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Part 4

Severus lay on the very edge of the mattress, one hand protectively over his more then slightly bulging belly, huddled as far away from his master as he dare without actually leaving the confines of the bed.

After three months of painful reminders, he knew what was tolerated and what was not.

The tears had dried quickly as the pain of his backside and thighs had finally lessened. How could he have been so stupid? It was not as if he had any illusions about his status. That he might have the luxury of saying no to sex?

Slaves did not have rights. And that was exactly what he was now, nothing more then Albus Dumbledore's personal property.

He had come into the bedroom late in the evening feeling weak and still more then a little nauseated from the sticky caramel covered substance that the House Elves had foisted off on him as dessert. Albus had insisted that he eat it. "You are eating for two, my sweet."

They insisted on giving him a 'varied' diet, and Dumbledore insisted that he try everything they made, but much of it was really over the top. So rich and, or exotic that he ended up losing much of it anyway. Did they think he wanted or needed this stuff just because he was pregnant? Or maybe Albus did not want him to gain too much weight?

NO! That was a thought he did not want to explore.

Last night Albus had strode into the bedroom as per usual already rubbing his crotch in anticipation of what he presumed would be an evening of satisfying sex. Well, satisfying for him. Severus' satisfaction was a secondary consideration.

Though when he wanted to, Dumbledore could make him climax until he was past sated and nearly comatose!

"Albus, I am a little tired..." That was as far as he had gotten when he was thrown bodily onto the bed, his hands magically bound to the headboard and clothes dissolved. It had cost him twenty lashes with the hated Willow switch this time.

At least he had not lost count again!

Then he had been taken up the arse. No lubrication, no preparation, just grab the hips and in to the hilt. Gods it had hurt! Though he was grateful that the old man had turned him over, so that he was sprawled on his back instead of slamming in while he was face down on his stomach. That was not just uncomfortable now, it could be dangerous.

At least Albus was usually very careful of Godric.

Albus loved Godric.

Godric Albus William Brian Dumbledore. Severus had not been at all surprised that he had been given no part in naming his son. But that did not matter, as long as the child in his womb was safe Severus could endure whatever came.

At least that was what he told himself.

He closed his eyes and let himself try to relax, to calm himself. 'Think of the morning session,' he thought almost desperately. 'Think of the morning, he will be gentle.' Punishment had been meted out, swiftly and in Dumbledore's mind, he presumed, justly. So in the morning he would be pleasured and pampered and praised for his obedience.

And he would be so very, very obedient. Severus would be submissive and fawning, whimpering at the slightest touch from his master's hand. That was how it worked. He was punished for the slightest perceived transgression, and rewarded for submission and obedience.

It had not taken him long at all to understand what Dumbledore's love entailed. Oh, yes, he had realized very quickly that in his own way, the Headmaster did love him. Absolutely adored him in fact. It was his way of showing his love Severus was not sure he could take.

At times he was none too sure about surviving it.

The old man had made his station in life clear early. Severus closed his eyes tighter, he wanted to sleep and forget for a few hours, but he could not stop his mind as it traveled back. Against his will he found himself forced to remember his first day of servitude.

Albus had declared his love, and kissed him. Severus had never said aloud that he would accept Dumbledore's offer of love. That he would meekly submit and accept his lot as a sex slave. Without waiting for an answer the Headmaster had lifted him off his feet, and carried him to the bed. The older wizard had so very gently and sweetly made love to him. It had been wonderful. Severus had never wanted it to end.

It was later, after putting up his hair with a very expensive looking silver clip, that Dumbledore had given Severus his first command. "You will always bind your hair before you leave this room, Severus," he had felt a little resentful, but this had not seemed too onerous. And, he had to admit that it looked very good. The long freshly washed silken locks that usually hid his face were pulled back by the clip, the rest fanned out behind his shoulders.

He had since learned the hard way that if he forgot that edict or any other for that matter he got to spend quality time with a willow switch.

