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Part 11

It had been easy for Hermione Granger to sneak out of the Gryffindor dorm that night. As far as she could tell no teachers patrolled the halls. Everyone was too busy worrying about Severus Snape-Dumbledore and his child. She was surprised that the usually indifferent Ron and Harry expressed hopes for the health of Snape as well as the baby.

Even the most diehard of the Snape haters in Gryffindor (who seemed to grow fewer by the day) could not wish the 'mother' of Headmaster Dumbledore's baby ill.

She moved silently under the cloak, having told Harry that she intended to use it to sneak into the library and do some studying. He had handed it to her without comment.

Her sneakers were drenched with dew as she approached the Whomping Willow. Sensing her presence it became agitated and began to lash out. She found a stick and very carefully touched the knot that calmed the writhing tree.

Hermione moved slowly through the long tunnel. It smelled musty from disuse. As far as she knew, no one had been in here for three years. After all Remus had not been at Hogwarts on a full moon since then.

She saw the faint outline of fresh wet footprints. Larger then her own, but not too big. Looked like Malfoy all right. He was tall and slim, with hands and feet that seemed small and oddly delicate for a boy.

The Shrieking Shack was just as bare, rundown and cold as she remembered it. She looked around the 'living room' and sighed. Where was Malfoy?

"What took you so long?" she turned to see Draco Malfoy standing at the top of the stairs holding his wand up over his head. The tip lighted casting a soft white light over the gloom. His shoulder length hair took on a silver cast, making him look almost spectral, not human.

She wondered if he did that deliberately.

Hermione frowned, "How did you know I was here?" she asked removing the cloak.

"The trap door opened and no one came in," Draco Malfoy sounded very much like his old snide self. "I presumed that you borrowed Potter's invisibility cloak," he did not say the name Potter with a sneer on his face as he once would have. It was flat, unemotional. He had too much on his mind to worry about Harry Potter.

"Yes, I did. Though I did not need it. Even the ghosts are hovering in the corridor outside Professor Snape's room," she certainly could not fault his logic. She climbed the steps and looked up at him in the dim light. He kept the left side of his face towards her,

"There is a room up here with some furniture that is not too rotted and torn," Draco shrugged and turned away from her. He strode towards the room without waiting to see if she followed. After a light hesitation she did. It was what she was here for after all.

Not too rotted was his assessment. Hermione thought it generous but said nothing as she sat gingerly on the edge of an old moldy looking chair and Malfoy claimed a tattered bed. Also positioning himself on the edge. The mattress showed evidence of claw marks and had little stuffing left. He ignored it and focused his intense gray eyes on her.

Hermione Granger, one of the smug, annoying Gryffindors that he had once derided with epithet Mudblood. And now he needed her. "What do you want to know?"

"I need details," she met the frost cold eyes. "I know the basics, that Dumbledore is abusing Snape, but I need to know what he has told you."

"You know? Did he tell you of it? Is he conscious?" he asked allowing a little note of hope. She noticed that he had kept his scar facing away from her, but when he leaned forward slightly she saw it. He noticed her staring and turned away, ashamed.

Hermione looked down nervously. Even when Draco Malfoy was being an arrogant prick, he had always been a good-looking arrogant prick. He actually was still quite handsome in her opinion, but she doubted that he would believe it coming from her.

"He is still in the healing trance, but in a manner of speaking, he did tell me," she answered, though she felt reluctant to admit exactly how she found out. Technically what she did was illegal and could actually net her two years in Azkaban for, ironically, the crime of Mind Rape. "I observed a lot of suspicious things since Professor Snape returned in October."

"If he is still unconscious and unable to speak, how did you confirm your suspicions?" He was tensing up.

Hermione thought for a moment. "Give me your word as a wizard that you will not reveal what I say to you to anyone."

He blinked in surprise. "You used Legilimency?" he blurted out before she could answer.

"I saw images from his life. Horrible things," she said by way of admission.

"Then I presume you saw our virtuous Gryffindor Headmaster impregnated Professor Snape by rape."

"Malfoy, this is not about house rivalries," Hermione said stiffly.

