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Hermione Granger's normally finely tuned mind had turned to boiling mush.

At the moment in her fevered brain she did not think that the hands removing her white cotton panties were inappropriate. That there was anything untoward about someone she should never be alone with under any circumstances fingering her in a most intimate way.

All she knew was that there was an aching void between her legs: one that needed to be filled by something big, hard and hot.

She heard herself moan as she felt the very thing she needed press against her stomach through a pair of tight jeans.

"You want it baby?" a husky voice growled in her ear, grinding against her.

"Yes!" she answered then sucked his tongue into her mouth.

Sirius moved his hand to open his jeans. Gods, he must have gotten more of the potions on him then he realized, because he was about to come just from the delicious friction of her hips alone.

He was so painfully aroused that he barely recognized the sound of the tumblers of the lock being worked. But he heard it plain as day when there was a sudden clank and the lock opened. Sirius jumped back reflexively, damning himself for forgetting to cast a locking charm on the door!

Hermione sagged against the desk shaking. She whimpered at the loss of the weight and heat of Black's body against her.

Professor Praetorius breezed in carrying a large trunk against his chest without even noticing the somewhat ruffled appearance of the pair. Nor did he see Black realize that he held Hermione's underwear.

He quickly slipped the incriminating panties into his robe pocket.

The odd man dropped his trunk noisily onto the desk beside Hermione. "Ah, Miss Granger, have you finished labeling and arranging the new supplies?" he asked without looking up.

"Y, Yes Professor," she stuttered, using the back of her hand to wipe her feverish brow.

"Good, good, you seem tired, you should go on to your dorm my dear, children need their sleep, and I have kept you up quite long enough," the white haired wizard said dismissively as he opened the trunk and started to dig into it.

Hermione blinked as her overheated synopsis attempted to restart. She looked with horror at the very disheveled and lustily flushed Sirius Black, realizing that she had almost ended up on her back for the damned rapist!

She turned and ran from the room.

Praetorius ignored her. "So Professor Black, would you like to see my newest experiments?" He lifted several large jars covered with silk bags out of the trunk. The confused, hyper aroused and angry Sirius looked at the jars with puzzlement, even in the state he was in he noticed that he could hear tiny voices coming from them...


Not far away, the small, slim, slightly androgynous Slytherin Prefect Blaze Zabini caught a glimpse of someone sneaking down one of the disused corridors in the dungeons. He moved quickly to see who it was. His first thought at the sight of the figure darting through the dungeon was that it might be Moaning Myrtle sneaking out of her bathroom.

Though as that figure came into the light, he recognized who it was.

Blaze hid behind a suit if armor, pulled a small mirror from his robes and whispered "Open Channel D." The mirror flashed to life. "Malfoy, you there?"

"Yes. What is it?" Draco's face appeared in the mirror. He stifled a yawn.

"You wanted to know if I saw anything unusual with the Gryffs."

"What have you got?" Draco was now more alert.

"Potter's playmate Granger just went into the old Potion's classroom. She looked a little, um, flustered..."

"Stay out of sight. Make sure she does not leave. I will be right there."

"You owe me, big," Zabini informed him.

"Put it on my tab," Draco said stiffly as the mirror turned black.

A few moments later, since the old classroom was just down the hall from the Slytherin Dorms, Draco met the Prefect with a nod. "She still in there?"

"Unless she used the floo, she is still there."

"Thanks." Malfoy walked over to the door and very carefully opened it. He did not see anything at first, but after he stepped inside he used a locking and silencing charm just in case.

He was not sure why, but it seemed a prudent precaution.

"Hello?" he said softly. "Granger?"

He heard a whimper, and an odd wet noise. "Grang..." he gulped as he came around the dusty teacher's desk and found her on her knees, tears escaped tightly closed eyes, mouth open panting. Her skirt was flipped up, panties gone and her long fingers moved between her legs, frantically rubbing herself.

Her eyes snapped open as she realized that she was not alone. The desperate young witch tried to stop what she was doing, to take her fingers off of her aching clitoris but with a moan they were back. "Black! It was Black!" she sobbed, turning her face from him red with shame.

