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Part 9

Remus Lupin could only sit and listen incredulously as Hermione laid out the evidence she had amassed that Severus Snape-Dumbledore was being abused.

"I began to think that something was wrong the moment they walked into the Great Hall together back in October," she had told him. "Professor Snape, Snape-Dumbledore... I will never get used to calling him that. He was so different. And it was not just his physical appearance, though that was jarring enough. He was so 'submissive,' when he and Professor Dumbledore are in a room together; he does not look at the Headmaster with love. He bows his head, lowers his eyes and never really lifted them. He does not act like himself, but more like a beaten dog. He tries to hide it, but I have actually seen him cringe when Dumbledore touches him."

"Severus is going through a lot, Hermione. He has never tolerated much physical contact," he left that thought where it was. Since he was not sure how much the students had been told about Severus' captivity by the Death Eaters. He did not want to say too much.

"He is not teaching the advanced classes this year, instead we have that strange Professor Praetorius. I really wonder about that one..." she said, and then shook her head. "There was no reason to replace Professor Snape. Dumbledore said that the change was supposedly because of the toxic substances used in the advanced potions. But, he would only have needed to take three unimportant potions off the syllabus to avoid the ones that could have caused him any difficulty."

"Carrying a child is hard, Hermione. Perhaps Professor Snape-Dumbledore did not think that he could be on his feet all day. Besides, the advanced classes can have some of the more spectacular meltdowns."

"That is true," she conceded. "I did not interact with him much until last week when Professor Dumbledore asked me to assist him with the younger classes. On the first day, I helped him put up some supplies. He dropped a jar of pickled snake tongues. We both caught it at the same time. His sleeve ended up being pushed back. He moved away quickly, but I saw bruises on his right wrist. They looked like fingerprints. Like someone had grabbed him, hard."

"There could be any number of explanations for that. Maybe he just bruises easily?" he said weakly.

"Yesterday, after class, he let down his guard and allowed me to feel the baby move," she smiled a little, "he looked so happy, feeling the kicks," her face darkened. "Then Professor Black came in."

"I am very well aware that those two have never gotten along," he acknowledged.

"He actually tried to bolt when Professor Black said he wanted to touch him, to feel the baby move. I think he would have run, but I was in the way. He recovered his composure and tried to act like he was not afraid. But he was obviously terrified. He backed away like a cornered animal and just stared at Professor Black like he was a rampaging dragon, until Dumbledore came in. The Headmaster told Professor Snape to allow Black to touch him, it did not sound like an order, but the look in his eyes. It scared me. It was obvious that Snape did not want to, but he looked trapped, frightened. Then I was summarily dismissed. The substitute teacher, Professor Praetorius taught the rest of his classes for the day. Next I heard he was in the infirmary."

"Headmaster Dumbledore probably just wants to end the animosity between them. It has been going on for a long time," Lupin countered. "There was not necessarily anything sinister about the request."

"You know, it has been almost four years since we found out about this feud and no one has ever told us why they hate each other," Hermione was about to say more when they heard a commotion in the halls. Both jumped to their feet and rushed to the door. Outside was growing pandemonium. Students and teachers were dashing past talking excitedly. A few of the female students were in tears.

When Ron and Harry appeared at the end of the hall Remus stepped out. "Harry, Ron, what is going on?"

"Remus!" Harry ran over and hugged him.

The werewolf returned the hug, and then asked, "What the hell is going on?"

"I am not sure. One of the Slytherin fifth year girls came running our Apparation class saying that she saw Headmaster Dumbledore carrying Professor Snape through the hall. She said there was blood everywhere!"

"Merlin!" gasped Remus thinking of the tarot cards, one had meant miscarriage! Then he realized, "But, I thought that he was already in the infirmary?"

Ron shrugged, "Hey, we only know what we've been told."

"Come on." Remus Lupin led the way through the bustling halls to the infirmary door where the population of the entire school, staff as well as students seemed to be waiting.

Even Flich the caretaker, he held the oddly passive Mrs. Norris in the shadows near the end of the hall. His unshaven leathery face actually showed concern.

Slytherin house was there in its entirety. They were near the door to the infirmary waiting; the only sounds they made were sniffles and little choking noises.

