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Part 5

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore sat at behind his desk answering his enormous stack of official school correspondence. He often wondered how the poor owls managed to get it all to him without getting hernias! There must surely be enough paper coming into his office in a week to have killed an entire acre of Old Growth Forest!

With a tired sigh he reached over and selected a lemon drop from his silver candy dish then sealed another letter to drop into the Out Box. He pitied the owls in the morning!

"Um, Headmaster Dumbledore, sir?" a small, almost frightened voice startled him. Dumbledore glanced up and saw his lovely bond mate standing just inside the darkened doorway of the bedroom.

"What is it my dear?" he asked indulgently. Yes, he was a very important and very busy man, but he felt that he should always try to make time for Severus. The boy should feel that, as the mother of his child, as his wife (he smiled at the thought), he was in a way, important also.

Instead of answering right away, Severus turned towards the outside door to the office and cast a silencing and locking charm. Then he replaced his wand and walked somewhat nervously to stand before the headmaster's desk. Intrigued the older man took in the sight before him. Severus wore, not his usual lovely velvet robes, but what looked like a student's uniform robe, Slytherin of course. His hair was loose, and partially covered his pale face as if in shame.

"I am here to receive my detention, Headmaster Dumbledore," he stuttered nervously.

Raising an eyebrow, Dumbledore schooled his features into his best slightly bemused Headmaster expression and motioned the younger man closer. He was not sure what Severus intended, but he was very curious. He had to admit, he liked the way Severus had recently begun to initiate sexual contact between them.

The boy was becoming so very obedient and eager to please.

"Now, child. Tell me what you have done to be sent to my office for punishment," he kept his face neutral.

"I," he looked down, shifting his naked feet very much like a nervous schoolboy. "I, was having trouble in my Potions class, and I wanted the Professor to give me a better grade."

"I see," the Headmaster leaned forward expectantly. "And what did you offer your teacher in exchange?"

"I told him that, if he gave me a better grade, that, I would, um, let him touch me. Sir."

"Touch you?"

"Yes Headmaster."

"And, did he touch you?"

"Yes Headmaster," those lovely black eyes lowered making the Headmaster want to leap over the desk and ravage the exquisite creature, but he somehow managed to control his desire.

"Come around here, my child," he moved back to allow Severus to come and stand between himself and his desk. "Now, I need to know everything. Show me how he touched you," his breath became ragged.

"Like this, Headmaster," shyly Severus took his right hand and slipped it inside his robes. He guided the hand over a swollen breast. The nipple was hard. "He pinched it," Severus whispered breathlessly.

"Like this," Dumbledore's fingers tingled as he pinched the hard nipple, which caused a low gasp.

"What else did he do?" the older man asked his eyes glowing with unbridled lust.

"He wanted to see them," Severus purred.

"Show me," with a smile Severus unbuttoned the robe, slowly revealing his breasts to view. "Did he do anything else?"

"He sucked them, Headmaster," to emphasize the point, he thrust out the breasts tantalizingly before twinkling blue eyes. "He said they were, delicious. Sir."

The Headmaster licked at the pert nipples, first one then the other, over and over again until Severus whimpered plaintively. Taking pity on the poor child he took in the right breast and sucked and nipped at it. He gave the same treatment to its twin, then looked into those smoldering black eyes. "What else did he do?"

In answer Severus scooted his backside up onto Dumbledore's desk and placing his bare feet on either side of Albus in his chair, he eased up the robes over his shapely legs to expose his thighs. He then took hold of the older wizard's hand again and ran it up his thigh until it disappeared beneath the robes. He guided the hand to his slick folds and slid it against the opening. He hissed and threw back his head.

"He, said that I was wicked," Severus moaned in that chocolate silk voice of his. "Am I wicked, Headmaster?" He moved against the hand that continued to stroke his female sex. "I was so wet, so," 'Pant!' "Ummm! I begged him to put his cock in me."

"Did he?" Dumbledore croaked. His mouth had gone dry.

"No," the voice was needy. "He teased me; put his tongue in me until I was begging. Ahhhh..." The Headmaster's finger had thrust deep. Now he was suddenly very hungry. He pushed Severus back on the desk, scattering his evening post in every direction, long legs were spread wide and Dumbledore proceeded to devour the sweet morsel before him. "Oh, ah, gods! Headmaster! Yes, aaaaahhhhhh!" the rest was pretty much incomprehensible, mostly breathless moans and whimpers.

