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Albus Dumbledore stormed into the nursery. It was three o'clock in the bloody morning and the baby was crying.


He threw open the door and found Severus desperately trying to calm the screaming child. "Severus! You forgot the silencing charm again!" he hissed. "Can you not keep him quiet for even a few minutes?"

"I am sorry Albus," the younger man whispered, with the child in his arm. He paced the room at an almost frantic rate, bouncing the tiny bundle gently trying to calm him. His eyes were bloodshot and were developing dark shadows underneath. "He is not hungry or in need of a change. I think he has colic, but I do not have any potion for it. I will have to go to Hogsmeade to get some of the ingredients. "

"You know my rule about leaving the castle. Why have you not asked permission?" Dumbledore glared at him as he shouted over their child's wails.

"I did not know until I checked a few minutes ago," Severus said nervously. "Please, may I go into Hogsmeade?" He should have been on his knees, preferably with breasts bared and tears in his eyes to make the man more malleable, but it was too awkward to do any of that holding the baby.

He only prayed that Dumbledore realized it also.

The older man frowned, stroking his beard. "I have too many things to do. That fool Fudge is coming in the morning." He frowned as Godric cried louder. "Sirius does not have a class until one, he will accompany you."

Severus bowed his head. "Yes Albus."

Well, that was a guarantee that he was going to be nailed at least once before lunch.

"Just keep him quiet. I am going back to bed. Some of us have responsibilities," Dumbledore growled throwing a silence charm over his shoulder at the room. Severus held the wailing child. "Shh, please Godric, you must not anger him."

In desperation he offered a breast again. Relief washed over him as the fussy infant finally latched on. Sitting carefully in a dark cherry wood rocking chair Severus realized that he had been trembling.

He would have to remember to use the silencing charm when he woke unless he wanted to incur Dumbledore's wrath again. He lived in constant fear that even as the Slytherin meekly submitted to his every sexual whim, the man was becoming more easily angered by the inconveniences of parenthood. Late night feedings and fussiness that might just annoy another new father could send Dumbledore into a murderous rage.

What if he became so angry that instead of whipping and raping him, Dumbledore took out his rage on Godric?

He could not think about that. Dumbledore would not risk exposing his secret life by injuring his son, would he?

Or might the devious old man find a way to blame Severus and his 'illness' for any signs of abuse that might be visible on their child?


Draco Malfoy's mind was not on Professor Lupin's potion instructions. His gray eyes rested on the back of Hermione Granger's head. He found himself seeing her chestnut brown thick bushy hair, with a new perspective.

What would their child look like?

He had the strange mental picture of a tiny baby, he was not certain of sex, wearing the red and gold of Gryffindor with his blonde color, and Hermione's sheer frizzy volume. He was caught between smiling and crying.

He had not had the chance to speak to her since that night. His heart beat faster as the image of her riding him with such wanton abandon.

Damn, he was hard again.

There had to be a way to talk to her. Make sure that she was doing OK. See if she had a charm to determine the sex of their child.

Could he ever claim paternity? His name was disgraced in the Wizarding world. (Well, those thoughts took care of his erection at least). But he wanted to be involved in more ways then just sending a monthly check. He wanted his child to have something that he did not. A father that loved him, not one that only just tolerated his child because he needed an heir.

As he lay in his bed almost two weeks ago with his hair still bright blue, he had been poised between heart pounding fear at the thought of being a father, to almost unbearable joy at that same realization.

In a very sad way Draco was grateful that his own father was dead. What would that proud pureblood have done if he had realized that he had a half 'Mudblood' grandchild?

Probably have sent Avada Kadavra curses flying in all directions.

Watching her from afar he was beginning to realize that his fondest wish was to be with mother and child.

His heart leapt as he saw Hermione smile as she spoke to Potter, he knew that Black could not have cornered her again. She could not fake that smile.

Her eyes flashed at him, just for a moment. She winked.

If only she could aim that smile openly at him!

He still wanted to kill Black. Neuter that mangy animagus bastard for touching her!

"Mr. Malfoy?" He turned to see Professor Lupin standing over him. His new black robes stood out like a sore thumb on the teacher. Everyone was used to his rather bedraggled appearance. The new robes gave him an air of authority he seemed to lack before. Or maybe it was his eyes. There was something in them that caused a shiver if he glared. "Would you like to come back to the same dimensional plane as the rest of us?"