The other three houses were also there, though they were speaking quietly. Speculating on whether or not the baby would survive and then someone whose voice was not readily recognizable noted that Professor Snape-Dumbledore was really hot with big breast. Though when Slytherin House turned en mass, with a collective, very Snape like 'death glare' that could probably drop a hydra at twenty paces, did that line of discussion die.

After about an hour of whispered speculation Headmaster Dumbledore looking very pale and haggard stepped out of the doorway to face the anxious crowed. He actually was not faking his concern. Albus Dumbledore did love Severus, and did not want anything to happen to him.

If only Severus had not angered him!

His voice sounded raspy and tired as he spoke. "First, I want you to know that Severus and the baby are both alive. Though," he added sadly, "not out of danger."

"What happened, Albus?" Remus asked the question that was on every mind.

"Remus? My boy, I did not know that you were here. I wish it were under happier circumstances," the older wizard took a deep breath. "As most of you know, Severus was in the infirmary this morning. This was because of a case of nerves. Pomfrey gave him a sedative and I took him to our rooms to rest. When I left him there he was asleep, I had gone down to see Professor Sprout. I can only guess that Severus woke alone and came to find me. One of the staircases must have moved. I found him on the landing..."

Everyone waited as he composed himself. Hagrid sobbed at the back of the room, as did several of the younger students. And to Remus Lupin's surprise he caught a glimpse of Draco Malfoy. The boy had tears running down his cheeks.

Sirius Black walked over and put a hand on Dumbledore's slumped shoulder. McGonagall hugged the Headmaster. He sighed drinking in the attention. Perhaps he could persuade Minerva to 'comfort' him later in private...

He turned back to the people of Hogwarts. Severus would be so pleased to know that so many people care about their baby.

"Severus has a severe concussion, broken left shoulder and collar bone, fractured right eye socket and broken nose," Dumbledore reminded himself not to hit him in the face again. He did not want to cause any permanent disfigurement. "He must have landed on his shoulder from perhaps three to four meters up. The baby's condition is for the moment, stable, but the umbilical cord was slightly torn. We had to floo the Emergency Mediwitch staff from St. Mungo's. They have done what they can, but even magic has limits. They have tried to repair the damage, and placed Severus in a healing trance."

"He must be kept as still as possible. For his sake, and the baby's, any movement could...." he closed his eyes for a moment. "They will be monitored constantly. A potion to accelerate the baby's growth has been used. They believe that if they can keep Severus from going into labor for the two weeks before Valentine's Day," he choked slightly, "that our child will be just fine."

He sighed. The Daily Profit would hear about this soon enough. They would want an interview. No pictures though. The last thing he wanted was photos of Severus in his present condition all over the Wizarding World.

"Is there anything that any of us can do?" asked Madam Hooch with a slight hitch in her voice. There were tears in her usually cold eyes also.

"If any of you believe in any particular deity, prayers would not be amiss," he sighed trying not to laugh. "If not, positive thoughts would be appreciated."


All classes were canceled for the rest of the week. It was obvious that no one would be able to concentrate on schoolwork, especially not the Professors.

The crowd broke up soon after Dumbledore's announcement. He also said that the older students were free to go to Hogsmeade during the week as long as they were back by supper.

Remus went with Harry, Ron and Sirius to spend a little time with them. Hermione quickly realized that she did not want to be in their company so she excused herself and took a long walk to clear her head. Eventually she found herself standing outside of Hagrid's hut. She saw him siting on the stoop watching some deer near the edge of the forest. There were tears shining in his eyes.

He was taking this hard. Hagrid loved Dumbledore like a father, and had been so happy about the baby. The half giant could not wait to spoil the boy rotten. He had bought enough baby toys for an army of infants.

Hermione almost turned around, but she that thought perhaps, she could help take his mind off of what had almost happened, and just maybe she could discover the answer to a nagging question.

She could not ask Remus Lupin. He was very reluctant to speak ill of Sirius Black. Maybe Hagrid knew something, after all he had been Groundskeeper when Snape and Black were students and he could not keep a secret when asked a direct question.

After the preliminary greetings, she went right to the heart of the matter. "Hagrid, do you know what started the hostility between Professor Black and Professor Snape?"

