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Part 6

The incident with the secret room had happened over a week ago and neither of them had mentioned it since. Severus because he really did not want Dumbledore thinking about that whole weird bondage, pain, and of course how could anyone forget, 'worship me' thing.

Dumbledore, as far as he could tell, kept quiet for his own reasons.

The trigger to open the portrait had been changed, Severus noted. The goat's eye was missing, and the brothers would frown and wag their fingers at him as if he were a disobedient child if he came near - though little brother also sometimes flashed him.

It seems Albus Dumbledore got the lion's share of more then just magic. Severus told him so and received a snarl in return.

Severus was completely confused, not sure if he should take the chance and approach the older man, perhaps even try to seduce him, or just be passive and wait until Dumbledore came and took him. They had not had sex once since the incident.

He was flabbergasted when Dumbledore had informed him that he had decided to sleep on the couch in his study for a while.

It made no sense. Why did Albus wait? It was not as if Severus could refuse him.

The old wizard was physically stronger, magically more powerful, and he had the law on his side. He could take whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, for as long as he wanted, Snape had no say in the matter.

This not being touched, not being raped or beaten, it should have been heaven. In a way it was hell. It would have been better if the Headmaster had just hit him, fucked him or both and been done with it. Now he was a nervous wreak! Every waking moment, as well as most of those in his dreams was spent wondering when the ax would fall.

Which when he thought about it was probably just what Dumbledore intended.

To make matters worse, he could not even talk to Draco! Between Dumbledore being the dutiful husband, always being near even if he did not touch, Sirius Black watching him like a hawk, and even Hagrid, his innocent protective streak being used by Dumbledore to 'make sure that he was safe' whenever he went outside, he felt trapped and utterly alone.

It was the way Dumbledore smiled that was most frightening. The blue eyes would twinkle, he would stroll by, touch his cheek, then walk on, never saying more then, 'you look lovely, my Pet,' or 'you must eat more, child.' He might as well have said, 'I will make you regret ever being born.'

Several times he came close to crawling into the study naked on hands and knees and begging the old man to get it over with. But fear kept him huddled in the large four poster bed. He was not so much afraid of rejection, he was afraid of acceptance.

It was Monday morning and he had somehow managed to concentrate on his class, made sure that the students knew the simple wart removing potion inside and out, so that there would be no accidents. The last thing he would have needed was an explosion and a classroom full of wart covered students ala Longbottom.

He had actually had one bit of luck in all of this, there did not seem to be any new Longbottoms in any of the first year classes.

Of course, part of that was likely because Severus Snape-Dumbledore was not exactly the demon that made first years cry or wet themselves that Professor Severus Snape had been.

None of the students had any reason to complain. While it was true that some of them still watched him suspiciously, perhaps waiting for the evil Potion Master to return? He was a paper dragon now and they all knew it.

Though he was sure that most of them watched him because of the way he looked. It must be strange, especially for the first years. They were eleven and twelve year olds. For all intents and purposes, still children. Some things were just beyond children. And now, no matter how loose the robes, he could not hide either his swollen belly, or breasts.

His breasts were quite the sight. He had recently started to wear a bra. It was just one more shame to add to the lengthy list. But he had no choice. They were so swollen and tender, and would soon be pushing double D status. Besides, anymore, it was too painful not to.

He wondered if the parents were shocked by what their little darlings wrote about him. The muggle born children must have been completely confused that their mean old potions teacher suddenly had big boobs and was being screwed by the Headmaster, well; they probably assumed that he was still being screwed. He also wondered what the school's board of governors had said about it. Even Albus Dumbledore must have had a time convincing them to let this go on under the same roof with so many impressionable youngsters. Too bad they could not find out what was really going on here!

With a sigh he had opted to sit quietly in his chair behind his desk.

He was too clumsy now to swoop or stalk, and his ankles too swollen to even stand over them and watch for long. Most of the time he could no longer muster a credible glare!

It was now the esteemed Ms. Granger that did most of the work anyway.

