really embarrassing afterlife." The younger wizard turned, offering Dumbledore a back view of his smartly tailored suit as he stretched his arms upward looking very like a contented cat. "Actually, you returned just in time to say goodbye. I am going to leave Hogwarts today. This place has at times been my sanctuary, but it has also been my prison for most of my life. It is true that I do not know much about the world outside of these walls, but I intend to learn Albus."

"You would take my children from me?" Albus sounded shocked.

"I am not cruel. If you do not make trouble, and promise to behave as the kindly eccentric old Headmaster for the occasions, I will bring the children for visits, Christmas, birthdays and such." He barely held back a chuckle as he recalled the Headmaster slapping him with very similar words. "However, if you cause me any grief, you will never see them again."

"Remus is loyal to me!"

"No Albus, I am not." Remus Lupin walked into the room and to Dumbledore's shock he pulled Severus to him, kissing him passionately. He still had a protective arm around Severus' waist as he turned to the spectral figure. "I know what you were doing to him. Found out what twisted creatures you and Sirius were."

"Remus you cannot do this. He will murder you too." Now Dumbledore was desperate.

"Why should he hurt me Albus? I intend to love and protect all three of them."

"Love???" Dumbledore spite out the word like it was something vile.

"Yes Albus, I suppose it is hard for you to think that someone might care about me as more then a hole to put his cock in."

"Severus, you cannot do this. You are my bond mate, you carry my child." The old man turned to Severus. He tried to be the kindly Headmaster.

"I already told you, our bonding dissolved the instant you ceased to breath. And for a change, the law is on my side. If one spouse is a ghost, the other is for their own good, released from the marriage vows. That law was passed over four hundred years ago by the Wizongamot to protect the surviving spouse. In fact, the living partner is encouraged to leave the vicinity of the spectral one." Severus walked to the door. "I am going to go and live my life Albus. You will also be happy to learn that Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy will be apprenticed to me. I believe that between the three of us, and your vast fortune, there is no limit to the things that we can achieve."

Before another word could be spoken a shrill cry was heard from the nursery. Severus rushed through the open door and a few moments later he walked out carrying his cooing three month old son snugly in the crook of his arm. The child was wearing dark green pajamas and wrapped in a silver blanket. "You should get down on your ectoplasmic knees and kiss this child's feet Albus Dumbledore, because if it were not for him and his little sister, every paper in our world would be giving out the sordid details from those pensives. But I will not have my children soiled by the truth about you unless you give me no choice!" Severus looked down at his child and the anger he was building dissolved. "Say goodbye to daddy Albus William." He took hold of the tiny hand and made a little motion as if waving. "Do not look so upset Albus, you are the one that said he was too much of an inconvenience to keep around. You should not miss him at all."


"Yes, we decided not to saddle him with the name Godric. No one has had that name in five hundred years. So we will be calling him by William," Severus said kissing his son's cheek.

Remus moved to open the door for them, Severus turned and waved over his shoulder. "Bye Albus, see you at Christmas," with a last feral growl Remus closed the door behind them.

Severus almost expected Dumbledore to shadow them to the Great Hall where they said their good byes to the rest of the staff. But he did not show up.

Minerva kissed him, and cried over the baby. "Hogwarts just will not be the same without you here Severus," she choked.

"Just try to find a decent Slytherin to take my place as head of house."

"A decent Slytherin? Is there such a thing?" The witch smiled.

Hagrid tried so very hard to be brave, but soon the dirty spotted hanky was on the receiving end of a blast that would have made a fog horn blush. "Promise that you will visit, all of you," Severus said as the half giant nodded, unable to speak. Then he hugged all three of them.

In a way Severus was sad about leaving. As Flitwick who had to stand on a table, hugged him and gave William a small teddy bear that snuggled against the child, hugging him back, he thought of all of these people who despite everything had truly been his family.

"We had best go now Remus, or I will not be able to." He wiped away the tears that escaped. If it were not for Dumbledore's cruelty, he probably would have been happy to stay safe and secure in his dungeon for the rest of his life. But he could never live here now. Especially not with Albus Dumbledore's ghost in residence. The ghost of Dumbledore would watch him while he slept, showered, or made love with Remus. That thought made him shudder with disgust.

Remus took his hand. "Come on Severus. My first act as executor of Albus' will was to purchase a pair of cottages by the sea one for Draco and Hermione, and one for the, four of us." They walked out the door to a waiting coach. Both men could see the thestrals that drew it. But both only shrugged. They had seen much worse in their time. Severus took one last look at Hogwarts. With a wave to the figure of Albus Dumbledore watching from the Astronomy tower, he turned and stepped into the carriage.

"I wish that we could get this off." Remus touched the gaudy gold ring on Severus' finger. "I do not like you having anything of his near you. Present company excluded of course." He stroked William's cheek then laid a hand on his lover's stomach.

"Neither of them will be exposed to the real Dumbledore. You will be their father."

They kissed. Then Remus leaned over to Severus. "I, have been requested by my, other half to ask you a question," he sounded a little embarrassed.

"Oh?" Severus knew about Remus' understanding with the wolf, and its attraction to him. Though since Dumbledore's demise, they had not really had any time to discuss it.

"Yes. Uh," The blush deepened on Remus' cheeks. "Do you like having your toes licked?"


The ghost of Albus Dumbledore stood silently watching the carriage as it took his bond mate, his son, and unborn daughter away. Though strangely, the old man was no longer upset.

In fact, he smiled as he made his way to what had once been his office. He knew who would be there. "Minerva," he said softly.

The witch had been staring out the window also, obviously watching the carriage. "Albus?" she gasped, hand on her chest. "We had begun to think that you had moved on!"

"How could I ever leave Hogwarts, my dear friend?" He flashed her one of his most gentle smiles.

"You missed Severus. He just left."

"I know."

"I should owl him..."

"No, not just yet. The poor child needs to mourn. Perhaps you could invite them back for Christmas." He ran a silvery hand over her shoulder.

"You are so understanding Albus. Severus was so lucky to have won your love."

"Minerva, could you tell me something? Do you know what has become of my wedding ring? I know that I cannot wear it, but it is very dear to me." Since that ring was a port key that could be used to either bring him to Severus, or to transport Severus to his waiting arms, once he had solid arms again. That ring was very dear to him indeed.

"Oh, yes, your brother Aberforth came to the funeral. I gave it to him." She looked at her friend and smiled. "I will owl him tonight and have it brought here so that you can have it near you."

"Thank you Minerva. Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy you have made me," he said then he turned and floated out the door running over in his mind almost a dozen rituals that he could use to gain a new physical form.

After all, death had never stopped him before...

The End - For now

A few obscure references

Dumbledore's 'alphabet antics' in bed. A suggestion from the late comedian Sam Kenison (Not sure of the spelling) about improving one's skills at giving oral pleasure.

Professor Praetorius - Mad scientist - Movie - Bride of Frankenstein 1935

Open Channel 'D' - The Man From Uncle - 1960s James Bond inspired TV show

Fannon and Broom - Body Snatchers - Movie - The Doctor and the Devils 1985

Part 08 -Trelawney's Tarot deck Hanson Roberts

Part 21: Linda Lovelace - Porn star.

Yorik - Hamlet's deceased pal - Shakespearean play.

The lion: Fred, sidekick to Super Chicken - A Great Cartoon from the 60's.

Part 24 - Bits of Severus' speech to Dumbledore's ghost are of course from Monty Python's Flying Circus. The Dead Parrot Sketch.

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