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Part 8

Albus Dumbledore had to stop at the entrance to the infirmary and take several deep breaths to keep himself from storming in and dragging Severus back to their rooms by the hair!

When that damned house elf had appeared on the Staff table and told him that Severus was ill and Madame Pomfrey wanted him ASAP, he had almost blasted the simpering creature to smithereens!

As it was he had to fend off the rest of the staff, assure them that Severus was being a bit overcautious about his health lately. He had said it was nothing serious just a bad case of 'first baby' jitters. Hagrid had wanted to come with him to the infirmary just to make sure Professor Snape was OK. It had not been easy to talk him out of it.

Gods, sometimes he wished he could just put the entire staff under Imperious and be done with it. Maybe he could get something accomplished for a change!

He had to keep calm. Make sure that none of this got out to the Ministry or more importantly, the press. The Ministry he could manage, with persuasion from the Wizongamot they would be more then happy to cover over any of his little marital problems. It was the press that could be a problem. They had no loyalty, no sense of tradition. They only wanted to tear things down.

They were vermin that should all be exterminated for the good of the species!

Finally temper cooled somewhat, he took the handle in hand and opened the infirmary door. "Madam Pomfrey?" he called as he looked around for her. "Madam Pomfrey?"

"Oh, Albus! Thank Merlin you are here!" the Mediwitch gasped from a doorway at the opposite end of the room, as she approached him, her hands were shaking. He took them in his own and patted them gently.

"What has happened?" he said looking concerned. "Is Severus all right?" 'Stupid cow!'

"I think he will be," she choked back a sob. "Albus, he was hurt so badly - he almost lost the baby," she closed her eyes, her breath caught as she spoke. "He came stumbling through the floo, naked, and bleeding. Merlin! He has been raped," she tried, but was losing the battle to maintain control her emotions. "There was tearing in the vagina, and the cervix was bleeding. It was a near thing, but I managed to stop the contractions and keep the embryonic sac from rupturing. He will need total bed rest for a week, at least." She was almost babbling now. "There are some kind of, gods, there are marks like those of a whip, all over his thighs and, and, on his," Dumbledore drew her into a hug. "Go on, I must know."

"He had fresh semen in both the anus and vagina. I think he was raped by at least two men!" She swallowed.

"My poor Severus! Did he tell you who did these horrible things to him?" the Headmaster tried to sound like a concerned husband, not the guilty party. Though if Severus had said anything it would most likely be Sirius that was implicated.

"No, he fainted from the pain just after coming through the floo, and then I had to give him some very strong potions to save the baby. He will not wake for several hours."

"Have you called the Aurors yet?" he asked hiding his nervousness.

"No, not yet, I had to help Severus first. I was about to call them," she took a deep breath and pointed to a pair of opaque vials on a tray on a cart sitting against the far wall. "I have samples of the semen for the Aurors. We have to catch whoever did this. Those monsters almost killed your baby, Albus. Gods, what if they try to hurt a student next?!"

"Madam Pomfrey," the Mediwitch turned to look at the Headmaster. "Obliviate!" he cast the spell, and then turned. "Accio samples!" he growled coldly, this caused the two corked vials to fly to his outstretched hand. "Listen to me carefully. Severus came to you in a panic with phantom labor pains. He made himself upset over nothing so you gave him a sedative and called me to take him back to our rooms," he placed the vials in his robe pocket. He looked at the paintings. They seemed to disapprove, but he did not care, all of the paintings and ghosts in Hogwarts were under a very powerful charm not to reveal anything that Dumbledore did.

It was good to be the Headmaster.

Madame Pomfrey blinked, and then smiled at the Headmaster. "Come this way, Albus. The poor thing got himself all emotionally upset over nothing," she assured. She led him to the isolation room where Severus lay in fitful sleep. "He will feel better waking in his own bed with his husband beside him."

"Yes Pomfrey, he will," Dumbledore forced a smile. His mate looked so beautiful, so vulnerable that Albus almost had a pang of regret about what he was going to do to him.