Severus came hard. Dumbledore had decided to use Kanji this time.

With that delightful task accomplished Albus then stood and parted his robes. He was rock hard and aching. "Well, my wicked little minx, do you still want a nice big cock?"

"Please Headmaster. I need you inside me!" and Dumbledore needed no more encouragement. Severus gasped and moaned and came again under his assault, bringing the Headmaster with him.

Albus Dumbledore slumped back down in his chair, breathless. "I do not know what has come over you my Little One, but I like it," he panted.

Sliding into his lap Severus lay his head on the older man's shoulder. "I belong to you. I want to please you."

"You no longer resent losing your freedom?"

"You cannot lose something you never had," he stroked Dumbledore's beard playfully. "You take care of our needs, Godric's and mine; so it is right for me to see to your needs," with a contented smile Albus placed a hand on his belly hidden beneath the robes. He felt a tiny movement. "I have waited so long for you to understand, my darling," he sighed. "The letters can wait. I want to make you come a few more times in the comfort of our bed."

Several days later, behind green house number three Draco Malfoy laughed for the first time in months. "Did you really say that? That you seduced your teacher and were there to be punished?"

"He ate it up. Literally," Severus snickered, also for the first time in as many days. "The more of slut I am, the better he treats me. He has not used the switch in over a week," Severus smiled and nibbled on a chocolate frog. Malfoy had brought him three. He was on the last one and wondered if he were becoming addicted to the damn things.

"It is nice to see you smiling and not jumping at every noise. I am glad you finally figured him out," Draco told him. "I really feared for your safety. Both of you."

"He wants me to be submissive, but it strokes his ego when I make the first move. He does love the role-playing. Last night I was a Knockturn Alley rent boy. It was a little frightening how much he got off on it. When I sidled up and gave him a list of what acts I would perform for a galleon I thought he would come on himself. Maybe next time we will try the old classic, Naughty schoolgirl that forgot to wear knickers. He loves it when I wear a dress. He especially likes that whole weird, sailor suite thing, with white pleated skirts. Personally I think they make me look fat," He patted his rounded belly. "It keeps him happy. Though he says he cannot wait till after the baby is born. Albus wants to truss me up in a corset. He had not shown them to me yet, but I gather he has quite a collection, along with a wide variety of hosiery and other interesting lingerie."

"I for one would love to see you in a black corset," Draco chuckled.

"I thought you were straight?" Severus cocked an eyebrow in surprise.

"I am. It is just the thought of you with those breasts straining against a tight black corset, a pair of fishnet hose and spiked heels. That might just be enough to make me reconsider which team I play for," they both laughed but after a moment Severus looked at the sun and his face fell.

"He is expecting me to be in our bedroom ready for him after super."

"Can you meet me Saturday?"

"Better make it Sunday afternoon. He likes a nap on Sunday. I should be able to get away for an hour," Severus sighed. "I wish there was more that I could do for you Draco."

"You are risking a beating just by talking to me; that is more then enough. I am more worried about what you will do when I graduate. Who will you be able to confide in?"

"I am a Slytherin. We adapt, and we survive."

"I guess that is all both of us have left, surviving," Draco sighed. "You should not worry about me. Things are actually getting better. Some of the other Slytherin are on speaking terms with me now. It is not so lonely. Though, I never thought that I would miss Crab and Goyle. Those two could not hold an intelligent conversation in a bucket, but I did not feel alone when they were there. Weasley made sure I knew that he killed them. I think he and Potter are pissed that they did not have an excuse to kill me."

"I have heard them talking about it when they did not know I was near," Severus put his hand on the young blonde's shoulder. "Weasley does not sound nearly so assured, or pleased when not taunting you. He found out that killing is not as easy as it seems. Though if it makes you feel better, it was definitely self-defense. Crab was being more stupid then usual, he tried to use the Avada Kadavra curse on Granger, Goyle went for Potter. Weasley actually managed to take them both out."

