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Part 12

** - Indicates Severus' hallucinations.

**It could be human, though it was oddly proportioned, also very naked. Its erect cock jutted out looking more like a knob ended club then a human sexual organ. One hand fingered the organ obscenely. **

Minerva McGonagall, who had been taking her turn at the bedside vigil for Severus, gasped and jumped to her feet as the unconscious man cried out and began to thrash and flail at some unseen enemy.

**The creature, with its wild white haired held some vague resemblance to Albus Dumbledore, his half moon glasses were even perched at the end of the creature' long crooked nose. Still stroking itself the thing held out the other gnarled twisted hand. "Would you like a lemon drop?" The thing hissed, drooling slightly, holding the yellow, pus oozing things out before it. **

Minerva tried to calm him, but he continued to thrash and whimper with even more force. The monitoring crystal that had been resting on Severus' chest that had pulsed a steady green now flashed red as it was thrown off by his violent movements and shattered on the hard stone floor.

**Severus stumbled back as the pulsing candies began to expand and send out slimy yellow tendrils towards him. **

Three house elves with the crest of St Mungo's on their sterile white towels appeared around the bed, while at almost the same instant a pair of young men in white coats came tumbling out of the huge fireplace. Before she could say a word one grabbed her by the shoulders. "Please move aside," the burley young man said setting her to one side then moving past to the stricken man.

**"No, please no!" Severus tried to run, but his legs would not carry him. His belly lurched as the outline of a huge foot then a hand distended his skin. He fell to his knees, dragged down as his belly began to expand to grotesque proportions as something tried to flail about inside him seeking to escape! **

She found herself staring as both men moved to stand on either side of Severus. Like a well oiled machine the men and elves swarmed over the prone figure. The elves appearing and disappearing, setting up trays of instruments, towels and such, as the men concentrated on the man on the bed. One of the wizards had his wand out and was assessing the whimpering man's condition. The other carefully removed the blankets and pushed the long legs up and apart so that he could see the female opening.

**Snape clawed at the hard cold floor, intending to crawl on his hands and knees to escape from the tendrils, but his fingernails could only just scrape the stone! **

The white sheet was already soaked with bloody water.

**He was unable to do more then scoot a scant few inches, his arms and legs held away from the ground by his hideously distended belly! **

The man doing the readings looked at a scroll and quill that had appeared near Severus' head, taking in what was being written, then he turned to the Deputy headmistress. "We cannot hold the birth back any longer. His water has broken, the baby must come out quickly or it will die. But Severus is not strong enough to survive a normal birth. We need the Headmaster to give permission for a caesarian section."

**"Help me please!" Severus sobbed, as Professor Flitwick strolled past, a beatific smile on his face. The little man did not even spare a glance in his direction. **

"But, why can you not save him?"

**The tendrils writhed and whipped around him, Madam Hooch flew by in full Quidditch gear on her broom. She smiled at him and waved jauntily. **

"We cannot perform surgery without the next of kin's permission, unless the mother dies and that is the only way to save the baby. That is the law," the young man was firm.

**The yellow tendrils still moved inexorably towards where he thrashed about like a beached whale. **

McGonagall gapped for a few seconds, but knew that she had no time to argue with bureaucratic stupidity! She turned and ran to the fireplace, she grasped a hand full of powder from a small urn just as Madam Pomfrey stumbled onto the door, robe clumsily tied and her hair hanging down half in her face, eyes still sleepy. "We need Albus, I will try the floo, and you get the elves searching!" she yelled at the startled woman

**Remus Lupin smiled down at him. His eyes glowed yellow beneath mostly gray hair. His teeth grew sharp as his face elongated into a long wolfish snout. **

Without waiting for an answer from Pomfrey the older witch threw in the powder. "All Hogwarts!" she yelled into the fireplace. This would connect her to every fireplace in the school. Which she knew would wake the entire population, students and teachers, but she did not care. "Albus, Severus needs you! Come to the infirmary NOW!"

**The gray werewolf slowly changed from an awkward two-legged creature, dropping down to all fours fur darkening to become a gigantic black dog. **

She stepped back hoping that Albus would come charging through the floo. From the fireplace she heard a cacophony of confused voices, but no Headmaster. Glancing back as the Mediwizards continued to make ready for the surgery, which they could not perform without Albus Dumbledore's bloody permission!

**The black dog's mouth foamed as it circled Severus. The terrified man tried to scratch and claw at the ground. He had to escape! **

The Professor felt near panic. Why had no one thought to have Albus sign the damned consent forms as soon as they put Severus in the healing trance, just in case? She wanted to strangle someone and at this point she did not really care who!

**Still circling the panting slobbering grim kept looking at him, licking its lips hungrily. Severus cringed as his eyes caught sight of it, the bright red thing, protruding beneath the dog's belly. **

Pomfrey had called in a dozen Hogwarts house elves. She ordered them to search the castle and find Dumbledore. They nodded their overly large heads as one and disappeared.


Several tense heartbeats later the House Elves reappeared in the room, all were agitated. "We is not finding the Headmaster," one said wringing its long skinny hands together. "Nifty failed!" it sobbed reaching for the nearest blunt instrument, which turned out to be a small table lamp, which it obviously intended to use in an attempt to injure itself.

