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Though to all concerned it seemed as if an eternity had passed since Headmaster Dumbledore had made his announcement about Severus' condition, it was actually two hours later when the large oak door slowly opened. As the light from the infirmary poured into the dim corridor a sound pierced the stillness.

It was the unmistakable high pitched, stuttered wail of a healthy newborn child.

No one in that hall had ever heard such a welcome noise.

Albus Dumbledore was on his feet in an instant as the young brown haired Mediwizard stepped into the hall reverently carrying a small bundle wrapped in a white blanket.

"Headmaster Dumbledore," the man was very drawn and tired, but smiled anyway, "your son."

Dumbledore was there in two strides. Tears came unbidden as he looked into a pair of exquisite eyes so dark blue in color that they were almost black. They blinked and squinting at him from above chubby round cheeks. The child was still red and slightly wrinkled from spending nine months immersed in liquid. Albus ran a finger over the warm soft skin.

He took in every detail of the child's face: memorizing the fine black hair of the eyebrows; the upturned nose; the almost obscenely long and thick eye lashes. He noted that unlike most newborns he had seen, his son's head was round since it had not been forced through a birth canal. "Hello my dear Godric." Dumbledore very carefully took the bundle from the medic and kissed his son's forehead. Students and teachers surrounded him, peering at the small bundle, though keeping well enough away so as not to crowd the Headmaster and his son.

There was not a dry eye in the hallway.

Albus did not even begrudge the presence of Draco Malfoy. The blond stood at the end of the hall, trying to catch a glimpse of the little angel's face. Magnanimously the older man held up the child for all to see.

Finally holding his precious child in his arms was more wonderful then he ever dreamed. Albus had never done this before. Over the years he had fathered several illegitimate and unacknowledged children like Sirius.

Actually, he had sired all of them on married women. None even knew that he was their father. The last thing he had wanted when he was younger was a dozen little bastards sucking away his fortune. He had little or nothing to do with them.

Now that he was older, and had quite a lot more money to spare, and things were different. Besides, Godric was his heir. And Severus his wife...

Albus turned and looked to the man, his blue eyes full of concern. "Severus, is he alright?"

The other man nodded. "He will not wake for several hours but he is out of danger."

Everyone could see the relief on the old man's face. "May I see him?"

"Of course Headmaster. If you wish to go to him it will do no harm."

Dumbledore walked slowly passed the Mediwizard, he moved with a measured stride through the main infirmary until he came to the door to Severus' room. The boy looked like an angel. He was so pale and delicate. His skin seemed to glow in the dim light.

Smiling, the old man sat beside the bed looking at his still deathly pale mate. "Thank you my sweet Severus. Thank you for my son." He held up Godric, though the black, sunken eyes remained closed. "He is perfect. Oh, I cannot wait for you to see him Severus. See him, touch him, hold him to your lovely breasts and feed him. Ah my Little one, if I do say so myself, we make beautiful babies."

He leaned close and gently kissed his slightly parted lips. "As soon as you are strong enough, we can start on the next one," he whispered brightly.


No one even bothered trying to go back to sleep. It was already six in the morning by the time Headmaster Dumbledore had gone into the infirmary to see Professor Snape, and the entire school was wide-awake.

Most still wore pajamas, bathrobes and slippers, the students and professors of Hogwarts eventually congregated in the Great Hall. The Elves, without being ordered, had set out a respectable sized feast on the tables in celebration of the birth. Every type of breakfast appropriate food: cereal, pastry, etc was laid out before them.

There was a general air of relief, as if a great weight had been lifted from the shoulders of everyone in the school. The Professors chatted happily, laughing and toasting with orange juice and coffee, the health of Godric Dumbledore and Severus.

Even Filch's snarl was without its usual bite.

Though it was the Slytherins who were most changed, they were happier then anyone had seen them all year. They could be seen with true happy smiles, hugging one another. As far as they were concerned, all of Slytherin House now had a little brother.

With a little effort, they could even forgive him for having a Gryffindor for a father.

All of Hogwarts was happy it seemed, save Draco Malfoy, who stood at the entrance to the Great Hall watching the feast with sadness. None of them knew how much danger Severus and his child were in.

They would never truly be out of danger as long as Albus Dumbledore lived.

"I know how you feel." Draco turned and found Hermione Granger standing behind him.

"Dumbledore is insane Granger. He will hurt them. It is only a matter of time," he said sadly.

"At least he cannot harm them in the infirmary," Hermione reassure. "There are the elves, Madam Pomfrey, and the Mediwizards monitoring Severus and the baby."