"Crab always hated Granger for being so much smarter then him. Though at one time, I was not thrilled with her either," Draco stood and offered Severus a hand. He needed it, being somewhat clumsy trying to stand with his swollen belly.

"Sunday, about one," Severus turned and made his way towards the main entrance of the castle. Draco remained where he was. He would not follow for at least five minutes. They could not afford to be seen together.

Severus was really not sure what to do tonight; he really did not have the energy to transfigure his clothes into a sailor suit. But Albus was enjoying his being more sexually playful. Well, perhaps he should just meet the Headmaster naked on his knees. Surely that would make him happy.

It did.

Three weeks after Severus had his epiphany he was adjusting fairly well to his new life. Especially since he had begun to play his little games with Dumbledore. The man was so easy to manipulate it was almost embarrassing.

All he had to do was willingly spread his legs and purr, 'Harder, Albus, please!' and the old pervert was putty. He could get anything he wanted. Not that he asked for some concession every time. The last thing he wanted was for the old man to become wise to him. Then the beatings would become worse.

The Headmaster still used the willow switch on occasion for a misstep, he seemed to enjoy it, but not like before. Maybe five lashes, then a good fucking and Severus would whimper and kiss his cock, suitably remorseful for his transgression. Whatever the hell it happened to be.

It was early morning, and he was ready for the day. He was dressed, hair up in a gold clip, though hanging down almost to the small of his back. He swore that Dumbledore must have slipped him a hair growth potion! But he was actually feeling very confident planing what game to play with Albus. Something non-strenuous, tonight, he was so sleepy lately. At least Dumbledore understood that this was natural when you neared six months of gestation and did not become angry when he found Severus napping.

He thought it was cute.

He was not really thinking of anything when he saw it, a flash of sunlight on the frame of the large portrait of Albus and his brother, Aberforth. They were gone at the moment so it was just a painting of a field in of sunflowers in the spring. Severus walked over and took a close look at the frame.

It was of dark wood and there were many shapes carved into it. Most seemed abstract, though, where he saw the flash, Severus caught sight of what looked to be the outline of a goat. He suppressed a snicker, recalling the story about Dumbledore's brother. The one that had fifty years ago almost gotten the other Dumbledore sent to Azkaban for perversion. That bit of information was not well known outside of a select few at Hogwarts.

There was a tiny sparkle, a small gem as the goat's eye. Severus almost hypnotically reached out to touch it. The frame almost struck him as it opened outward.

A secret room.

It was completely dark. Fighting the urge to close the portrait and forget he ever saw it he nervously drew his wand.

His heart leapt into his throat as he peered around the darkened room. "Lumos," he whispered. To Severus' surprise, instead of just the tip of his wand, the entire room burst into bright relief.

The first thing that caught his eye was a picture. Not surprisingly, it was moving. There was a young woman, on her hands and knees between two men. It was Albus who already had some gray in his hair and beard, and his brother Aberforth, whose hair and very short beard were still all red.

The poor girl was being forced to give oral sex to Aberforth, while Albus used a riding crop to strike her other end.

At least it had nothing to do with farm animals, he thought disgustedly.

He turned away from that disturbingly familiar scene to a long black table in the far corner of the large room. It was covered with phalluses. They were of every size and material. Ebony and Ivory, polished metals, copper and silver, one looked to be gold.

There was one bronze piece that he suspected might have been molded from Hagrid. It hurt just to look at it!

If this were not disturbing enough, Severus quickly found a wall of books. All would be considered porn by the look of it. It boasted the entire set of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series, and Exit to Eden. The Story of 'O', beside Naked Came the Stranger. One shelf contained 'The memoirs of the Marquis DeSade', several volumes on Casanova, along side some eight illustrated versions of the Karma Sutra. There were also a number of titles he did not recognize. Many were not in English, but he had the feeling they were of a similar ilk. Most had some variant of the word erotic in the title.

Obviously this room was not one that the Headmaster would want the parents, other teachers, or the School Board to find out about.

He looked over the rather eclectic collection of porn books, but noticed one book in the corner near the door that did not look quite like the others. It was a small leather bound volume with no name on the binding. It had several pieced of paper sticking out.

A diary perhaps? He picked it up out of curiosity. Though he could not help but think, if this was Dumbledore's diary, considering what was likely in those pages, he would probably drop it in disgust and feel the need for a bath afterwards.