It had been a long time since Remus Lupin had visited Hogwarts. Running a hand through his now mostly gray hair, he could not help but think of why he had stayed away. He had not been here since that horrible night in July when he and Albus had brought an almost broken Severus Snape to the infirmary.

That night, after swearing not to reveal Severus' condition to anyone he had been sent to work in Romania with Charlie Weasley. And he was glad to go.

Lupin had missed the last battle. Though since it had been on the night of a full moon, and there was no way that Severus could have made the wolfsbane potion in his condition, Lupin would have been a danger to everyone.

He had also missed the many days of celebration. Missed Albus and Severus' wedding. Missed so many things.

He supposed that he should have come back before this. Visited Harry, Sirius, but somehow he just could not do it. Not while the dreams kept invading his nights. The much too revealing dreams of a pale, black eyed frightened, naked creature, a strange mixture of male and female, so odd and yet so beautiful.

Severus had always been so very beautiful.

In those dreams, this creature crawled timidly to him, black eyes glowing with fear, and, perhaps desire. And when he woke Lupin was shaking, sweating and painfully aroused.

The dreams should not happen. They were wrong. Especially since he was dreaming about another man's bond mate. And those dreams were only slightly changed from the dreams that he had been having since his second year at Hogwarts. He tried everything to end them, even Dreamless Sleep Potion.

And yet, they continued.

He should not be here, but Harry had begged him to come. Something had recently come over Sirius, Harry had said. His old friend was distracted, withdrawn. He seemed to be spending all his time with Headmaster Dumbledore. Remus was not sure what he was supposed to do, but in the end he could not ignore Harry's plea.

As he entered the Great Hall, he saw only a single figure up at the staff table. It was between breakfast and lunch, so it should not be in use. Brushing off the dust of his travels from his still shabby robes, and walked towards the table. With a smile looked down at himself. The Ministry was actually paying him fairly well for his work with Charlie and the dragons but he had not bought many new things. The old robes were just too comfortable, and he was used to them.

Moving silently he walked over to the figure at the table. Professor Trelawney was staring intently at a spread of Tarot cards set out before here on the table. So intently in fact that she did not notice Remus until he leaned just a little too close. "OH!" she gasped, then very quickly composed herself. "Ah, Remus Lupin, welcome, I saw in my tea leaves this morning that you were coming."

"Of course," his slightly haggard, though still handsome features were neutral, though it was hard not to laugh. "So, Sybil, what are you so enthralled?" he asked, though he had to take a step back to keep from being over powered by the smell of incense that permeated her skirts and scarves. Even if he did not have the heightened senses of a werewolf, her scent was pungent.

"Well, I was doing a reading for Severus. Did you know that he was in the infirmary?" He shook his head no; he had only just arrived and had heard nothing yet. "Albus says that it is nothing serious, but the poor thing has seemed a little depressed of late and I wanted to see if I could help. I have found the reading most distressing," she frowned pushing up her glasses. "The cards never lie, but, what they show is troubling."

"Troubling?" he leaned closer, ignoring the thick sandalwood scent.

"Yes. You see the card here, in the center of the pattern? This represents Severus," Remus swallowed hard as he studied the card. There was what looked like a woman with long silver hair. She was hunched over, head down with one arm over her eyes as if crying. Nine swords were behind this desolate woman, they seemed to form a cage, holding her captive. Her posture was that of someone alone, isolated. It obviously did not bode well. "I am very concerned; one meaning of this card can be miscarriage."

"I hope that is not what it means here," gulped Lupin, trying to hold at bay a growing sense of dread.

"The card here is the immediate influence," she pointed to the card that was just above the first card. It was the Eight of Swords, and it was just as disturbing. This time it was a woman with her arms bound at her sides, a blindfold covered her eyes. The young woman was completely surrounded by swords stuck into the ground on all sides. "This card can mean calamity, sickness, with Severus in the infirmary, I cannot help but worry," she pointed to another card, over to the right of the pattern. "This is Severus' present potion."

The card was of a truly horrible creature: a greenish colored, inhuman monster with wings, horns and an upside-down pentacle on its forehead. The thing stood partially behind an altar. A naked man and woman cowered before it, each attached to the altar by a leash. Below the beleaguered pair in four different languages was the name of the card.