When Dumbledore said that he had something to take care of and had sent him on to the staff meeting, Severus really thought nothing of it. He was a little nervous about having to face his fellow Professors, but in a way doing something so normal calmed him.

He did not know that the Headmaster had forgotten to tell him a few important things. Such as the fact that he had come up with a cover story, just in case some nosy reporter had picked up the 'rumor' about what had happened between them. He had in passing mentioned to the rest of staff that the Potion Master had maligned him. That he had gone a little crazy and 'falsely' accused Dumbledore of rape.

Severus had barely gotten through the door when he had found himself dangling about a meter off the ground with Hagrid's massive hand crushing his throat, cutting off his air and any means of explanation. Not that Hagrid or any of the others had looked ready to listen to one even if he could speak. The half giant had been huffing and hissing like a crazed troll. "How dare you be showin' your face round here, filthy, stinking traitor!" he roared with uncontrolled rage. "Albus Dumbledore'd never touch a piece of shite like you!"

Minerva had been furious; the usually reasonable witch had not even tried to get Hagrid to release him, just blustered with her own rage. "Severus, after all that he has done for you, how could you betray Albus like this?"

Hooch was too angry to speak, only glared death at him with those bird of prey eyes of hers.

It would have also been helpful if he had been told that the newly resurrected and pardoned Sirius Black was this year's Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, though more to ease the shock, then anything. "You have got a lot of nerve you Slytherin whore! Trying to seduce that great man! What were you hoping to do? Ruin his reputation? Blackmail him!"

Why could the man not have done the universe a favor and stayed dead?

"You should be horse whipped!" even the usually gentle old Charms teacher Flitwick had been fuming, ready to believe the worst.

"Ah have one we can use!" Hagrid drew back his frying pan sized fist to strike when Dumbledore finally decided to make his appearance.

"Hagrid! Hagrid stop!" the near berserk wild eyed half giant froze as the voice of his dear friend attempted to get past the rage to the usually gentle giant that was beneath. He turned slowly as the callused, deceptively frail seeming hand caught his thick wrist. "Release Severus at once, Hagrid. The rest of you I beg you to please be calm. Things are not as we have all been led to believe."

Hagrid eventually dropped him, though none too gently. Severus had stumbled almost drunkenly into the waiting arms of Albus Dumbledore. He had not even thought of struggling as the older wizard drew him close, and placed an arm around his shoulders protectively.

"Severus has been through so much. Please everyone sit and allow me to explain," it took a few minutes for them all to be seated and wait. Even the old ghost Binns waited with keen interest.

The Headmaster had been very careful to have Severus seated beside him, arm still over his shoulder, hugging him possessively. Black glared at him, obviously sickened at what he perceived as Severus playing on the sympathies of the older man. "You all know that Severus was held captive by the Death Eaters. But only Madam Pomfrey and I know all of the horrible things that were done to him." Dumbledore went into the detailed litany of pain and humiliation that he had been put through, with special emphasis on the rapes, the liberal application of the Cruciatus curse, and as expected, great detail about his new sexual status.

Black had sneered and muttered something that seemed to have to do with which bathroom Severus would use.

Eventually, Dumbledore told them as delicately as possible about how he had panicked and run from their night of 'mutual comfort'.

"Severus was so horribly traumatized. He did not realize what he did. But, after much work with a mediwitch Severus is himself again," the lie seemed to have worked. He received sympathetic looks from all save Black. Hagrid was misty eyed. He dabbed at his shiny beetle black eyes with a filthy red spotted handkerchief.

That was when the Headmaster dropped the bombshell. "This had been a very trying time, but out of all of the pain, something wonderful has happened. Severus and I have bonded," he smiled broadly. "And, he is carrying my son."

There was not a closed mouth in the house. They gaped like oxygen starved fish, even the ghost. It had done Severus' heart good to see Sirius Black look as if he had just eaten fresh Hippogriff dung.