Dumbledore had brought her in just before noon on the day he had discovered the secret room and informed him that she was his assistance for the first and second year classes. He did not say anything. She knew the subject, was good with the children, and he was certainly not going to argue with Dumbledore.

He noticed after the class had left, she was supposed to be grading potion samples; instead she was looking at him. When he raised his eyes and stared at her she blushed and looked away.

Though finally, as always eventually her curiosity got the better of her. "Um, Professor..." There was always hesitation whenever she addressed him, as with most of the other students above first year. Most had decided simply 'Professor' would work. The whole Snape-Dumbledore thing made them uncomfortable. That and Sir was a little awkward when you were staring at someone's breasts. Though he often heard the students that he had been the hardest on before the change referring to him in the halls as Mrs. Dumbledore.

He had once walked up as Mr. Weasley giggled about 'Professor Snatch,' and made some very rude gestures with his hands to explain the joke to Longbottom and the walking camera, Creevy, who both turned bright crimson.

He did not yell, nor given the red headed menace detention. Before they could spot him he had turned tail, waddled to the nearest empty classroom and cried for an hour.

Sometimes he felt truly pathetic.

"You need something, Ms Granger?"

"No, Professor," She looked away again.

He did not believe her. "What is the problem, Ms Granger?"

"I was just wondering Professor, I read a book about hermaphrodites in the restricted section, 'Male, Female, Both, Neither.' It said that hermaphrodites are almost always sterile?"

"I have read the book Granger. If you will recall, Simmons wrote of those in our world who are unlucky enough to be born this way. Though in theory the condition should enhance certain magiks that are gender related, it is in practice an aberration, a defect. Usually the different organs and hormones interfere with each other. One or both sets will be under developed and immature. As it stated in the title, many hermaphrodites are truly neither sex," he shrugged with a sigh. He was not sure why he answered instead of snapping at her. Maybe he just needed so desperately to talk to someone that he would even converse with the dreaded bushy haired, Gryffindor Know-it-all. "My condition is not natural in any sense of the word; I was made this way by the Dark Lord, using a very powerful ancient spell. Both sets of organs are mature and working. He found the idea amusing."

"Then, if you had been so inclined, you could sired a child as well as carry one?"

"Physically, yes, I could. Though I do not have the inclination," he sighed, then closed his eyes and gasped as little Godric made his presence known. The baby kicked out hard.

"Oh! I saw it," Granger gasped. "Sir, would you, uh, be offended if..." She was biting he bottom lip, a slightly annoying nervous habit she displayed often.

Again, he had no idea why he did this, perhaps he was just lonely. "You may place your hand on my stomach and feel the baby's movements, if that is your desire," he said magnanimously.

Her smile was bright. And he noted absently that those absolutely enormous teeth of hers looked practically normal? She must have had some magic performed on them.

He actually had to work not to flinch when she laid her hand tentatively on his stomach. He had become hypersensitive to any touch.

Godric as always performed admirably. The second she placed her hand on him a foot struck it. "OH!" she gasped as the little fellow did his imitation of a World Cup Soccer player.

They were both enraptured by the performance when a hated voice broke the spell. "My, my, but this is cozy," Sirius Black waltzed in just the hint of a sneer on his face.

Granger stood straight, Snape jumped from his chair. Or tried to. He ended up bumping Granger and falling back in the chair. She gulped and stepped away mumbling apologies. Everyone, even first years, knew that there was bad blood between the two. And Hermione had seen the pair come close to killing each other in the Shrieking Shack.

"Please, Severus, do not stop on my account," he walked over and smiled at Severus. "You both look so happy. I would like to feel it." Black's eyes were cold, as he reached out his hand. He just missed his stomach as Severus stumbled backwards out of the chair and found himself against his desk. "Come on, Severus; let me feel the little fellow move too." The Gryffindor rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Severus managed a sneer. He would rather walk into the den of a rabid bug bear!

"Ah, Severus, my darling, there you are," Dumbledore's smile shone as he navigated the rows of desks to stop before the started trio. "You seem agitated my love?"

"I am alright, Albus," Severus barely resisted the urge to run to the older wizard's arms for protection from the leering Sirius Black.