The Devil.

"This one can mean subordination, bondage, black magic, self destruction. I am not sure what to make of all this, but I am very concerned," the usually somewhat flighty woman admitted. "The only thing that might be positive is the Final outcome."

She pointed to a card at the top of the spread. It was another woman. This one wore a silver crown, and held an upraised sword in one hand and a balanced scale in the other. The name of the card was Justice. "I think perhaps that whatever is happening, in the end the scales will be balanced."

"We can hope," Remus noted. "Do you know where Harry Potter is?"

"Most of the students are in class for at least another hour. Though you might check in the Library. I saw Harry's friend, that Granger girl there. I believe she is doing research for a graduate project or something. I am sure she can tell you."

"Thank you, Sybil," he walked out the staff door, feeling more apprehensive than when he arrived.

He had his way quickly to the Library. Hermione was not hard to find, she was the only person in the room as far as he could tell. She looked up as he stepped in, a smile flashed on her face, and a look of what could only be relief on her face. She pushed her books back, ran over and hugged him. "Nice to have someone glad to see me." He chuckled softly.

"More then you know!" she whispered, then glanced around as if to be sure they were alone.

"Do you know where Harry is?"

"He and Ron are in Apparation training. I took the summer course and passed it in August, so I have a free period," she glanced around again. "Professor Lupin..."

"Remus, I am not your Professor right now."

"Remus," she led him back over to her impressive pile of books. "I am so glad you are here. I have been confused, not sure who else I could turn to. I have tried to talk to Harry and Ron but they are just not interested. They say I am imaging things. That it is not my concern," she sighed sadly.

"Is there something wrong Hermione?"

"Maybe. I do not know for sure. I, I am not sure what to do. I, have a suspicion that there is something very bad going on, but..." she chewed her bottom lip. "I have no proof and I do not want to get anyone in trouble if I am mistaken..."

"No offense, Hermione, but you are babbling," Remus put a calming hand on here shoulder. "I promise to keep an open mind. And that I will not repeat anything that you say until we find out something concrete. OK? If you think something bad is happening, you need to tell someone."

"All right," she took a deep breath. Then started babbling again. "I, think that, I, believe that, that Professor Snape-um, Dumbledore... I think, that maybe, um, I..." She swallowed then looked him in the eye. "I think he is being abused."

Remus Lupin was speechless.


Some people may want to skip to the end of this part. The violence against a pregnant person may be more then they can handle. It creeps me out and I wrote it.

Severus' black eyes snapped open. He started to sit up, but the pain caused him to fall back onto the bed. His mind attempted to emerge from the potion induced haze that blanketed it.

The first coherent thought in his head was of blood, pain and blood! The baby! He curled around his belly, touching it, willing his child to move, to still be safe in his womb.

For an eternity he felt nothing. Tears welled in his eyes; a sob escaped his trembling lips. But then he felt it. The gentle tell-tale push against his trembling hand. A foot, at least, he was pretty sure it was. But that did not matter as long as his baby was alive.

"So, Sleeping Beauty awakes at last," Albus Dumbledore stood in the doorway, his eyes were completely cold. The red glow of uncontrolled power had already begun to swirl around him.

"Albus," he cringed in abject terror, trying to sink lower into the bed.

"What were you thinking? I leave for five minutes and you go crawling to Pomfrey!" the older Wizard hissed. "You could have caused a scandal that would have destroyed this school!"

"But I was bleeding!"

"Then you should have called me!" he growled with fury!

Severus forced himself to sit up, feeling almost naked in the white hospital gown. He nervously placed a trembling hand on his belly. "Please Albus, when you left I started having contractions. I was going to lose the baby! I had to..."

Dumbledore was on him in an instant, hand at his throat! But his voice was low, almost frighteningly calm when he spoke. "You should have called me."

"But I would have lost the baby!" he countered, meeting the insane blue eyes.

"If you lose this one then I will fuck you until I make another!"

Staring at his husband in disbelief, his mind pushed well pasted terror, Severus let go of all reason. He kicked Dumbledore in the stomach and, freed from his choking grasp, somehow managed to roll off to the other side of the bed, putting it between them.