Others reacted much more dramatically. "Oh, Sev'rus can ya forgive me!" Hagrid sobbed openly. "Did I hurt ya, or the little one?"

"No, Hagrid. They are both just fine," Dumbledore patted his stomach thoughtfully.

"No one is ever gonna hurt either of ya! I swear it!" The massive man was on his knees before Severus. He threw his arms around him, pulled him from Dumbledore's embrace and buried his bearded face in Severus' chest.

Hagrid's eyes had widened as he looked up at Severus with absolute shock. He had obviously not put two and two together about the whole Severus being 'no longer strictly male' thing. The half giant was utterly flabbergasted at the feel of Severus' breasts against his cheeks. He had put his face right between them. "OH!" It took him a moment to realize exactly what he felt. Red faced, Hagrid had ended up all but throwing himself backwards and clumsily hit the floor sprawled on his arse with a thud.

"Well, Albus, you said he was a hermaphrodite!" Black's eyes positively glowed as he watched Severus, face flushed, attempting to straighten out his robes so that they did not show off his breasts so much. "Looks like he got the works!" He looked over at Dumbledore and winked and mouthed silently. "Lucky dog."

Severus cringed.

Dumbledore had smiled as Severus crossed his arms over his chest. "Now, now, Sirius, he is a little sensitive about that right now. This is all still very new to him." A gentle hand rubbed his back.

Hagrid managed to get himself back up and into his overstuffed chair, but he could not stop his eyes from straying to Severus' chest. Dumbledore seemed to puff up a bit with pride as every male in the room stared at his mate.

"You poor thing," Professor Sprout had patted his knee softly, causing the entire group to look to her and take their eyes off Severus, for which he was grateful. "Any trouble with morning sickness yet?"

"Yes, quite a lot actually," he admitted. At the time, his stomach was turning flips.

"I will make you some of my special chamomile and raspberry tea. It does wonders for a queasy tummy."

"Thank you," he had said with a little smile. He would have been willing to try just about anything at this point. Surprisingly, the stuff actually worked.

"So, does this mean that my services are no longer required?" This was the first time that Severus had noticed the substitute Potions teacher. He sat well back away from the others, a very strange looking man with cadaverous skin, large wild looking blue eyes, shortish white hair that stuck out oddly, it looked like it was charged with static electricity and though he was seated, he was obviously very thin, and tall, in a prim black suite that looked even stiffer then one of Severus'.

"Actually, Professor Praetorius, if you could stay on I would appreciate it," Dumbledore smiled. "Severus will not be up to teaching at all for a few more days, and even after that the Sixth and Seventh year advanced Potions classes must work with some toxic substances. In his condition, Severus will not be able to handle anything that might be poisonous."

"Of course Albus," he bowed his head slightly. "Will Severus also be resuming his duties as Head of Slytherin?" No one thought to ask him, noted Severus, though he hid his annoyance.

"I would like you to also keep most of that duty if you would. Severus is not really going to be physically up to being on call night and day for troubled students. Though I am sure he will be happy to give you advice."

"Of course. I would also like to speak to Professor Snape when he has some time. I have been hoping to compare notes on some experiments."

"There will be plenty of time for that later," assured Dumbledore.

"Certainly," the odd man had pulled a long thin cigar out of his pocket. But he quickly noted the angry looks from the assembled teachers. Hagrid stood and looked as if about to strangle him. "Oh, I beg your pardon, Professor Snape, or is it Snape-Dumbledore now? That was most inconsiderate of me, but I do love a good cigar. They are my only weakness," Severus noted that all of the Hogwarts Professors rolled their eyes in unison.

"Just be doin' your smokin outside," chided Hagrid.

"But of course."

"And it is Snape-Dumbledore now," the Headmaster put in giving Severus a caress to the cheek.