"Dumbledore, Black, Potter, Pettigrew. They were all Gryffindors," Draco hissed jumping to his feet. "Severus went to the Headmaster when Black and his cohorts first raped him. As always he was dismissed out of hand. The Headmaster all but told him that he was expected to shut up, bend over and take it," he slammed his fist into the headboard of the bed, which collapsed noisily to the ground. "When Dumbledore raped him he was actually naive enough to look for justice. The Wizongamot was all too eager to believe anything the old pervert said over a mere Slytherin! They had proof that he was assaulted, but they did not want to see. They took Professor Snape's rights on the spot and handed him over to Dumbledore. He has no money, or rights, no legal status at all except as Dumbledore's property! The Ministry stripped Severus of everything." Hermione cocked her head when he slipped and called his Head of House Severus. But she supposed if he were the only one Snape could confide in they probably had become very close.

"You want details, Granger? Here they are. Dumbledore keeps him a prisoner, beats him, forces him perform deviant sex acts. He is trapped, and even if he did escape, the Ministry would just track him down and hand him back to Dumbledore. And if he causes too much trouble, the Headmaster always has the option to dump him in St Mungo's for life."

As disgusted as she was by all that he had told her, she bristled. "None of that is the fault of House Gryffindor," Hermione knew she should not be angry, but she would not hear her house berated. "As you might recall, your father, who also raped Professor Snape was a Slytherin, and a Death Eater," Malfoy flinched at her words. "I saw many things Malfoy. I know that when he was a student here most of the Slytherin upper classmen were using Snape as their common room whore," she instantly regretted her hasty words as Malfoy turned away trembling. "Wait," she said more softly. "I should not have said those things. I am sorry, Malfoy, it does no good for us to fight. Please, this does Professor Snape no good."

"You are right. We have to think of Severus and the baby. He did not fall, did he; it was Dumbledore who hurt him?"

"Yes. He was furious for some reason. I am not adept enough at Legilimency to hear what is said, but..."

Slowly the slim blond haired young man sat back down on what was left of the rickety bed. He hesitated, as if wrestling with himself over something, then with a look of determination on his face he reached into his robes. "Take this," he handed her a vial filled with a glowing sliver liquid. It was tall enough that when her fingers closed around it she still saw that corked top and thick glass bottom.

"Is this a pensive?"

He nodded. "Severus gave it to me for safe keeping."

"Why did you not show it to anyone?"

"You do remember what happened last time the Ministry came to arrest Dumbledore, don't you, Granger?" he shook his head in disgust. "They could never hold him; the man is still one of the most powerful wizards who ever lived. He also has the acquired wealth of several lifetimes to draw on while he plotted his vengeance. And he would want vengeance, Granger. Severus and the baby would never be safe. Severus told me only to try and get that out to the Daily Profit or some other paper if he and his child were dead. A last 'fuck you' to ruin the Old Bastard. And get a bit of his own back from Black," he gave her a very cunning smile. "Even the great Albus Dumbledore could not obliviate the entire Wizarding World."

"How very Slytherin of him," she could not help but smile just a little. "So why are you giving it to me?"

"Because, Granger, you are a Gryffindor. Maybe you can persuade someone to help him," Malfoy bowed his head. "Just be very sure of anyone that you share this knowledge with. If any of this gets back to Dumbledore, Severus may not be the only one in danger."

Hermione opened her mouth to speak, then shook her head, dazed at the thoughts that entered her mind. She had not thought about that at all. Albus Dumbledore was not the sweet eccentric grandfather that everyone thought he was. She now knew that he was a violent possibly psychotic man. He had viciously beaten a pregnant person almost to death. Why should he balk at murdering a student?

"I will be careful. Just so you know, the only other person that I have told so far is Remus Lupin. He wants to help."

"Ironic," Malfoy flipped his white blond hair back from his eyes. He managed an almost sad half smile. "Show it to the werewolf."

"We had best get back to our dorms," Hermione suggested lifting the invisibility cloak from the floor at her feet, though she did not put it on. There was no need yet, at least until they were back out of the tunnel under the willow.

They walked on in silence, until they got back to the entrance to the tunnel. Hermione stopped just before it. "By the way, Malfoy, how did you know about the passage under the Whomping Willow? I thought it was supposed to be a secret?"

"It is," he answered with a smirk. "But if there is one thing that we Slytherins are good at, it is uncovering secrets, and using them to our advantage. We consider it an art form."

Draco Malfoy surprised Hermione by offering her his hand to help her out of the entrance. "We had best get back inside. Put on the cloak," he said turning to walk away.

"It is big enough for three in a pinch, if you want to use it to get back to the school unseen..." Hermione was not sure why she made an offer that he would surely scoff at.

"The secret entrance to the Slytherin dorm is on the other side of the castle. Besides, no one is out tonight but us, and maybe Hagrid. If he catches me he will pat me on the head and tell me to get on back to my dorm before I get into trouble."