"Sorry Sir," he said looking down to hide his red face. Damned pale skin, he almost glowed when he blushed!

"Five points from Slytherin for day dreaming. I believe, Mr. Malfoy, that you need a detention to clear your head. Stay after class." Lupin's yellow rimmed eyes turned to Hermione. "Very good Miss Granger. You have that anti-nausea potion perfect. Now, the rest of you have twenty minutes to bottle your potions and clean up."


After class, when the door closed on the last of the other students Draco strode over to Lupin's desk. "I do not know what Severus has on Fannon and Broom but I thought they were going to offer me their first born sons! They have the new Will completed, I can have it in your hand with an hour notice," the blonde said sitting in on the edge of the desk. "You do know that it would be best if 'Dumbledore' delivered it to the ministry records office himself. Then there would be no chance of anyone needing to send any owls to ask questions."

"Yes, I know. I will take care of that," Lupin assured.

"You have Polyjuice potion at hand?"

"Praetorius had a rather substantial stock of it. I have no idea why. All I need to do is get a few hairs from Dumbledore. I can do that at lunch. There must be a few around his chair. Give me the revised Will in the morning. I have no classes after ten on Thursday. That should give me plenty of time. I think that the 'Headmaster' will be able to cut through the red tape fairly easily."

"Good," Malfoy smiled. "I also have the other items that Severus asked for. Though considering what is happening to him, I would think they would be the last thing he would need."

"I have his note. He is very specific. If he says he needs them, we get them," Lupin told him sitting down at the desk.

Draco looked down at him. "Have you, umm, had the chance to speak to Hermione privately?"

"Yes, she stayed after yesterday on the pretext of asking me some questions. She in only a few weeks along, so she has not started having morning sickness yet. More importantly she has managed to avoid being alone with either Sirius or Dumbledore."

"Good," he sighed with relief. "Does she know what it is? What sex the child is?"

"You are going to be the father of a baby girl." Lupin smiled at him.

"Will I?" he sighed again, this time with sadness.

"Hermione wants you to be involved. She would like to see you," assured Lupin. "Perhaps you can arrange to meet this Saturday in Hogsmeade? You might both be able to slip away from your housemates for a few minutes."

"Could you ask her to try and meet me in the old Miller's Bakery, about three?"

"Sure Draco." When alone, Lupin could no longer use the somewhat derogatory sounding address 'Malfoy.'


Severus was completely on edge with Sirius Black walking behind him as he pushed the red and gold pram down the narrow lane. People smiled as they passed, which was a change from last year, as the dour teacher and suspected Death Eater they had avoided his gaze completely.

Older women especially would wave or, some would openly come up to look in at the very happy cooing child. They would ooh and ah as they peeked into the carriage.

"Lovely child," giggled a gray haired, chubby witch.

"I love what you have done with your hair Professor Snape," one elderly witch noted, looking at the long braid, with strands of gold woven through it. Dumbledore had used a little magic and done his hair this morning.

"He has your eyes dear," another voice noted in passing.

"Who would have thought that Headmaster Dumbledore would be fathering children at his age? It is a miracle. You must be so happy," said the owner of the fruit stand. A frail seeming woman in pale blue robes, who had been in the same spot when Severus had been a student.

He simply smiled and went on, with the ominously silent Sirius Black in tow, watching his every movement like a predator about to pounce. He could feel his 'loving' stepson's eyes on his arse. And occasionally when he could get close enough, his hands.

It made him feel dirty. Why Black feeling him up was worse then Dumbledore, he could not say.

As they approached the apothecary Severus had to screw up his courage and speak to the man he despised. "Sirius," he hated addressing him that way, especially doing it so meekly, but Dumbledore had insisted. 'Be respectful, and demure when speaking to him my Pet, just as you would me,' he had said stroking his cheek.

"Could you please watch Godric while I go inside for the ingredients?" He knew that the only reason he was not being slapped for impertinence was that there were people all around.

"I do not think that Albus would be too happy if you went in alone." Dumbledore did not like to think of his play toy without a chaperone. He considered Severus tamed, but he was a very jealous, possessive man.