The rest of the meeting was dreadfully dull, and soon after all of the female teachers, and surprisingly Flitwick had offered him pregnancy advice and morning sickness remedies they left. Everyone but Sirius Black, that is, who was in the corner near the fireplace with Dumbledore. Severus felt very nervous. The men were being very cozy.

"Problem, Severus?" asked Black as he caught sight of him staring.

"None," he turned away not succeeding in hiding his annoyance, mostly because he had instinctively reached into his sleeve for his wand to defend himself and then recalled that he still had no wand.

"Go on to breakfast, Sirius, we can talk later," Dumbledore smiled genially. Sirius strode towards the door. As he passed he leaned over to his old rival. "Always thought you were a cunt. Guess I was right." And he was gone.

Severus reached into his sleeve, but then recalled that he still did not have his wand. "Severus, Sirius did not mean anything."

"Yes he did."

"Now, my dear..."

"I recognized the look in his eyes. I saw it enough when he and his playmates trapped me at school. He would have taken me here on the floor if you had not been in the room."

"Now you are being paranoid, my love," Albus patted his arm. "Whatever justifiable anger you had for him is no longer relevant. I am your husband. It is my responsibility to protect you. I will not allow anyone, even Sirius to harm you. He might say some nasty things, but he would not dare to touch you. "

"And if he did, would you call me a liar again?"

"I would take a pensive," somehow that answer had not given him much comfort.

Then Severus looked at his husband. "So, I am not allowed to be around anything that might be poisonous? There are only two things that I might have had to work with for the Sixth and Seventh years that could possibly cause a miscarriage. You do not trust me, Albus."

For some reason, that thought actually had comforted him.

"Do not get me wrong, my love, but I have not lived so long by being a fool. You are a potion master, Severus, a very formidable one. Though you should know that I do possess a bezor, and all of my plates and cups are charmed to detect poison. I do want to trust you, my pet, but I would also prefer not to put you in the path of temptation. You will not be allowed near any of the more dangerous materials until I am more sure that you have accepted your new life."

"I see. And on that same line of thought, when may I have my wand?"

"When you are ready to teach classes. Until then, you do not need it. I will take care of you," Severus sighed at this, but knew better then to argue. He would need to be sure that he never met Black alone until he got it back. Dumbledore might think that his mere presence in the school would keep Sirius Black from trying to hurt him, but from long bitter experience Severus knew better.

Especially without Lupin around to keep the ex Marauder in line. That was when he, Potter and Pettigrew had hurt him the worst, raped or otherwise sexually abused him. These were usually after the full moon when Lupin had been incapacitated in the infirmary and Sirius was bored.

He eventually did get his wand back, but only after swearing a very complex oath. Basically he had no choice but to promise that he would never, ever use it against Dumbledore, never cast a spell to harm or hinder him, or to cause anyone else to do so.


Thinking back the announcement to the students had not been too bad in and of itself, the old man had managed to tell them the basics, without too much detail to upset their delicate sensibilities. It had been realizing that the wide, still innocent eyes of all of the children were fixed on him as if he were something in a zoo that had made Severus want to run and hide.

"We will all have to make some adjustments to this new situation. Though the changes to Severus' physical appearance may take a little getting used to, I am sure that all of you will be pleased with the changes in Professor Snape-Dumbledore's teaching methods," he did love saying Snape-Dumbledore. "Now that he does not have to keep up appearances for the Death Eaters, he will be much more fair in his rewards as well as punishments," this caused cheers from the entire student body.

Well, almost the entire student body. Slytherin House was quite subdued.

Of course there were a lot fewer Slytherin then there had been. He had noted only two new faces, poor first years condemned to the house that was now looked down upon as the defeated enemy.

So many of the children had been needlessly lost to the war. Most were not even really supporters of Voldemort. Their parents had chosen the Dark Lord before they were born. They had not been given a choice. They fought beside their parents, and died beside them.