To his surprise it was not a diary. It contained notes from potion experiments. All had something to do with dragon's blood. This was not surprising since this was one of the things that Dumbledore was famous for. Though as he glanced through the book, many substances were repeated in the potions, Mandrake root, rhino horn, tiger testicles, powdered sea horse, all were used as aphrodisiacs and to increase male potency. Near the end of the book he found one last potion. This one also had detailed instructions, such as that it must be taken on the night of each month when the moon has waned.

"That explains how a one hundred sixty year old man can be hung like a mountain troll and be able to fuck me five times a day!" he said out loud.

"I will have you know that the potion does not increase the size of my cock in the least. Now, I think you should give me that book Severus."

He froze when he heard Dumbledore's voice. Swallowing, he slowly turned and handed the book to the Headmaster, who replaced it in its place on the shelf.

"I keep a large supply of that particular potion on hand, and I know the recipe by heart, so it will do you no good to 'accidentally' lose or destroy the book," the white haired wizard said coolly.

"You could make a fortune marketing that potion," Severus noted casually.

"I already have a fortune, or three," Dumbledore winked. "Besides, if that little recipe became known, dragons would become extinct within a year."

"So, do you Obliviate me now?" Severus had to work to remain calm.

"Of course not. I have always intended to show this place to you eventually. I was just not sure that you were ready."

"Ready for what? I have seen many of these books before. I have confiscated them from any number of students over the years. I actually tried to read some of them just to see what the fuss was about. I still do not understand the appeal," he pulled one of the books from the shelf and flipped through it. What bothered Severus the most was that when he looked at the copy of Beauty's Punishment, there were passages underlined.

Lots of them.

He shivered.

"What is not to understand?" asked Dumbledore sounding surprised.

"With these? To be honest, the whole concept. To start with I never understood how you could have so much royalty in one small area. You have hundreds of Princes and Princesses running around being used as fuck toys?" he snorted. "And there is the simple matter of anatomical impossibilities. The human male cannot be kept in a constant state of physical arousal without a potion or other magic. Frankly, it would be dangerous as well as painful to keep it up for hours at time. Even with the potion you use it goes down for a while."

Severus tapped the book. "And how could every single person in these kingdoms be bisexual? That is usually a very small percentage of any population. And what is the point of the bondage thing anyway? Someone said something about it being to perfect them? What good does it do to make your entire ruling class into a bunch of sadists and masochists? That is not exactly conducive to engendering good leadership skills. I mean really, what a joke, Prince Tristan cannot negotiate a treaty or lead an army into battle, or do anything else it would take to rule a country, but he can give good head?"

Albus Dumbledore began to laugh. "Ah my Pet, as always you overanalyze. The slaves being Princes and Princesses is simply a literary device. To make it all seem like a fairy tale. Besides, people love to read about the rich and powerful in exotic and erotic situations. What matters is the lesson of the entire experience. Beauty and Tristan both discover themselves and are only truly happy when they completely give up their sense of self and become totally immersed in the punishment. In the end each of them submits with the sole objective of pleasing their master, whomever that master happens to be."

"Is that what you want for me Albus? That I lose myself and become nothing more then an object to give you sexual gratification?" he reached out to the shelf, pulled out the Story of 'O' and held it so tightly his knuckles were white. "I have read this one too. When you consider me well trained will you hang an id tag from my genitalia and brand your initials on my arse?"

"Certainly not, Severus; I have no intention of mutilating you." Dumbledore took the book from his trembling hands. "I want you Severus. Since you first walked into the Great Hall, a skinny little thing hissing and throwing hexes by day and crying yourself to sleep at night, I have wanted to possess you. I need to own you, my Little One," he touched Severus' very pale cheek. "I want you to love me, to worship me, to see me as your Master."

After a long moment with his eyes closed, the black haired man bowed his head, much too easily. "Of course, Albus."

Dumbledore's eyes were guarded as he stepped out of the way, gesturing towards the open portrait. "Go on to breakfast now Severus, you are eating for two after all. We shall discuss all of this another time."

Severus fled from the room and the Headmaster's presence as fast as his awkward body could manage.

Albus Dumbledore smiled.


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