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Remus Lupin, hiding in an alley near the Ministry used a spell to change his black robes to a peacock blue satin like material, such as would be worn by the great wizard Albus Dumbledore. And of course, he took a battered old pair of half moon shaped glasses on the end of his nose.

Bracing himself he took a long drink of the potion. Long years of taking the dreadful wolfsbane had hardened him against vile tasting concoctions. Or so he thought. He almost lost the contents of his stomach to the disgusting brew.

At least it was not painful, as his transformation had been before his merger. It was just, odd.

Though he was down right shocked when the polyjuice potion had done its work, and he found himself wearing Albus Dumbledore's body.

The man was buff. Who would have thought that under all those robes he looked like a model for a muggle exercise machine?

And Remus blushed as he noted that, he had never been one to dwell on size, as it were, but Merlin, Dumbledore was huge!

It had not registered when he watched the pensive of Severus being assaulted. He had been too wrapped up in Severus' suffering to really 'see' Dumbledore. Now he felt worse.

For poor Severus to have this monstrosity shoved up his arse without any preparation whenever Dumbledore was angry. On the spot Remus vowed that he would show Severus what gentle lovemaking could be like. Not to be outdone, the wolf sent an image of it very gently licking its mate all over, starting with his toes and working its way up.

'That is not helping,' he sighed starting to feel aroused. He had no time for this, so he used his best erection killing thought.

Flitwick and his cupid costume...

Now, he needed to try and get in and out of the Ministry in an hour if possible. He had a flask secreted in his robes with more of the potion, but it might not be easy to find a private place to do so. The last thing he wanted was to call attention to himself and make people think Dumbledore had started to drink.

Not that he gave a rat's backside about the old fart's reputation, but it could be awkward if the Daily Profit were to get hold of the story. Dumbledore would want to find out what was happening, and that could ruin everything.

This needed to be done quickly and quietly.

He breezed into the Ministry building, hoping that he was to avoid any undue attention.


Lupin was somehow not surprised when he heard a female voice shout. "Oh! Headmaster Dumbledore! I am Linda Lovelace." A rather young looking witch with long blond hair and very tight looking black skirt beneath her robes got up from behind an old cluttered desk. "No one told me you were coming today! It is such an honor to have a great man like you here. Please, how may I help you?"

Slipping into his best imitation of the older man Lupin smiled. "Now my child there is no need to trouble yourself over an old man. I simply need to take a document to the office of records."

"Certainly Sir." She looked up at him adoringly, leaning back with her hand behind her back, giving him a good view of her cleavage.

In the humble opinion of Remus J. Lupin, they did not hold a candle to Severus'. "Take the escalator just past the fountain. It is the first door on your left." She batted her blue eyes at him.

Lupin wondered, would Dumbledore be flattered at the attention? Or would he be wondering how to bed the girl? And of course, did he really want to know? "Thank you, child." He bowed slightly and turned to make his way to the 'up' escalator.

There did not seem to be many people in the halls. For which he was grateful. Remus quickly found the office and opened the door. "Hello?"

"Yes? What do you want?" the older wizard in a somewhat dusty looking gray robe demanded angrily. Then he blinked and adjusted his own very thick pair of glasses. "Why Headmaster Dumbledore, this is a surprise? You were in here not two weeks ago to file your new Will? Is there something wrong?"

"Ah, well, not exactly wrong... What was your name again young man?" He hoped that he was doing this right.

"Adolfis Yorik. And I must remind you that I am not a young man," he said this not angrily, but with a slight smile.

"Everyone is young to me, my friend."

"True enough." The other man ran a hand through his thinning hair. "So, to what do I owe the great honor of your return visit Headmaster?"

"I need to file this modification to my Will," Lupin answered holding out a large beige envelope to the man, who took it with thin, crooked fingers. He opened the envelope, adjusted his glasses again and read over the document. "Hmm, you are changing your executor from Sirius Black to Remus Lupin? That is a big change."

"Sirius is a good boy, but, I have discovered, he is just not responsible. I need someone to care for my dear Severus and our son should anything happen to me. I believe that Remus would be a better choice."

"As you say Headmaster." The man shrugged. "Good thing the anti-werewolf laws have been rescinded, else Mr. Lupin would not be able to assume those duties."

"Yes," he noted. He did not want to think of what he would have done if those vile laws had not been abolished. No one would have believed Dumbledore appointing Draco Malfoy as his executor.

"I am sure that Mr. Lupin will take good care of them, should the need arise."

"Yes, though, I have no intention dying any time soon, so this is all academic." He winked.

"Of course. Your Severus is quite a hot little thing. With a piece like that warming my bed, I would not be in any hurry to die either," the man chuckled.

"Yes, quite." He was not sure exactly how to react. "I really need to get back to the school Mr. Yorik.

"Of course, Headmaster," he smiled. "I will get this processed immediately."

"Thank you." He turned to leave.