She started to pull on the cloak when Draco stumbled backwards into her. "Bloody Hell!" he hissed dragging her to the shadowy alcove near the far corner of the castle. "Dumbledore just came round the corner. Where is the cloak?"

"He can see through it," she gulped her eyes finding him in the darkness. She watched in horror as the man she had once respected above all others, the man that she now feared, strode inexorably towards their sanctuary. She felt a tremor of fear as his dark blue robes swirled around him in the dim light. She had seen him wear those same robes when raping Professor Snape. Her mind instantly replayed a half dozen of those rapes.

The man was a monster. How can she just smile innocently and say 'Hi, Headmaster. Bet you are wondering what Draco Malfoy and I are doing out here in the middle of the night near the Whomping Willow together?'

Then she felt a hand catch her by shoulder, she opened her mouth to speak, when his warm lips caught hers. Hermione froze wide-eyed with shock, what the hell was he doing? She started to fight, to push him away. But suddenly her usually agile brain kicked into gear. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

This would give them an instant explanation for being out without any hint that it involved Snape. Even Dumbledore would be too shocked at seeing them like this to wonder about any ulterior motives they might have had for being outside.

And he was not a bad kisser really.

It was hardly the first time that the Headmaster had caught hormonal teenagers in a clench. He could see them in the shadows, excitedly writhing against one another; both were, as far as he could tell tall and slim with long hair. Could he have stumbled upon two girls? Hmm, it would have been fun to watch and see just how far they were intending to go, but it was dangerous outside the castle at night. It would not do at all to have students get themselves killed.

Too much paperwork.

"Children, this is not the time or the place for such a display of affection," Albus Dumbledore said gently.

The pair broke apart guiltily. Dumbledore's eyes narrowed as Draco Malfoy stepped out of the shadows. "Sorry Headmaster," he said looking tousled and slightly flushed. "We, ah, came out to watch the moon rise."

"And were overcome by its beauty," Albus forced a smile glancing at the tiny sliver of moon high in the sky. "Ten points from Slytherin for being out after curfew. Go back to your dormitory. It is not safe outside the castle at night."

"Yes Sir," he took Hermione's hand and tried to ease her past the older wizard without him seeing her face.

"A moment," the raspy voice commanded. "Come closer," Draco moved. "I meant your companion, Mr. Malfoy."

"Hello Sir," Hermione blushed as she stepped out into the light looking very guilty. As well as thoroughly kissed.

"Miss Granger, I would have expected better from you," his usually kindly eyes were very hard. "Professor McGonagall would be most disappointed in you, child. There will not be a repeat of this irresponsible behavior," this was a statement of fact.

"Yes Sir," she wondered if he meant being outside at night, or being outside at night in the company of Draco Malfoy. From the look on his face, when his eyes found Malfoy, she suspected the latter.

"Go back to your dormitories now. Both of you."

"Yes Sir," they both hurried past him towards the side entrance. Malfoy bent low. "Typical, he did not even take points from Gryffindor."

"Shut up," she hissed increasing the speed of her walk to get ahead of him.

When the door had shut behind the hastily retreating pair, Headmaster Dumbledore's mind began to ruminate on what he had just witnessed. 'Malfoy and Granger? I knew she and young Mr. Weasley had broken up, but Malfoy? How did I miss this development?' he frowned. 'Probably pity. Yes, that is what it must be. He is an orphaned now, alone, outcast. And Granger is well known for taking up unpopular causes. Like her Elf Liberation Front or whatever she called it. Not that it matters. This cannot be allowed to go on.'

Hermione was too good for a skinny slightly effeminate brat from a disgraced family. She was a smart, very powerful girl. And over the past two years she had blossomed into quite a lovely young woman. She also had really nice tits. 'Perhaps I should suggest to Sirius that he pay court to the girl? She is of age. Yes, Hermione would be flattered by the attentions of a real man as opposed to that skinny child. Besides, it is about time Sirius found a wife, started a family of his own. Once he married to the girl that will also mean I will not need to share Severus as much. And of course I can 'welcome' her into the family properly. Hmm, I may have to move up my retirement. So many lovely little things to play with...'

He walked out towards the Forest wand drawn just in case one of those damned Centaurs poked his head up. There were few left now that he had actively begun to hunt them down, but they could still be a nuisance.

Perhaps he would run into something really dangerous. He hoped so, with Severus unavailable he really needed a release. Fighting, killing, that was not nearly as good as sex, but it would do.

Sirius was fun and all, but he was not Severus.


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