"Now, I will expect all of you to be very nice to Severus. Though he has not started to gain weight yet, his condition is still somewhat delicate. Do not over tire him with a lot of questions. And of course, no heavy lifting." The Headmaster looked down at his mate affectionately.

After the speech was over and everyone dismissed Severus had actually managed to get out of the Great Hall without Dumbledore noticing. The old man was busy being congratulated by Potter and the Gryffindors.

Though some were obviously disgusted at the idea of Severus, let alone any man being pregnant, others it seemed liked the idea of the nasty Potions Master being nauseated and miserable for nine months.

It looked like he would be free for a little while, so Severus had taken the opportunity to sneak out and had actually intended to go back to Dumbledore's room and take a nap.

Surely Albus could not fault him for being tired?

He had not gotten far when he was surprised by a welcome voice. "Professor Snape!" he turned to look into a pair of familiar, though sadly haunted gray eyes. "Draco?" he gasped as the young man, who was now as tall as he, and hugged him fiercely.

Draco Malfoy did not shy away from his new body. He had already seen it up close. Dumbledore and Pomfrey were not the only ones who knew what Severus had been through. Draco Malfoy had been forced to watch his father use Severus for his pleasure, and taunt Draco with the knowledge that his little brother would come from his beloved teacher. When Severus had finally been rescued by the Order, so had Draco.

Or what was left of him.

The once angelic face now had a scar on the right side from the hairline through his eyebrow, eyelid, down his cheek to his slightly pointed chin. Almost miraculously considering the depth of the scar, his eye had remained untouched. Severus knew that there were many more scars that could not be seen, covered by the heavy robes, and many that were not on the surface. Though it was the young man's spirit that had suffered most.

He had not broken, but the fire, the arrogance as some would say was gone. It had quite literally, been beaten out of him first by his father, then by the Ministry. Draco may have come to the side of Light, but his father had died an unrepentant Death Eater. He had also been told that his mother had taken her own life when faced with the truth about his father.

Draco knew her too well to believe that.

He suspected that several of the Aurors, such as 'Mad-Eye' Moody knew more then they were telling. But no one wanted to hear things like that now. The war was over, what was past was past. He was told in no uncertain terms that the whole mess was best forgotten.

Now he was an orphan, alone and in many circles reviled. Draco Malfoy had his name, for all that was worth now, and a small allowance from the Ministry. His home and nearly all of the Malfoy money had been forfeit to the state.

Draco had a tear visible in his eye as he slowly released his Head of House and said softly, "is it really Dumbledore's child?"

"Straight to the point? Not very Slytherin of you, Draco," Severus noted, but he managed a smile. "Yes, there were several paternity tests done. The child unquestioningly belongs to Dumbledore."

"I am glad it is not by a Death Eater," he sighed, and then looked down. "And I am sorry. What they did to you, it was my fault."

"No, Draco. There is no blame on you. When it was discovered that I had been Dumbledore's spy, the Dark Lord said I was a coward, called me what he considered the ultimate insult, 'womanly'. So he thought it would be amusing to give me the parts to go with his pronouncement. You have no need to feel guilty. Even if you had been a loyal Death Eater, I would have been treated the same."

"Thank you for saying that," he did not believe it, but it sounded nice. "Professor Dumbledore is certainly happy with the way things turned out."


"Are you?" Severus could not hide a slight shuddered. He started to say something to Draco, but his face must have betrayed his anxiety.

"Forgive me, sir, that was rude. I am sure that you love Headmaster Dumbledore or you would not have married him."

"Of course he does, Mr. Malfoy," Sirius Black walked up behind them. "You are a good little wife, right, Severus?" Black turned toward the blond, he sneered at him, and squared his shoulders, to emphasize how much broader, more muscular he was then either of the Slytherins. "You had best go to class, Malfoy," he said by way of dismissing the boy. His eyes then returned to his old enemy.