"Gods, did he rape you?" he gulped, unable to take his eyes off of her.

Hermione shook her head no. "P-p-potion," she choked.

"What can I do?"

In answer she jumped to her feet, lunged at him! Her slick hand caught his arm. The smell of her sex was almost overpowering. She used her grip to climb up his torso, rubbed her groin against him and looked into his stunned gray eyes. "Please, Draco, please, fuck me NOW!"

"What?" He tried to pull away. Hermione threw her arms around his neck. She whispered harshly in his right ear. "Need sex! Please! Not Black, you!"

"No, I, I..." Draco's eyes were drawn to her face as an almost painful warmth spread from the place on his arms and neck where Hermione had touched his skin. "Your hands... It is on your hands," he gasped and he now knew why she was acting the way she did. He was becoming painfully aroused already.

"Please!" she kissed him fiercely.

With a Herculean effort, Draco pushed her back drew his wand with a trembling hand. He pointed it at her. "Custodio Contra Conceptio!" Loose translation - Guard against conception.

Their clothes were flung in all directions. The pair could not stop groping one another long enough to worry about where they ended up. Draco's last coherent as they sank to the floor together was that he hoped he had done the contraceptive spell right.


Severus felt utterly ridiculous.

Though it was not as if he had any say in the matter. To get his figurative leash extended, he knew that he would have to submit without hesitation to whatever Dumbledore desired, no matter how humiliating.

But this was EXCRUTIATINGLY humiliating.

It was bad enough that the bastard Dumbledore had felt the need to bind him into one of his prized corsets, but did the damn thing really have to be Gryffindor red and gold?

The Slytherin chafed silently, keeping his face neutral. He supposed in a way he looked good. His legs were long and slender, though perched precariously on six-inch spiked heels (which might just be the death of him!) and sheathed in sheer dark red silk hose, held at mid thigh by suspenders that hung from the corset.

His waist, despite all it had gone through recently was quite slim, his breasts (he still had a problem with that concept) were swollen to the rather impressive cup size of a double 'D'. The breasts were held up and out by the whalebone stiffened red silk, and the top of the corset was decorated with gold ribbons. It left his hard nipples peeking out over his enhanced bust line.

The whole thing made him look very feminine.

And of course, to add insult to injury, the corset stopped just at the curve of his arse, so that it was left bare for Dumbledore to fondle and fuck at his leisure.

Though the whole delicate, feminine image was thrown off by two glaring imperfections.

The first was of course, his face. By no stretch of the imagination could it be considered soft or feminine. It was much too angular, though Severus noticed that since the alteration to his gender, his eyelashes had grown longer, and thicker, just the way women wanted theirs to be.

And he could not grow a beard to save his life.

The second extremely unfeminine feature was, to be blunt, his cock and balls, which thanks to the cut of the corset, were also left, well, hanging.

It seemed strange that Dumbledore always wanted him to wear things that made him look like a woman. And yet, the old lecher could not keep his hands or admittedly talented mouth off of his cock. Albus wanted to touch and/or suck him, though every time the man took him, Severus was on his back.

The old pervert would never dream of letting Severus top him. In his mind, and so in his world, his pet Slytherin would always be submissive.

So here he was, all dressed up like some specialty whore, and Dumbledore ended up being called to the Great Hall by Professor Vector. "Wait here my love, I will be back in a few moments. Just do not start without me!" he had chuckled squeezing his breast playfully. Then his voice had become just a little harder. "I will be displeased if you touch yourself."

So, he was stuck in the too small and awkward heels, which made his feet ache even when he did not put his weight on them. His privates, both sets, were exposed, cold, and the corset was so bloody tight that he could hardly breath!

In the end he sat at his vanity and worked on his hair.

There was something he would never have thought possible. Severus Snape sitting before a small single drawer woman's vanity, complete with a large lighted mirror. This was a present from Albus. There was makeup, which Severus never used unless ordered to. Mostly he wore it to play a geisha or unfortunately, for Dumbledore's nastier whore fantasies.