For one of the few times in his life the half giant did not smile. He looked a little sad as he spoke. "Yeah, I know. Started the first day, of their first year, on the Hogwarts Express. Professor Snape were just a little thing then, smallest kid in the school. Looked like he were not more then six or seven. He were all skin and bones, coulda run between the raindrops 'n not got wet. Some of us, we wondered if maybe someone might not outa check up on his folk, ya know? We wondered if..." he shook his head to clear out an unwanted thought. "Anyway, James Potter and Sirius Black found 'im all alone in a car asleep. Black, he says that Sev'rus was sucking his thumb, be that as it may, there weren't no cause to toss 'im in the luggage bin were it? Then they used a silencing charm on it so as no one would hear 'im. By the time they made it to Hogwarts, with Remus Lupin and Peter Petigrew in tow they'd forgot about it. At least, that's what they says."

"No one knew he were missin till 'is name were called to be sorted. Dumbledore sees the guilty look on Potter and Black, they tried to deny it, but, ya can't lie to Dumbledore. They admitted what they did, but couldn't remember what car they left 'im in. Then there was me an half the staff rushin down to catch the train afore it pulled out."

"They just dumped him in the luggage bin for no reason?" Hermione was shocked.

"James Potter said that Sev'rus looked like a vampire an' he was getting 'im out of the sun. Poor tyke. It took 'nother hour or so but I finally found 'im. Opened the door he tumbled out inta my arms. Were a sight, eyes all red from cryin, couldn't even talk were so hoarse from screamin fer help when no one could hear. His poor hands were bloody from poundin on the door," Hagrid sighed. "Must a been my size but I scared 'im. He took one look 'n bit me, took a chunk outa my hand, then ran for the door. We'd a prob'ly had to chase 'im out there in the dark if Professor Flitwick hadn't stunned 'im."

Hermione could not believe that something like this could have happened. Why had Sirius Black and James Potter not been expelled half a dozen times?

Hagrid smiled a little as he continued. "Flitwick revived Sev'rus when we got to the castle. Sev'rus tried ta run again. Slammed right inta Dumbledore. Ya shoulda seen 'im, tryin to bite and kick the Headmaster, like a little wild thing. But after a few minutes, Dumbledore 'as him gentled down, snuggled up in his arms sleepin just like a baby. Since all the students were in bed, Dumbledore took the little fella to his rooms, had 'im sleep there since 'e dinna have a house yet."

"Everything I learn about how the Marauders treated Snape makes me sick," sighed Hermione sadly.

"Now, he did his share o' hexin' later, but...Yea, they were mean ta him. Ta make things worse, ol' Raynard Malfoy got wind of it all from Lucius, he were a third year then. First he wants Sirius and James expelled and when that didna work, the snake tried to say Professor Dumbledore did somthin' improper havin' a little boy in his rooms alone all night. Sayn' that he molestered Snape or some such," Hagrid growled. "Bloody Malfoy, were an evil git just like his son! Thinkin' Professor Dumbledore would do somthin' horrible like that to anyone!"

She heard Hagrid's heartfelt anger, but Hermione's thoughts wondered to a very ugly place. Had Dumbledore started abusing Snape his very first night in Hogwarts? When he was only eleven?


While Hermione Granger digested that piece of the puzzle, Headmaster Dumbledore was sitting beside his stricken bond mate recalling the same incident.

'You have always been so beautiful,' he stroked the long soft hair. 'You hid it well behind unwashed hair and a formidable demeanor. But I always saw the real you.'

He recalled the first time he saw the painfully thin, terrified child that had slammed into him, and fought him that first night. Bit his thumb and thrashed like some wild black eyed demon. It had taken a strong spell to subdue him. Dumbledore had held the tiny form to his chest being the kindly Headmaster. But very quickly he had to leave the room saying that the child needed rest.

But the truth was that the feel of that tiny form against his had made him painfully aroused.

It had been such sweet torture, to have such lovely innocence in his bed, yet not to be able to touch him. The boy had not looked quite human, with his pale almost ghostly white face, partially hidden by jet-black hair. He looked like a pen and ink line drawing of a child.

Deviant Severus had named him. This was true, but he did have some sense of honor. As well as some common sense. He would never touch a student. Period. No matter how tempting the student happened to be.