"Actually, Professor Black, I do not have class for another hour," Draco informed him. He did not know all of the history between the two professors, but his father had told him enough in his third year when Black was a fugitive and everyone thought him a threat to Hogwarts and Harry Potter.

He had no intention of leaving Severus alone with Sirius Black.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, at that point Dumbledore strode up in a swirl of robes and white hair. "Severus, there you are my Love!" he smiled though his eyes were a little cold. "I turned around and you were gone. I was concerned."

"I was just going to, ah, our rooms to rest, when I ran into Mr. Malfoy and Professor Black."

"No harm done. Come, the reporter from the Daily Profit will be meeting us in the staff lounge in less then an hour. Must not keep him waiting," he said brightly.

"Of course Albus. Black," he nodded slightly, his face a neutral mask. "We can speak another time, Mr. Malfoy." The blond smiled and left now that he was safe, at least safe from Black.

They did talk again many times over the next several months. They had to sneak around, meeting clandestinely like lovers, but his talks with Draco, and the ever stronger movements of the child in his womb were sometimes all that kept him sane.

"I look forward to it, sir," the younger wizard had smiled and left. Black smiled also, and Severus did not like it. He continued to smile as Dumbledore took Severus by the hand, held it much tighter then necessary, and led him down the hall. No words were exchanged until they had traversed the hallway and Severus was pushed roughly into the staff lounge.

The younger wizard had no doubt that he was in trouble as the door was slammed shut with a sound like the crack of doom.

Professor Dumbledore growled, then angrily threw a locking and silencing spell at the door. He grabbed a shocked Severus by the wrist and bent him over the back of the old dark brown couch!

"You are going to learn a lesson, My Love!" the old man used his wand, and bound Severus down so the he could not move,

"Albus? What have I done?" he gasped desperately completely at a loss as to what he could possibly have done to anger the older man.

"I did not give you permission, either to leave the Great Hall, or to speak to that, that, MALFOY!"

"But he is my student, I, I..."

"No buts Severus. You belong to me! You will be where I tell you to be, and speak with those whom I deem appropriate. That Malfoy brat is persona non grata at the ministry. He is practically a pauper now that they have taken the estates as payment for his parents' crimes," Dumbledore hissed. His eyes blazed as, for the first time the now hated willow switch was pulled from his voluminous sleeve. Severus could not stop a whimper of fear escaping his throat. He saw the feral gleam in the old man's eyes.

He realized with dread that whatever he had done it did not matter. It was just an excuse to do what the old man had intended to do all along.

"You get ten of the best," the older wizard pulled up Severus' robes to expose his buttocks. He drew back and snapped the switch low over the pale thighs. His bond mate yelped. He struck again, Snape cried out and tried to pull away. But this was impossible, he was held fast by the powerful binding spell.

Albus Dumbledore looked approvingly at the red welts on those creamy thighs. "You are not counting Severus. Now I will have to start over," he popped the other man, slapped across his testicles with the springy wood. "One!" Severus yelled.

Another hit, this time striking the sensitive female opening. "OW! Two!"

Higher up on the globes of the buttocks. "Three!"

Almost exactly on the same red line. "Four!"

Back on the thighs, "Five!"

On the balls, hard, "S..S..Six!" Tears streamed down his face.

Harder on the buttocks, "Seven!" he yelped.

He cringed as he heard it snap again, feeling the blood dripping down his thighs as the slightly delayed pain exploded. "Eight!"

Back on the bottom. "Nine!"

The female orifice again. "TEN!!!" he sobbed.

The old man looked pleased at his handy work. He ran a hand possessively over the reddened, heated flesh, caused Snape to flinch. "I must say, you bore that very well, Severus. You deserve a reward." Dumbledore strode over to the old refrigerator in the corner near the very new coffee machine and began to rummage through it. After a moment he came back with a tub of butter. He dipped in his fingers and so very gently caressed the heated marks with the cool stuff. He worked it in becoming more aroused himself at the sight, the feel of that soft skin. When he could stand it no more, he slipped a greased finger into the tight ring of muscles in Severus Snape-Dumbledore's cleft.