"I noticed that the baby was being active," Granger volunteered. "I was curious and wanted to feel it move."

"So did I," Black insisted.

"It is a wonderful experience," Dumbledore sighed thoughtfully then a strange gleam came to his eyes when he looked between the antagonists. "Severus, please, allow Sirius to feel our child."

Severus wanted to flee, but the door had closed behind Albus, and it would be unseemly to scream, run or cry in front of a student. Though he was on the edge of doing all three. Instead, he braced himself against his desk and looked Sirius Black in the eyes. "You may," He could not be sure enough of his voice to say more.

With a malicious smile on his handsome face Black slowly reached out a hand and laid it on the precious bulge. Perhaps somehow sensing its 'mother's apprehension the baby twisted and seemed to try to get away from Black's questing hand.

"Ms Granger, why don't you go on to the library, I have some things that I need to discuss with your teachers," Dumbledore snapped his fingers, the door opened. With a nod, and a last oddly sympathetic look at Severus, Granger left.

The door closed behind her with a frightening final sound.

Swallowing hard, Severus tried to keep himself calm and not tremble. Not wanting to show just how afraid he was to his enemy. He had known that he was going to be punished sooner or later for angering Dumbledore. That was inevitable; however, he had not expected Sirius Black to be invited to help!

It must be a punishment. There was nothing else he could call this. Being touched by Black so intimately while Dumbledore looked on with approval in his flashing blue eyes. Black's hand strayed upwards, touched a tender breast. Severus looked at his husband for some sign of how much of this humiliation he would be expected to endure. The smile never wavered as the hand on his breast became bolder, more intrusive. The other hand snaked down and went straight for his crotch.

Unable to stand it any longer, black eyes wide with a mix of fear, anger and loathing, Severus sidestepped and pushed away from Black who growled and tried to grab him.

Stumbling over his long heavy robes in his haste to get away, Severus fell hard, he felt the baby squirming frantically as he found himself on his knees before Dumbledore. "Albus?" he gulped. He could almost feel the shadow of Sirius Black on his back.

"You wish something, My Pet?"

"Albus, please, you know what he will do to me..."

"Why Severus, are you perhaps begging for your husband to protect you?" the Headmaster folded his arms and looked at him with cold eyes.

"Y, Yes. Please, please do not let him rape me again! I beg you!" he stammered with barely contained fear, his eyes went down submissively.

"Severus, you really must not continue to throw that charge out at everyone. You recall the boy who cried werewolf?"

"He did that too," Black caught his long hair and pulled his head back painfully. "Scandalous," he forced his mouth over his captive's plunged in his tongue.

"True, Severus, I am terribly sorry, but I do not believe that you have earned my protection."

"Albus!" he choked on Black's saliva, as his foe worked to open his robes, in short order his breasts were exposed.

"You know, Snivellous and I used to do a fair bit of shagging when we were in school. When I could find him that is. He became quite adept at staying out of sight near the end of seventh year. Of course, that last time I nailed him in our seventh year he did not have all the extra goodies," he fondled a breast roughly.

"No!" Severus almost sobbed. That bastard Dumbledore was going to just stand by and watch Black rape him! In a haze of fear Severus threw back his elbow, catching Black in the groin. The animagus yelped and doubled over, as the pregnant wizard half crawled half ran past the placidly smiling Headmaster to the door.

He was shocked when it opened. There was some cursing from Black that faded as he ran, if you could call it that. It was more of a stumbling clumsy shuffle, but to his absolute relief there was no pursuit.

Miraculously he had not met any student in his mad dash for sanctuary in a disused classroom. It took a few moments to calm enough to draw out his wand and fix his torn clothes. Afterwards he looked at the wand sadly. He had not even considered using it in his own defense!

His first and only thought had been to beg Dumbledore for protection.

Severus felt thoroughly shamed. He hid in the dusty classroom for about half an hour, until he had managed to pull himself together into a semblance of calm. He checked carefully to see that no one waited to ambush him, then he walked slowly to the teacher's lounge.