**He could feel the wet heat of the thing's foul breath on his face. **

Both she and Pomfrey cringed as Severus screamed and thrashed again, his body reacting to the contractions though he was not consciously aware. The St Mungo's house elves moved quickly to keep him from injuring himself. They had no choice but to hold him down while one of the physicians cast a spell to bind his wrists and ankles to the bed.

**The slimy tendrils wrapped themselves around him. They effortlessly caught his wrists and ankles, immobilizing him. One looped over his hideously bloated stomach. Another of the things wrapped around his throat, cutting off his air! **

"Stop it!" yelled McGonagall red face with frustration as she snatched the lamp away. "Search again! We have to find Dumbledore!"

** The black dog circled behind him, nosing its way between his legs. "NOOOOOOOO!" he shrieked as the creature mounted him! A massive thing pushed its way deeper into his body. Pain shot through him radiating from his stomach! **

To everyone's surprise, Hermione Granger tumbled out of the floo. "Dumbledore was outside near the Whomping Willow not half an hour ago," she panted.

**His already distended belly continued to expand even more; soon he knew it would explode! **

The Deputy Headmistress rushed to the tall window. Without a moments hesitation she shattered the glass sending a powerful spell through it. Bright red beams shot out of her wand lighting up the sky brighter then any flare.


The dead troll's mangled body twitched reflexively. The bright red blood that oozed from many wounds stood out pale on its gray skin. Steam rose slowly into the cool air from a myriad of gore splattered gashes.

Albus' snow white beard was mostly red with splattered blood. He tasted the salty stuff in his mouth and breathed it into his nose. With a cold smile he looked down at the blood soaked sword in his hand. Godric Gryffindor might object to such a cruel, pointless use for his prized sword, but then, the old boy was dead, so why should he care?

He had been savoring the feel of the troll's life force as it had surged into him. This was another way for him to gain power, and extend his life, to draw in the life force of his fallen enemies.

And people had actually wondered why he grew stronger with each of the Death Eaters he had killed in the last battle at Hogwarts. Why, when his final foe had fallen, he had been furious, wishing there had been more.

His musings were cut short as he noticed a red cast to the sky, and the shadow of something moving overhead. He whirled, wand at the ready. His heart skipped a beat. A shower of red light and sparks like fireworks filled the sky.

It was an emergency signal from Hogwarts.

The lights originated from the infirmary window. "Merlin, Severus!"

Taking a deep breath he had the presence of mind to do a quick spell to clean the blood, realizing that he had the sword, he whistled, and threw the sword into the air, where Fawkes, his Phoenix snatched it into its beak and disappeared. Then he pressed on the red stone, the ruby eye of the lion on his wedding ring and instantly vanished.

Less then a heartbeat later he reappeared in the infirmary at Severus' side just as the port key spell of the rings was designed to do, consequently startling the Mediwizards. "What has happened?" he demanded with barely contained rage and fear.

"We must perform a Cesarean section," the Mediwizard gingerly he held out a clipboard. "Please sign this Sir."

He shook with the anger that burned through his veins. Only years of iron control in public kept him from lashing out violently at these fools. They had risked his bond mate and his child over some legal formality!

Gritting his teeth, he managed to snatch the quill from the young man and instead of hexing or raging at him, he signed the paper, splattering ink as the tip snapped.

Oh, there would be a reckoning at the ministry for this outrage!

The Mediwizard just stood for a moment until Dumbledore growled. "Save them!" his blue eyes did not twinkle; they burned. The younger wizard turned and all but ran back to Severus.

"Albus, I am so glad you saw my signal," McGonagall almost sobbed with relief falling into his arms. "If Miss Granger had not seen you outside..."

Dumbledore looked at the nervous young woman. She obviously thought he would be angry. Instead he managed a very weak smile and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, feeling her shudder beneath his touch. "Twenty points to Gryffindor for quick thinking."

"Please, it would be best if you would all wait outside," one of the men said as the other ran a hand over Severus' bloated belly.

"Come," Dumbledore held out his arms to usher the three women out into the hall. No one was surprised that the narrow hall was already almost full.

Slytherin was represented in its entirety. Even the littlest first years, yawning and sleepy eyed in their pajamas blinked at them, waiting for news. Most of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw above fourth year were there, and the Hufflepuffs were slowly trickling in.

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black came in one after the other. Black wore a dark burgundy bathrobe and brown slippers. His hair was sleep tousled.

Remus still wore his clothes from the day. They betrayed no sign at all of him having lain down or slept.

"Since most everyone is here, this is the situation," the Headmaster spoke softly, but the crowd had gone so quiet that no one had any trouble hearing him. "Severus is in labor. The Mediwizards are going to perform a Cesarean section to spare Severus the hours of pain and stress that often results from natural birth," he knew that it was more.

This was a matter of life and death

"I fear that all any of us can do now is wait."

Albus Dumbledore sat slowly on the bench across the hall from the infirmary door, surrounded by students and teachers. His dear Sirius was by his side. He touched the older wizard's shoulder obviously wanting to comfort his father, though at that moment Albus Dumbledore felt utterly alone.

'My poor Severus,' he thought sadly. 'I love you so much, why must you provoke me! My Love, I cannot allow you to anger me like that again. You and our son could have died,' he swallowed and stifled a choked sob. 'I must be harder on you for your own good, Severus. I must be harder, more ruthless in your punishments, there is no other choice. Yes, it must be done. For your sake, for the sake of our future children, I must completely break you.'

Having made up his mind on a course of action, Albus sat back to wait for some word of his beloved.


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