Severus gasped and arched his back.

Soon a second finger joined the first. Then a third stretched and stroked him. Severus let out a moan. "Feels good, my Little One?" Severus said nothing only whimpered, Albus pushed in harder causing his mate to tremble, the odd mixture of pleasure and pain confused his mind and body made him grow hard and wet at the same time.

Severus shut down his mind and tried to just let it happen, let his body respond to the pleasure. He knew that Dumbledore wanted this.

"I can cause you pain Severus," Dumbledore whispered, his long fingers withdrew, being replaced with his cock, also slicked with cool butter. It was a bizarre feeling. "I can also give you pleasure," the Headmaster growled. He did not stroke his prostate, he rammed into it every time like a heat seeking missile!

"OH! AH! Merlin!" Severus screamed as he moved with the older man, his body demanded release. A hand wrapped around his shaft and began to stroke it in time with the thrusts. Dumbledore would have laughed as the younger man's seed spilled over his hand, but he was being pulled into orgasm by the clenching of muscles on his cock.

Afterwards Dumbledore released the binding and did a quick cleaning spell on them both and the rather disgusting couch. Severus slipped to his knees, robes pooling out around him. The silver clip hanging by a few threads in his tousled hair that seemed to be mostly in his face. He panted feeling used, violated as he watched the older man with fear in his eyes, unsure what he was expected to do. "Now you know the price of defiance, and the rewards of obedience. I know how to pleasure you Severus. I want to make you whimper with desire; I want you to be eager for my touch," the younger man said nothing, only stared at him. "But I will settle for cries of pain if you insist."

"I am sorry, Albus," he gulped, shoulders slumped, eyes lowered, his body language screaming submission. "Please forgive me."

"You are still not quite sure what to be sorry about, are you?" Dumbledore smiled. "That does not matter. Now, my Sweet, show me how grateful you are."

Severus blinked at him uncomprehending. "I do not understand?"

"Severus, I punish you so that you will become a better person, when I do so, you will show your gratitude," the Headmaster used his shoe to tap the floor in front of him.

Now Severus knew what to do. This was old hat to him. He crawled, a little awkward in the heavy robes but quickly knelt before Dumbledore.

"Thank you, Albus," he kissed the man's burgundy robes. Voldemort had loved this. Torture someone within an inch of their life, then make them kiss the hem of his robes and thank him for the privilege.

"Close," Dumbledore informed him, his eyes twinkling. "I want you to kiss my cock." It was softening, but still peaked out of the folds of the robes just beneath his snowy beard.

Severus did as he was bidden without hesitation.

"Very good," Albus tucked himself back in. "When we do not have to worry about morning sickness, you will be expected to lick it clean. Until then, a kiss will do," he slid the willow branch into his right sleeve he then waved his hand wandlessly he cast a charm to clear the air. "Cannot have the reporter from the Prophet smelling sex when he comes in. Come over here and let me fix your hair. He will surely want to take pictures. We are becoming quite the famous couple my child. Now, come sit on the couch."

"Yes Albus," he bowed his head and stood carefully. He was in a lot of pain as he attempted to sit on the cushion. He had winced as he tried to find less painful place to settle. The butter's cool sensation had worn off. His arse and thighs throbbed. "Do not look so pained my child. That reporter must understand how very happy you are to be with me."

"Yes Albus."

"If you please me, I will ease the pain when the reporter leaves."

Dumbledore had been very pleased with him that day. Severus had been the model of the dutiful, submissive spouse. The reporter loved it. He had been a student at Hogwarts some ten years before. A Ravenclaw to be exact. And he was absolutely thrilled to see his nightmare Potions teacher sitting primly by Dumbledore, speaking only when spoken to and always looking to his husband for permission to answer any question.