"I thought I would be relieved when the baby was born. But in a way it is worse. Now that bastard has something else to hold over his head. What will he do if Severus displeases him?"

"I do not want to think about it." Hermione felt eyes on the back of her neck, or more precisely, the top of her head. She looked at one of the polished suits of armor. Sirius Black looked over the railing at top of the grand staircase at the unlikely pair. "Oh, no," she gulped trying not to let on that she saw him. "Black is on the landing watching us, you had best go to the Slytherin table now," she whispered.

Draco nodded and with a sneer said loudly. "I do not care what you say Granger. Even with that name Godric, Professor Snape's son will be a Slytherin." He turned on his heels and walked into the hall. Hermione shook her head and looked disgusted. She hoped that this display would put Black off the scent.

With a sneer of his own, Black vowed that he would have a little talk with the ferret later. Make sure that the brat learned to keep his filthy Slytherin hands off of Gryffindor property.


Several hours later in the infirmary...

Albus watched with a smile as the long thick lashes fluttered and deep, sleep blurred black eyes opened for the first time in almost two weeks. Like a night creature dazed by the sudden onset of day Severus' eyes watered as an arm, weak from disuse moved to scrub the layer of sleep from them.

It obviously took him a few moments to focus, but as soon as the pale man's eyes flashed with comprehension his hand moved to his belly, clumsily seeking the now non-existent bulge. Upon realizing his stomach was almost flat, a sob clawed its way from his lips. "My baby?"

"He is here my Love." Severus' head snapped around to find Dumbledore standing calmly beside a red and gold draped bassinet. "Godric is just fine." He bent and very gently lifted the tightly wrapped bundle out of the little bed and held him up for his 'mother' to see.

Godric was the most beautiful thing that Severus Snape-Dumbledore had ever seen.

The child had thick black hair that was long enough to lay down, though not stay completely flat. His skin was a healthy pink. Red lips moved slightly, his little tongue tip stuck out, then pulled back in as if the child were trying to chew on something. His chin had a slight point to it, making him look like some tiny fey creature.

Tears fell down pale white cheeks at the wondrous sight. Severus started to try and stand. He wanted to hold his son in his arms. To touch him, kiss and stroke him. To convince himself that he was real. That his son lived, that this was not just a good dream that had wormed itself in-between the nightmares.

"No Severus." The words froze him in place as if a freezing spell had been cast. "We are going to have a little talk before you even think of speaking to anyone."

Dumbledore walked back to the bassinet and set the sleeping bundle back in its soft, safe little world. He then turned his attention to the problem that lay in the bed.

The bed was empty.

A little annoyed to say the least, he looked around the room. There was only one place to hide. Not even bothering to pull out his wand, he pointed at the bed. It rose off the floor, revealing the trembling form. Face covered by waist length hair, he was curled up in a ball, crying like a frightened child.

This was lovely. Severus on his knees, the way he had always wanted. But he knew that Severus was not quite broken. He was confused and in pain now. Once he recovered completely, that Slytherin cunning would once more attempt to assert itself.

Though he could not help but smile seeing how the hospital gown revealed the sharp bones of his back, and the view of that lovely arse was not obscured in the least. Just thinking about it he started to become aroused. After all, it had been weeks since he had felt Severus writhe under his touch. Felt that tight heat on his cock.

He fought the desire down. There were half a dozen people waiting to come in. He could not lock the door or throw out a silencing spell. He would have to wait a little longer to reclaim his mate.

"I will not hurt you, come here, my Little one." Severus did not move, except to curl more tightly into a ball.

"Severus, come out from under there," the voice was becoming cold. The Headmaster could already feel his temper rising.

The only movement was for the weak arms to cover his head.

"Come here, or I will become displeased with you Severus." He let all of his anger be felt in those simple words. This time he got through to Severus. The arms came down very slowly, his head rose to look up at the Headmaster eyes filled with fear.

"Please," he whispered hoarsely then crawled on hands and knees out from under the bed. He kept his distance from the older wizard. "Please do not hurt me."

Allowing the bed to settle gently to the floor, Dumbledore sat down on the edge. "Come here Severus my Love." He patted the mattress beside him. "I promise, I will not hurt you. Come sit with me so we can talk."

Like a frightened wild animal, Severus so very slowly crawled until he was at his bond mate's feet. He tried to stand, but almost fell feeling dizzy and weak. Dumbledore caught his arm and drew him up into his lap.