"He cannot go in there. The air is always so stuffy, and some of the substances in there are toxic. It is not a good place for a newborn. If you prefer I can stay outside with Godric? I have a list, it is very short..."

"Give me the list. I will be watching you. Do not move from this spot, nor speak to anyone or I will have to chastise you." Sirius obviously enjoyed being able to order him around.

"Yes Sirius." His eyes were on the ground, and he deliberately gave his answer in the same timid tone he used when speaking to Dumbledore as he held up the parchment. Black snatched it from his hands and sneered.

It took all of ten minutes for Black to get the ingredients for the potion. It would have taken less if he had not spent several minutes glancing back out the window, just to be sure that he obeyed.

When he exited the shop as expected he found Severus, Godric cradled in his arms, waiting in the exact same place as he was left. The Slytherin wanted to give him no legitimate reason to hurt him.

Not that he thought a little thing having no provocation would stop Black.

"Come Severus, I have everything on your shopping list. Now, you can show me how grateful you are." He leaned down close to his ear. "We are going to find some place to be alone. Let's go." He guided the silent, resigned man until they were unobserved by outsiders, and then pushed Severus into an alley, then back into a disused warehouse.

As soon as he closed the door, Severus just sighed, lay Godric in the pram and taking out his wand cast a warming charm, then a shielding one on his sleeping son. He did not know if Godric could see or hear, or remember what happened. But he would not take the chance.

Without being asked, or ordered he walked over to Black and dropped to his knees. He then knelt down and kissed his boots.

The other man smiled. "You really are well trained Severus. Now suck me."


After supper Albus Dumbledore was frustrated from spending most of the day in the company of Fudge and his pack of sniveling bureaucrats. Barely giving Severus time to eat a bite he had suggested that they retire. Then escorted Severus and their son out of the Great Hall pushing the black haired man through the door to his office. Severus had almost fallen with Godric in his arms, but managed to get the child back to the nursery.

Why did his tormentors always want him while he held his child?

Albus had waited impatiently for his return, he had then grabbed him by the neck and bent his compliant bond mate over his desk to the cheers of the paintings of the past Headmasters and given him a good long shagging.

Some time later in bed, Albus pounded into him, head thrown back, nearing completion, until he looked down intending to savor Severus' submission.

Severus lay beneath him completely limp, head to the side, eyes closed, jaw slack. The seething wizard stopped his thrusts. There was no change.

Severus was asleep.

Fury crashed like a tidal wave into the older Wizard. He growled, grabbed the long legs, pushed them hard against his spouse's chest and brutally slammed back into his body. Severus cried out, sunken, bloodshot eyes snapped open.

"HOW DARE YOU!!" Dumbledore punctuated each word with a violent thrust!

After he had spilled his seed, the white haired wizard pushed Severus down into the bed, his face so close the cowering man could smell the lemon drops on his breath. "You fell asleep while I was fucking you!"

"Sorry," he answered meekly, "so, tired..."

"There is no excuse for this Severus! None!"

"I am sorry," he sobbed. "Please, Albus, forgive me, please!" Desperately he lay on his belly, whimpering like a beaten dog. Severus slowly, cautiously, crawled to him, then tentatively began to lick his way up his annoyed husband's muscular thighs. Expertly he let his tongue caress his balls.

Dumbledore continued to scowl dangerously, but did not dissuade him. So Severus increased his ministrations, began to lick, nip and mouth his cock. The organ began to harden, and a little twinge of relief attempted to creep in. But he pushed it away. Best not to take the chance. Just because Dumbledore got off, did not mean he would be forgiving.

"Suck it bitch!" The older wizard wove his fingers in his hair. Relaxing his throat, Severus tried to take it all. His near delirious mind reeled, but he managed to keep himself focused on pleasuring his husband.

Dumbledore emptied himself into his mouth. He then lay back on the bed, a slight smile on his face. He stroked Severus' long hair tenderly. "So sweet and obedient," he sighed.

But both jumped as they heard a high pitched wail emanated from the nursery. Without thinking, Severus snatched up his bathrobe from the end of the bed and stumbled through the door. The sound stopped abruptly.

It would seem that Severus remembered the silencing charm this time.

Albus Dumbledore glared after him, as and a dark shadow fell over his face. "This will never do," he said to himself, "no, this will not do at all."


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