They had received a lot of really bizarre mail after the interview ran. A few were sure that he was still a Death Eater, but most were from people who wanted to tell Severus how lucky he was to be married to a wonderful, dutiful man like Dumbledore.

Then there was one from someone that wanted to add him to their harem?


With a sad sigh Severus looked up at the ceiling. Once he had entertained thoughts of doing great things in the field of potions. Being recognized for his ability. Now he just wished he could understand what the Dumbledore wanted of him.

He tried to be obedient. He really did. But sometimes it seemed that no matter what he did it was wrong.

His eventually found his gaze straying to his sleeping husband. Albus was completely relaxed. He lay on his back, his muscular chest, covered by his thick beard braided for sleep, was rising and falling steadily.

Speaking of rising, Severus note the steady tenting of the quilt that lay casually draped over his torso. The morning hard on had hit. This meant that very soon the Headmaster would be awake and ready to take him.

Sighing, Severus watched the blanket slowly rise till the organ was at its full, admittedly impressive height. He wondered if he should go ahead and move off his own covers and spread his legs. Be ready for his master.

He was supposed to be obedient. But an odd thought struck him. The Headmaster did not seem to like him to think for himself, or to do anything without Dumbledore's order.

He actually smiled and wondered, just how far did that extend?

Albus Dumbledore moaned. This was such an incredible, realistic dream! His hips began to move into the wet heat that enveloped his aching organ. It felt so real, just as if a very talented mouth was suckling his cock.

His eyes opened, and as the sleep blur faded he saw a mass of black moving up and down on his shaft. He gasped with surprise as he realized that Severus actually was sucking him off! And without being ordered to! He watched with fascination as the boy's head bobbed up and down.

Though as he felt his balls tighten, he grabbed a handful of black hair and forced him off.

Severus shrank back in fear. "Forgive me, Albus. I had made you angry last night and wanted to make it up to you. I did not mean to be presumptuous!"

"No, no, child, far from it! Feel free to wake me so pleasantly any time you like, my Love," he smiled, stroking his cheek. "I only wanted to come inside you. Watch you pleasure yourself on me."

Now feeling bolder, Severus straddled Dumbledore's hips. The older man gasped as his bond mate slid down on his shaft. He was so beautiful with his long hair flying wildly as he threw his head back in abandon. The Headmaster watched in wonder as the large breasts bounced enticingly. The older wizard's hands roved over the exquisite body before him.

He loved touching Severus' swollen, beautifully ripe belly. This more then the ring on his finger was to him, a mark of ownership. It proclaimed to the world that he, Albus Dumbledore had conquered Severus. That he had forced the slender young body to accept a part of him. He had planted his seed, his child.

And his ultimate triumph, Severus loved that child.

This was exquisite. Severus whimpered as he leaned forward, rubbing against Dumbledore, trembling, just on the edge. He almost sobbed as the orgasm clutched his body, "ALBUS!"

That shout of pure pleasure sent the older man over the edge.

Afterward they lay together, sated. "You are so lovely," Dumbledore sighed holding him, stroking his cheek tenderly.

"Albus," he whispered shyly. "You know, I have been feeling much better these last few weeks. Could I, spend a little more time with the younger Slytherin children? Some of them are having trouble and try as he might, Praetorius just does not really understand them. He is not a Slytherin. Besides, they think he is rather odd."

"He is rather odd," the Headmaster said with a sigh. "Well, I do not see why not. Just as long as it does not take any time away from me."

"Of course, Albus," Severus hid a sly smile.

Three fucking months he had cringed and walked on eggshells whenever Dumbledore came near! It had to have been the damn hormones!

He thought bitterly that he should be ashamed of himself. The Head of Slytherin house had allowed a Gryffindor, even a psychotic one, to turn him in circles, to keep him cowed through fear and intimidation.

It was about time that he stopped acting like a frightened child and began thinking like a true Slytherin.


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