"Give him a good one for me," the man chuckled. Remus felt the wolf rising, but managed to quell the anger, at least enough not to rip the man's throat out.

He left the room without comment.

It was done! He felt a sigh of relief try to escape. But he would not relax until he was out of the Ministry and back in his own form.

The wolf hated this. Dumbledore's scent was overpowering. It made his new partner uneasy.

"Albus!" He felt his heart drop into his shoes as Minister Fudge strode up and clasped his limp hand in his very clammy moist one. "You never said that you were coming by today, Miss Lovelace just told me you had arrived!"

"Well, I really cannot stay. I just came by to drop off some papers and really must get back to Hogwarts."

Remus tried to smile beneficently, his mind thinking nervously. 'What is it the lion said? I knew the job was dangerous when I took it...'

"Of course, of course. Being a new father you are anxious to get back. How is little Godric? And your lovely bond mate Severus? Bad business with that fall."

"Yes, a terrible business. But they are both fine now," Remus assured, estimating that he had about twenty minutes left before the potion failed and Fudge found himself talking to Remus Lupin.

"Yes. Did you happen to bring any of the pictures you had last time?" Fudge spoke softly, secretively, licking his dry lips.

"Pictures?" Remus shook his head. "Sorry, I seem to have left them at home."

"Too bad." Fudge wiped his hands on his robes self-consciously. "That shot of Severus nursing Godric is quite beautiful."

Remus felt the wolf rise again. He had not seen the picture, but had heard about it over the school grapevine. Severus was breast-feeding when Creevey took the picture. According to what he had heard, both breasts were visible. Though it was also said that Dumbledore had made sure to get not only a copy of the picture, but the negative as well.

Remus wondered what happened in that photo when the picture moved. No, he really did not want to know.

Fudge had become flushed at the thought of seeing the picture.

Great, was everyone in the Ministry some kind of pervert?

"Yes, well, I will be sure to bring it next time when I will be staying longer." He hoped Fudge got the hint.

"Ah, well, yes, must not keep you from your loved ones." Remus held back a sigh. It seemed Fudge was not so anxious to keep Dumbledore there if he could not provide a porn fix.

"Goodbye Minister." Remus bowed very slightly then made his way with dignified haste to the street. He just managed to make it to the alley before he felt his body begin to revert.

"Whew!" he sighed leaning against the brick wall and quickly transfigured his robes. "I just hope this works."


"My love, there you are. Sleeping in the middle of the day? Come on, wake up sleepy head, you will like this." Dumbledore strode in and placed a large jar of silvery liquid on table near his bed.

Severus sat up and blinked the sleep from his bloodshot eyes. He stretched, then sort of pulled in on himself, realizing that he wore nothing.

Then he recalled that Albus had already warned him to be naked and ready upon his return.

The younger man had tried to do as Dumbledore said, but he was so tired. He had fallen asleep after a few minutes alone.

"This is the latest thing." Severus cringed at the older wizard's words before he could stop himself.

'Oh, GODS! Not more Wizard porn!' he gulped nervously, his mind rebelling. 'Please, no kiddy porn this time!'

"Get your wand my pet." Dumbledore did not seem to notice anything wrong. So Severus quickly retrieved his wand. Albus opened the jar and invited Severus to dip in his wand.

He glanced around at what looked to be a very cluttered office. And to his shock, saw that there was an older man in a gaudy blue robe, and half moon glasses sitting at the desk. Albus' arms came around his shoulders, touching his breasts. "Watch this!"

Severus choked as he saw a tall, slender man with long black hair and flowing black robes striding into the scene. "You wished to see me Headmaster," he purred.

"Not bad," Dumbledore whispered. "But he does not have your silky voice my love."

Severus said nothing, only watched in a numb stupor as he realized that he and Dumbledore were the subjects of a pornographic pensive!

"Professor, you have angered many of the parents with your attitude towards the children." The older man stroked his obviously fake beard. "The children are afraid of you."

"And your point is?" the Snape look alike growled.

"I must say that I also find your attitude appalling." The Headmaster stood and walked around his desk to stare down at the dark haired man.

Arms folded over his chest, the 'Professor' looked at the 'Headmaster' with smoldering dark blue eyes. "This behavior will not be tolerated." The Headmaster loomed over him. "I believe Professor that you need to be punished."

The faux Snape almost melted on the spot as he whispered hoarsely, "yes Headmaster."

The older man drew a riding crop from his voluminous sleeve. The other's breath hitched. "Remove your clothes, and bend over the desk." For emphasis the Headmaster slapped the leather against his palm.

The Professor all but tore off his clothes, revealing another reason for Severus to be sick. "Breasts?" He gaped at the large mounds on the man's chest. "He is a hermaphrodite?"

"Sadly no, that is a very complex, and extremely dark spell. I gather it took some interesting potions, but all this lovely young man has are the breasts. Unfortunately."