And he had been sorely tempted that night. Most of it he had sat on the edge of the bed, touching himself. Watching that delicate creature, his chest rising and falling in sleep, moist lips parted, begging to be ravaged.

Dumbledore had spent a lot of money during the next two years in Knockturn Alley with many prostitutes, a lot of poly-juice and some of young Severus Snape's long black hair. Though during the third year he could get off vicariously by watching Severus being taken by other Slytherin, or Black, Potter and Pettigrew.

Severus had left the Headmaster's room that night untouched. This had nothing to do with morals. It was simple logic. No matter how careful he thought he might be, if it were somehow to get out, he would be ruined. Things had been dangerous enough not stopping what happened to Severus later. The abuse that he allowed, even silently encouraged by Black, Potter and the Slytherin, he had ways to deny his knowledge of these, even under Veritaserum.

"I do love you, Severus," he said aloud, kissing the long slender fingers one at a time. His blue eyes found the monitoring crystal, which lay on his bond mate's partially exposed chest, between the mounds of his breasts. It pulsed green, meaning that all was well with mother and child for the moment. He traced the delicate curve of his repaired collarbone. "I have always loved you."

"From the first moment I saw you, I have wanted you. I knew that I would have you. That one day you would be on your knees before me," Albus whispered into Severus' ear. "Death will not release you, Severus. I will not allow it. You belong to me," he cradled the limp left hand and kissed the ring on it. "As long as you wear this ring, you are mine."

His hands strayed to his 'wife's' swollen belly. It seemed larger already. The skin stretched up, what he thought was a foot poked out at his hand. "Godric, my sweet son," he sighed. "Will you have your mother's lovely black eyes?"

"Albus," he turned to see Sirius in the doorway. "Sorry to disturb you. I can leave, if I am intruding."

"No, never my son. It is a comfort for you to be here with us," he did not mind really, he was family after all.

When he called Sirius son, it was not a meaningless endearment. Sirius Black was his son.

At that thought his mind went to Sirius Black's mother. She had been such a beautiful woman. Too bad she turned into a shrew. At least he had never married the bitch. Just spent one wild night with her while her husband was out of town.

Actually he had been surprised when he noticed something of himself in young Sirius. He could see his smile, his nose, before Grindelwald had broken it in their final battle.

Evil bastard Grindelwald, but what that man could do with his tongue.

Albus had thought when he had shagged Black's mother that she had at least had the sense to use a contraceptive potion. Stupid cow could have ruined him. When he did the paternity test during their second year, it had been his name that appeared over the startled Sirius. Yet another reason not to expel him for his little tricks on Severus. They had taken to one another immediately. They had so much in common.

Graduation night had been incredible when Sirius had come to him, made love with him...

Some people would say this was wrong gaining pleasure from someone so closely related. But why? Because of some artificial constraints set up by moralists to control the masses? In nature, siblings often procreated, and did a stallion not mount his daughters?

That night could only have been better if Severus had been with them. Dumbledore had planed to seduce Severus. Unfortunately Lucius Malfoy had come just after the Leaving feast and collected the rather dazed looking (drugged?) young man. Probably delivered him right to Voldemort's bed.

"You have been here for three hours, you know? He is not going anywhere. Why not come with me for a little relaxation?"

"What did you have in mind?" the old man smiled.

"You have such a large collection of toys. And you never use them with Severus, why not?"

"I prefer having my own cock in him; I just cannot bring myself to use the others. It seems somehow, sacrilegious. But if you would like to spend a little time in my playroom, then we can flip to see who gets to bottom," Black obviously liked that idea. "Pomfrey can get Remus. According to her, Remus is always outside the infirmary."

"He is concerned about Severus and the baby. Remus is so soft hearted. Albus, I love seeing him again. But I wish Remus would understand," Sirius sighed. "He never did. He never saw that Snape liked being our bitch. Remus wanted us to leave him alone. Try to get along," he rolled his eyes.

"Do not worry about Remus. Perhaps one day we can make him understand. I would love to watch him take Severus. I know he wants to," Dumbledore smirked recalling how close the shocked Remus had been to getting a blow-job when he had found the two of them in the cell. "All this sex talk has me horny. Let me call Pomfrey," he leaned down and kissed Severus gently on the lips. "I will be back soon."


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