"Monster!" he gasped, almost collapsing against the far wall. "I will not let you kill my baby!"

"HOW DARE YOU!" Albus Dumbledore straightened slowly. He saw red as he pointed his finger at the bed. Power surged. Severus shrieked and hit the floor as the bed was tossed at him like a toy. It slammed into the far wall, the wood splintered! "You stupid Slytherin slut!" magic swirled around the Headmaster. "I should break your skinny neck!"

"Albus, no!" he whimpered from the floor. "Please, I will do anything, spare my child!" He crawled to Dumbledore, huddled on his knees before him. "Please Albus. P, Please Master!" he sobbed desperately!

He cried out as the Headmaster dragged him to his feet by the hair and instead of a backhand, used his fist to punch Severus, sending him stumbling to the floor, blood pouring from his broken nose. "I took you into my heart, I loved you and this is how you repay me!" he kicked at the cowering man, striking him in the shoulder. Then again, same shoulder, he heard bone break.

Severus hit the wall, and scrabbled clumsily to the corner. "Please, please do not hurt my baby! Do not hurt my baby!"

Dumbledore stood watching Severus begging abjectly for the life of his child.

End violence, begin sick manipulation

"Shhhh, it is alright Severus, you are safe now," Albus lovingly stroked his bond mate's long matted hair. "I am here. You are safe."

"Albusss?" the trembling wizard slurred the word, gasping from breath through his mouth since his nose did not work. Blood drained down his throat, making him sick. He vomited blood.

"Oh, Severus, why do you continue to provoke me?" the Headmaster carefully knelt beside him. He ignored the blood still on his bond mate's mouth and tenderly drew the cringing man into his lap. "I love you, Severus. I am your husband. I am supposed to protect you. But when you make me so angry, how can I think straight?!"

"Sorry. Please, forgive me," he whimpered through the pain, fighting every impulse he had and snuggling into his tormentor's embrace. He had to. Had to keep calm. The baby still moved.

"It will be alright now, my Love. I have some healing potions that you made some time ago. We can use them to heal the surface wounds. The marks of where I disciplined you. You would not want anyone to see them. You need to be taken care of. We do not want anything to happen to Godric. Though we must think of something to tell Pomfrey. That you had some sort of accident."

"Y,yes Albus," he whispered.

"Things will be alright now Severus. You will be good. Obedient. You will not ever defy me again will you my Love?"

"No Albus," he answered softly.

"Everything will be alright. We are going to be such a happy family, you, Godric, Sirius and I," he was fondling his bond mate's belly playfully. "We will have so much fun. I can almost see him now. Godric will be very handsome, powerful, and dominate like me."

"Yes Albus."

"And we can have more children, many more children. I would love to have several daughters. You can teach them so much, Severus. Teach them to be compliant and submissive..."

He continued to speak, saying things that felt like a knife in the younger man's heart. The Headmaster was telling him what he would do with, and to their children.

This was the one thing that he had never allowed himself to even think about. Dumbledore hurt him, but he never let himself consider that he might do the same thing to his own children!

He should have known that any man who would rape someone, beat him, make him his sex slave held nothing sacred.

No perversion was too sick.

Not even incest.

Appalled, Severus continued to answer his insane rant with the occasional 'Yes Albus.' Or, "No Albus," but inside his mind was working more clearly then it had for months.

The Slytherin in him had a lot to say. 'You are too weak and vulnerable to fight. Submit for now, do anything he wants without question.'

'You said that before,' he noted. "Look where it got me.'

'You tried to work by his rules. Wake up Severus!" the inner Slytherin snarled. 'The only rule is that Dumbledore makes the rules and changes them whenever the mood strikes. He does not want your obedience. He wants complete and abject submission. And you must give it too him. He is much stronger then you are. There is no choice. Be the perfect fawning 'wife' to Dumbledore until after the baby is born, and you are not so weak and vulnerable. Then you use your Slytherin cunning to become a widow.'

'Good plan,' Severus smiled slightly at the thought as the pain slowly faded and blackness enveloped him.


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