When he got there, he was surprised to see Professor Praetorius getting very chummy with a giggling Sprout.

Severus raised an eyebrow at that. He actually did like Sprout, she was a good teacher, but even if he were attracted to women, Sprout would not be his first, middle, or come to think of it last choice.

To be honest, he was strictly gay and he would not choose Praetorius either.

They both noticed him at the same time. "Why Severus, you look quite pale, are you ill?" Inquired the rail thin man.

"You need some of my rose hips tea," Sprout said and the short rather chubby witch immediately went to make some. She kept a large selection of her herbal teas in the cupboards or the staff lounge.

"I am not feeling well," he said truthfully.

"Should I call Madam Pomfrey, or Albus?" asked Sprout, here usually cheerful features full of concern as she handed him a steaming cup. He took a long sip then looked at the two sympathetic faces. "No need to bother anyone," he tried to sound nonchalant and not like a frightened child. "Nothing serious. But..."

"I shall take all of the rest of your classes for this week, no argument Severus. You have been running yourself ragged for some time. It is not healthy for someone in your condition," announced Praetorius regally. "You should go back to your room and rest. I have a copy of your syllabus, and what I do not know, Ms Granger will be more then happy to fill me in on."

"My next class is Double Potions, Second year Gryffindor and Slytherin," Severus told him.

"Yes, you are definitely not up to those houses together right now," the white haired man noted with a slight smile.

Just then the door opened. Dumbledore peeked in. "Have you seen..." he smiled. "Severus! I have been searching all over for you, love," then he frowned as his spouse barely kept from cringing with fear. "My darling, you look ill."

"He is a little run down, I was about to help him to your room Albus," Sprout informed him; both of the other professors had looked to the Headmaster and had not seen the younger man's reaction.

"Do not trouble yourself, I will take him," Dumbledore assured and he walked over and carefully helped his spouse to his feet. He placed an arm around his waist to steady him, this caused Severus to lean back, and his belly was forced forward, so that it looked even larger.

The older man led Severus out of the room. When he was sure that there were no stray students around Albus kissed his cheek, then whispered in his ear. "You may cease trembling like a mouse in the claws of a cat, my Pet. Sirius has a full schedule today, and I have been called to the Ministry for some sort of dull meeting."

"You, you would have let him..." tears threatened again.

"Shhh, child, it is not good for you to be overly emotional in your condition," Dumbledore assured gently. "Now, I am going to put you to bed. The House Elves will bring you lunch. One of them will stay and be sure that you will eat it all," they reached the gargoyle that guarded his office. "Red hots," he said causing the gargoyle to open revealing the spiral stairs. He bowed Severus into his office, then to the bedroom door. "I will return by bedtime. You will be well rested." That was an order.

"Will you be alone?" he should not have said anything, but the question slipped out.

"I will be alone," Albus kissed his lips, but strangely, did not try to deepen it. "We are going to settle some things tonight, my child." With that he left.

Severus slept for several hours until a pair of House Elves brought his food. At least it was nothing too strange: Ham and potatoes with green beans, fresh backed bread and a small butterscotch pudding for desert. Nothing that would cause an adverse reaction.

He slept for a while longer, but when he woke up, he hurt. He had a backache, swollen ankles, seeing that Albus would be back soon, he decided to take a hot shower. He would need to be at his best when his husband returned. He had to find some way to placate the old man without ending up being forced to submit to Sirius Black!

The hot water felt so good on his body. He managed not to cringe when he looked down at his enormous breasts. He still was not used to that part of the change. Though he felt much better as he gently ran his hands along his stomach, feeling the baby reach out and meet his hand. "It will be alright, Godric. I will find a way to keep you safe."

He felt the cold air before he heard the door open. Bracing himself against the tile he closed his eyes and waited for Dumbledore. Would he just take him, or use the willow switch first, or something worse?

His eyes snapped open as cold metal touched his throat. Urine mixed with the steaming water that ran down his legs. A black gloved hand held the knife firmly against his skin. The stark white mask of a Death Eater rested on his shoulder as the robed body pressed against his. A distorted voice hissed a single word.



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