The younger actor was bending over the desk, arching his back in obvious anticipation of the spanking. The Headmaster used the riding crop to stroke his backside gentle.

"You will stop berating the students," he spoke softly, gently, but the riding crop made a load cracking sound as it struck the pale target.

"You will learn to show respect to your fellow Professors." The white haired actor smacked him again, harder, leaving a thin red welt.

"You will learn to control your temper." Again he struck emphasizing the last word of his command with a blow.

"Yes Headmaster." The man over the desk moaned spreading his legs wider. His cock was erect and leaking.

'That is what he wants of me,' thought Severus in disgust. He could feel Dumbledore's erection poking him in the arse, while his own cock remained flaccid. He simply could not force himself to become aroused at the thought of experiencing pain.

He was almost grateful when the older man abandoned the riding crop, tore open his robes and taking hold of the other man's reddened hips plunged into him. The Professor was gripping the edge of the desk, pushing back against the other man, while the Headmaster would pull out almost completely then ram it in to the hilt.

Dumbledore was moving his hips, grinding against his spouse's pert backside, when he heard a sound in the background. It became louder, more distinct...

Suddenly Severus disappeared from his arms.

Albus looked around in confusion, until he heard the sound becoming clearer. It was a baby crying.

It seemed that upon waking, finding himself alone and hungry Godric had done the only thing he could think of, which was to wail for his mother.

Still seething as he pulled out of the pensive, Dumbledore roared. "Quiet him now!"

"Yes Albus." Severus had stumbled into the nursery, still naked. He turned and with his wand performed a quick silencing charm. He then set down his wand, lifted the screaming infant and automatically offered it a breast. Fortunately for both of them the colic potion had worked so Godric was just hungry. He quieted the moment the nipple brushed his quivering lips.

Trembling, almost falling back into the rocking chair with relief Severus stroked his child's cheek. "It is alright my son. Everything is alright."

After a moment a much calmer Dumbledore stood in the doorway. "This is not working out Severus."

"What?" The younger wizard looked at him blearily. "I do not understand? I remembered the silencing charm!"

"My dearest love, right now you are simply not able to adequately take care of my needs, Sirius' and Godric's," the Headmaster sighed. "I think that it would be best if I hire a nanny and send him to my estate in Sussex."

Severus just blinked at him for several seconds, until the meaning of the words came crashing down on his sleep deprived mind. "Albus, no! Please, I will do better. If I could have a house elf to, to help me with the baby..."

"Nappy was a specially trained elf from St. Mungo's, none of the house elves here know how to care for a baby. Besides, the house elves have other duties Severus, as do you."

"Please Albus, do not take my son away!" he gasped.

The Headmaster stared him down. "He is my son Severus. MINE! As you are mine!"

After several deep breaths Dumbledore's blue eyes seemed to change as he watched they softened going from anger to full of compassion. "Stop looking at me that way child, I am not trying to be cruel. You will see him during the summer, Christmas, birthdays and such."

"Please Albus. He will start sleeping through the night soon..."

"It will be for the best. You will see my Love." Dumbledore now stood behind him, stroking his hair gently. "The contraceptive potion you took will be effective for another day or so at most?"


"Excellent. You will not take another dose. You would like that, would you not Severus? To have another child?"

"But, you want to send Godric away?" Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

"Little One, you can only do so much. Godric can stay for, let us say another week, while I see about hiring a wet nurse. Then, you can concentrate on the next child. Why, in a few short years when I retire as Headmaster, we can enjoy the children, without having to go through the messy stage of nappies and such!" he sounded like the gentle Headmaster. Severus was sure that his eyes twinkled. "It will be wonderful. I know how much you enjoy being pregnant."

Severus whimpered. If he were impregnated again, he would be completely helpless. He could not even think of trying to kill Dumbledore. He did not want to contemplate what could happen if he failed.

He could not risk the life of the child.

"Albus, please..."

"Severus," the voice hardened, "are you defying me?"

His head bowed, long loose hair covered his face. "No Albus."

"Good." The deceptively strong hands squeezed his shoulders. "Now once you have Godric taken care of, meet me in my, special room. I feel that we need some quality time before you are pregnant again."

"Yes Albus..." Severus tried to tell himself that it would be better if Godric was away from Dumbledore. Yes, Godric would be safer if he were not within the abusive man's grasp.

But all he could think of was that he would no longer be able to cradle his son in his arms. That his child was going to be taken from him, and there was nothing that he could do to stop it.

Albus watched from the doorway, just out of sight as Severus dissolved into tears, clutching the infant to his breast.

He felt a slight tug at his heart at the sight; but pushed it aside. This would be in everyone's best interest.

He wanted several more children, but even more, he wanted Severus to himself. Sharing with Sirius on occasion was one thing. Having the baby constantly demanding Severus' attention day and night leaving him too tired to stay awake for a good shag, that was simply not acceptable.

Yes, in the end, this would be best.


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