He sighed tiredly and started to brush his hair. Recently he had begun to experiment with braids. Now that his hair fell well past his hips it mostly ended up in the way, and if he were not careful it could get some horrendous tangles.

The Slytherin did not even consider asking Albus if he could cut it.

Thanks to Dumbledore's obsession with finding ways to make Severus enjoy pain and the old man spanking him at the drop of a wand, the last thing he wanted was to give him a reason to inflict some punishment on him.

The brush fell from his hand as he heard the office door thrown open, and then slammed shut with a bang. 'Oh gods, he is angry!' He jumped to his feet, but almost fell because of the heels. "Albus?" he gulped, ready to drop to his knees and grovel.

"Not quite!" Sirius Black stormed into the bedroom looking more like a maniac then he had when he escaped from Azkaban! His hair was slick with sweat, face flushed, eyes wild with desire. "Perfect," he hissed seeing his old foe frozen like a deer in the headlights, and dressed like a Knockturn Alley whore.

"Nice arse." He licked his lips. "Bring it over here!"

Snape backed away, shakily. He was near total panic. What was he supposed to do? Would Dumbledore want him to let Black take him, or would he be angry?

He was almost hyperventilating as Black stalked towards him, forcing his back against the far wall by the picture of Albus and his brother. The two wizards were both cheering and encouraging Black to edge him closer so that Snape would be shoved against the massive picture as Black took him.

"You are a sight for my sore cock bitch!" The near manic Gryffindor tore open his fly and pushed his straining organ against the trembling man, leaving a wet sticky trail along the red silk of the corset. He slammed both hands on either side of Severus' head.

"But, Albus wants me," Severus gasped as the other man humped against him. "He will be back any minute!"

"I get the cunt, he can have the other side!" Sirius growled.

Severus slipped down the wall, and out of Black's grasp! He tried to run, but fell on the heels. He scuttled backward out of the man's reach. "Spread your legs or I will break your fucking neck!" Black lunged!

"Stupify!" Sirius Black froze then crumpled to the floor, sprawled on his back. Even unconscious, his swollen cock was purple, and looked painfully erect.

"Albus!" Severus stumbled over Black and into his husband's strong arms. He never thought that he could be so happy to see the man.

"There, there Severus, my darling." The Headmaster petted his hair. "It would seem that Sirius was not successful in his conquest."

Then suddenly the callused fingers caught his arm, twisted it till Severus was on his knees. "You are supposed to be submissive Severus. Why did you resist Sirius?" The blue eyes were burning.

"I was not sure what I should do," Severus gaped, rubbing his cheek against Dumbledore's cruel fingers. "You said to wait for you. I did not know if you would be angry if I let him take me without your permission!"

The older man's face softened. "Poor child. You were confused." He released Severus' bruised wrist and smiled. "Next time the situation comes up, you will submit to Sirius. He is my son, so you will obey him as you would me." His hand wrapped around Snape's hair, then jerked his head back painfully. "Is that clear?"

"Yes Albus," he whimpered.

"Now go give Sirius a blow-job. He is in desperate need of relief. You can calm him so that he will be less violent when he wakes." He looked down at Sirius an odd look in his eyes. He pointed his wand at the fallen man and muttered a quick cleaning spell. "Since you are not nearly insane with need, I presume he did not touch you."

"No Albus."

"Good, now suck Sirius." He sat down on the bed to watch.

Severus crawled over to Black's unconscious form and took in his shaft in his mouth. He had barely begun when the organ exploded! He was taken by surprise and almost choked on the copious amount of seed that shot down his throat.

Eventually he managed to calm his gag reflex and wiped his mouth.

Dumbledore had his own member out and was stroking it. "Now do it again," he ordered. Severus looked down at Black's crotch. His shaft had not gone down in the least. In fact, it looked larger!

"What did he use?" asked Severus, black eyes wide.

"The Liquid Lust Potion," Dumbledore answered. "Now suck it again."

"Yes, Albus." Severus bent down again. Why had Dumbledore lied? Or to be technically correct, he had omitted part of the truth. The Potions Master could still smell it. There had been more then just the lust potion on Black.

Why did Albus not want him to know that?

And who had Black been trying seduce in the first place?


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