Severus struggled weakly, but was held firm. Albus ran a gentle hand down his back. "Hush Little One. I will not hurt you. Calm yourself." He soon had Severus curled up completely on his lap, head against his shoulder. He was still now, though the trembling had not abated in the slightest.

"Severus, do you remember what happened? How you were hurt?" He felt a slight, fearful affirmative nod. "You fell when one of the moving staircases caught you by surprise. Is that what you remember?"

There was no response.

"Child, you fell by accident," Dumbledore's voice became more insistent. He then felt a very slow affirmative nod. "Good, good, that is what you will tell anyone if they ask. You fell off one of the moving stairs," he reiterated, again this was met with a slight nod up and down.

"That is my sweet, obedient child." One of Dumbledore's hands took hold of the hospital gown and drew it lower so that it just revealed the mounds of Severus' breasts to view. "Oh my god they're huge!" he gasped touching one with his right hand.

The trembling black haired man flinched slightly, but made no real move to escape the touch.

For a moment the Headmaster had his hand in the loose smock, he played with one peaked nipple, until they both jumped as they heard a loud noise from across the room. Godric had begun to cry. Dumbledore turned to Severus as he realized that some thick opaque liquid began leaking from the nipple. "It seems you have a conditioned reflex already," he chuckled. Then licked the wetness from his finger. "Hmmm, interesting, and very sweet."

"May I feed him? Please?" Severus asked meekly.

"Of course child. Mother's milk is the best thing in the world for newborns." Severus started to stand. "No, no child. You are much too weak to hold him like that. You can hardly stand unaided. Just lay back." He eased Severus into the bed, piled up several pillows behind him so that he could sit up, and pulled the blankets over his legs. He tucked it around his now much slimmer waist.

Smiling, he walked back to the bassinet and lifted Godric gently. When he reached the bed he set the child into the arms of his mother. The boy stopped crying instantly.

Severus almost sobbed with relief as he finally held his son. He touched his hair, his face, pulled back the blanket enough to see his tiny perfect hands. Thin grasping fingers that wrapped around his finger tightly and tried to put it in his mouth.

After a moment of being gummed by the obviously hungry infant, he pulled out the finger. When deprived of something to suck, the child's little face turned to rub against the white hospital gown. He began to nuzzle and root around searching for food. Severus bared his breast and, as he had been instructed by Poppy some time ago, allowed his son to latch on to it.

Now it was real. Severus ignored Albus, who watched with an air of contentment. All that existed at that moment was the tiny form drawing nourishment from his body. There was a little pain. High in the breasts, almost to his shoulders, but he had already read that this sometimes happened when the milk came in. Besides, the pain helped to remind him that this was not just another dream.

Though if it was, he hoped that it would last for the rest of his life.

He was so preoccupied with his child that he did not notice anything was different until he started at the flash. Clutching his son to him he turned and found himself looking at a smiling Collin Creevy as he snapped another picture. He lowered the camera and smiled. "That was beautiful."

"Thank you." Albus patted the thin blond Gryffindor on the head affectionately. "Let me know when the prints are done," he said shooing the boy out.

"Yes Sir!" he said as the door closed behind him.

"Sorry Severus, but you looked so lovely, and I recalled that Mr. Creevey was outside," he shrugged by way of explanation.

Using his finger to gently break the suction and, very regretfully, detached his now fidgeting son. He drew Godric up against his shoulder gently patting his back. He was rewarded, almost instantly, with a wet burp. He repeated the action and got a smaller hiccup. But now that the child was close to his sensitive nose caught a whiff of urine. He glanced around. "Where are the nappies? He needs a change."

"Nappy!" Albus called. A St. Mungo's house elf appeared before him. "Please see that the baby is changed and bathed."

"Yes, Headmaster Dumbledore Sir. Nappy is taking good care of lovely baby Godric!" The very happy elf turned and held up its arms to Severus.

"I can take care of him Albus." He clutched the baby harder to his shoulder, not wanting to relinquish him.

"You will soon enough my Pet. Let the house elves do the messy work until you are better." Without waiting for an answer, the Older wizard walked over and gently, but firmly took the baby from Severus and handed it to the waiting elf.

Severus did not fight, only watched with longing as the elf carried the tiny form of his son to the changing table in the corner near the bassinet.

He jumped as Dumbledore's callused hand touched his cheek. "I wish I could have you now," he whispered, as his hand squeezed one swollen breast for emphasis, which caused Severus to finch. "But you will have to stay here for another day." The Headmaster stroked his hair. "Tomorrow night, you will be back in our rooms. Back where you belong."


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